FRIDAY, 2/13/09

I stand corrected!  In case you haven’t noticed, that is becoming my theme!  According to Aunt Tiffany, Shea Childress did get a good report from the doctor this past Tuesday.  However, she was not able to receive her next treatment due to a low blood count.  (I can only assume that Myrtle’s hearing aid was not turned on or the battery was dead in the service on Wednesday morning)  The oncologist is continuing the treatments as a precautinary measure.  Thanks for the correction Aunt Tiffany! 

Bobby Switzer, Joey’s dad, was placed in the hospital last night as his blood count is way low.  He had gone for a test and they called to tell Miss Shirley to get Bobby to the hospital immediately.  Pray for him. 

As far as I know, everyone else we have listed in previous days is basically the same.  I am almost scared to share any updates due to the verbal lashing that I have received from Kim French & Tiffany Fox over the past two days.  I sure am glad this site monitors the comments – wow! 

It is shortly before 3:00AM and I just read the account of the Continental plane that crashed and burned in Buffalo, New York late last night.  It appears that 49 folks lost their lives in that crash – 48 on the plane and one in the house struck by the plane as it crashed.  We certainly want to pray for those families. 

LifeSouth will be in the west parking lot at Friendship this Sunday, 2/15, for a blood drive.  It begins at 10:30AM for folks who attend the early service and Sunday School.  I think they will be here for 4 hours. 

The “Taste of Friendship” is coming Saturday, 3/7.  Get your tickets to this great event which helps our students go to Wild Week this summer.  Great food and great fellowship! 

Pray for Danville Baptist as they vote this Sunday regarding a Minister to Students/Associate Pastor. 

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 


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