FRIDAY, 3/20/09

I visited Max Peacock in the hospital yesterday morning and, wow, he has an impressive bandage on the left side of his head.  He was in excellent spirits (as always) and was ready to go home.  He did not get discharged yesterday but may today.  He will begin radiation in the near future once his body has healed some from the surgery. 

VBS workers – please note that we have changed the time of this Sunday’s meeting to 4:00PM in order to allow our AWANA workers more time in the meeting. 

I met with Terry Stephan from Dauphin Way Baptist yesterday.  (T. Garrett, does the lunch special at The Lighthouse fit into the DASH diet?)  Terry has led DWBC to become a great partner with GRACE Ministries and they will be taking a team to Guatemala in a couple of weeks.  I really appreciate Terry’s heart and involvement in missions!

Wow, my first round NCAA bracket got blown up yesterday!  I was correct on 11 of the 16 games which is a miserable 68%!  Honestly, today may not be much better as I went the upset route.  However, picking the overall winner is the main goal and I am good there.  Who did I pick?  I am waiting for a few more games to be played before deciding – LOL! 

T. Garrett, does watching several hours of college basketball count toward personal exercise in the DASH diet? 

FA calls.  I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 

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