MONDAY, 3/30/09

I stopped by to see Pattie Suthoff for a very brief visit as she was in obvious discomfort/pain.  Her pain is related to her pancreas.  Mrs. Rivers was fast asleep and Jay Love was gone for a test. 

I am hearing that Susan Quinn is doing much better but remains hospitalized.  Tina Wilkinson is trying to see her doctor today as she still doesn’t have a definitive word on her condition.  Max Peacock begins his radiation treatments this Wednesday.  Amber Joyner and Landon came home from the hospital yesterday. 

Pastor Benny Still preached yesterday morning for the first time since 2/25 but is still in a lot of pain. 

Arlene Meredith’s uncle, Billy Savage, passed away yesterday afternoon.  Teddy Ray Jackson’s first cousin, Jerry Jackson, passed away yesterday morning.  Pastor Jack Bailey’s brother, Hal, passed away last week and his funeral service was this past Friday.

Shea Childress, Carla Kyser, & Miss Joyce Bosarge continue to need our daily prayers.  Pastor Travis Northcutt will have surgery on May 1. 

The Lord blessed us with a good day yesterday.  Manolo & Mildred Padilla were a blessing as they ministered in song.  Evangelist Johnny & Miss Judy Tucker joined us for our 10:30AM service – it is always a joy to see them and to spend time in fellowship with them. 

All of my fellow Alabamians reading this blog are asked to join in the effort to let our state legislators know of our oppposition to the proposed gambling bills and any BIR relating to gambling.  You can sign a petition or get more information at  Time is of the essence in this matter!  A personal letter is the absolute best way to communicate your feelings/opinions to these legislators. 

We had a great work day this past Saturday even though the weather was bad initially.  Thank you to each person who participated.  A special thanks to Bro. Jerry & Tena Hovel for cooking breakfast. 

Yes, I did start on Saturday night.  I think I had a triple double but that may not be correct.  The team will definitely miss me this Saturday as I have a scheduling conflict which will prevent me from being at the game.  Thanks to all of you who sent “coach” an e-mail. 

My NCAA bracket is history!  I have zero teams in the final four!  6’6″ (Friday’s comments) – “IF” Mizzou, UL, OK, & Pitt would have won their games this weekend then I would have all four of the finalists correct.  Please, don’t use the “if” scenario!  By the way, Rex Looney is out too! 

Enough basketball, did you see where UVA beat Maryland 10 – 9 in seven overtimes in men’s lacrosse?  Wow!  Is that exciting or what?  Plus, the USA rallied to tie El Salvador 2 – 2 in men’s soccer!  Slow down my racing heart! 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 

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  • T. Garrett says:

    Brother Teddie,
    Here when fighting proposed legislation we have found that it is helpful to draft a boiler plate letter stating all salient facts, presenting a persuasive argument, and then uploading it in word file format to an electronic server i.e. your blog. This provides a valuable resourse for anyone that wants to send a letter to their legislators. Those interested can download the file, make any appropriate changes, print, sign and mail. This makes a personal letter much easier. I am sure your blog has this ability, even if you must set it up as a link to a separate site.
    Some may think that this political action would jeopardize the church’s 501-c-3 status but I would encourage them to read the IRS’ published standards and find one church against which it has been exercised.
    Great job, and let me know if you want me to research and find any posted letters that can be modified for your purpose.

  • T. Garrett says:

    I found this site for the Alabama Citizens Action Program:

    There you can find an online petition that reads:
    “We, the undersigned, call upon all Senators and Representatives of the Alabama Legislature in the 2009 Regular or Special Sessions to oppose any attempt to expand gambling or legitimize existing gambling by way of taxation of electronic gambling machines, or in any other manner, in the State of Alabama.”
    You can print and distribute copies or just sign it online.

  • Rex Looney says:

    Picking the winners of ball games is just one more thing I’m not good at!

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