WEDNESDAY, 4/22/09

Bill Unrue & Maxine Rogers remained hospitalized though both are making progress.  As far as I know, Max Peacock received his feeding tube yesterday. 

Here are some different news items – a group of eighth students in Palmer, Alaska went outside for physical education this past Monday and a moose was on the school grounds.  They taunted the moose and in his panic he repeatedly threw himself into a wall until he died.  You ever worked with middle school students? 

A judge in Pocatello, Idaho grew weary of a man in his courtroom continually disrupting the procedures this past Monday with his verbal outbursts.  He ordered the bailiffs to silence the defendant so they found a roll of duct tape and placed a piece of tape over his mouth. 

I’ll have my steak well done – maybe not!  One study now says that folks who regularly eat their red meat burned or charred have a 60% greater risk of pancreatic cancer.  I may stick to the Baptist bird!

I now have two other men who have agreed to help on the CAB roof this Saturday.  I should know definitely by tonight’s service if we are going to have the screws on hand in order to begin this process.  If you plan on helping, please contact me or call the church office. 

T. Garrett, you lost me with your comment on yesterday’s post. 

We are on a regular schedule today.  I hope many members of the Friendship family will join us for one of the Bible studies or classes today/tonight. 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus. 


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  • Pam Baker says:

    I work with middle schoolers every day. I understand how the moose felt!

  • T. Garrett says:

    Brother Teddie,
    I thought that it was interested that Miss Prejean described a marriage between a man and a woman as “opposite marriage.” I thought it was strange terminology. I was wondering if she was still using the term when defending her views. Your posting was the first I heard of this situation; you are my main news source these days.
    Sorry to hear about the moose.

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