THURSDAY, 4/23/09

We had a good Wednesday and we give God the glory!  Our young adults pretty much packed out Michael & Deidra’s place to end the day.  We even brought in a worship leader from Alaska for that service!  We are blessed to have Ralph Rimmer III lead us each Wednesday night and Joel Huffman did a good job last night too.  Rusty & Caryn even got “married” last night and we are planning a mass wedding ceremony on June 10th – it is going to be awesome! 

You need to read Pam Landry Baker’s comment on yesterday’s post regarding the moose!  LOL! 

By the way, does anyone know what IMO means?  I used it in an article the other day and our young adults are struggling!  Example, “IMO Alabama will once again be the premier team in college football this year!”  FYI – Bama is 1-0 on the season having won their A Day game last Saturday! 

Does anyone out there in blog land have experience with “hardie” (that probably isn’t spelled correctly) board?  If so, can you give me any pros or cons on using it.  T. Garrett, no comments from you as I don’t see you as the construction type! 

Good news from Central America – I received an e-mail yesterday telling me that Samuel Acan now has his driver’s license.  I haven’t heard from him personally but my source is solid!  (I think)

Bill Unrue remains hospitalized.  Dawn Autin has also been placed in the hospital due to an infection.  Max Peacock did not get a feeding tube yesterday but should get one tomorrow. 

I still need guys to help with the CAB roof Saturday.  My tracking number tells me the screws arrived yesterday but I haven’t seen them yet. 

Hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus! 

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  • Lynn Garcia says:

    Lots of people use hardie board on their homes down here in Texas. We had a missions group replace all of our wood siding with it a couple of summers ago. Just make sure you use the right kind of saw blade when cutting it or you’ll burn up a saw in no time. And, use right kind of screws with a well powered drill. The stuff is tough. If you want to nail something to it, you must drill a hole first.

  • Laurie Chandler says:

    Liz Cole & I are traveling to Gatlinburg Friday for 8 days of fun in the great state of…starts with a “T”. Pray for our safe travel and return. IMO, “T” is a beautiful state. Want us to bring you back a T-shirt? LOL

  • Chris Taylor says:

    Some people call it Hardie Plank, but it is also referred to as Hardie board to those South of 90. We have it on the outside of our house. Super sturdy and easy to paint. It is made from a cement mixture so it is very durable. For interior it is best to go with the HardieBacker® 500 Cement Board. Another great product from USG Corp is the FIBEROCK® Abuse-Resistant Panels & FIBEROCK® VHI (Very High Impact) Abuse-Resistant Panels. Just a word from the Asian Sensation.

  • Sommer Brock says:

    I consider myself a young adult, and IMO Alabama was not the premier team in college football last year…and probably won’t be this year either! That one’s for you Rick Bradley :)!

  • T. Garrett says:

    For yout information, and that of your readers, I worked for Brown and Root Construction on the Phenol Chemical plant in Theodore before going off to school. Although there was that troublesome explosion, I think I did a good job. And, don’t forget that house in Guatemala. Good luck with your board!

    Laurie, bring him a hat too!

  • Clint Landry says:

    Sommer, you’re not a young adult anymore, since you’re as old as my wife. Welcome to your 30’s!

  • Deedee says:

    Just because we are in our 30s doesn’t mean we are not young adults. I still consider myself young. When I get to my 70s I’ll still consider myself young. Your as old as you feel I have always heard.

  • T. Garrett says:

    Deedee, I whole-heartedly agree. Clint, does you wife know you are out maligning her contemporaries? I would be in the doghouse for a week. By the way, I hope you consider yourself still young; I think we are the same age… if I am not younger.

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