FRIDAY, 4/24/09

Eight!  Wow!  I think that the secret to getting folks to leave comment on this site has been exposed!  Mention hardie board and a woman’s age!  (Thanks, Clint!)  Eight comments to yesterday’s post!  Thanks to those who commented regarding the hardie board – Chris Taylor can cut & paste really well!  (His first comment was about Hardee’s biscuits until I told him differently!)  T. Garrett – yes, I remember the house in Guatemala which is precisely the reason you have never been invited back! LOL!  My question to Laurie is, “why?”  Are you & Liz being punished?  Sommer, IMO your BMI isn’t high enough for you to have an opinion! 

Betty Neal, Kevin Vice’s sister, was placed in the hospital yesterday.  She has fluid in her lungs and around her heart.  There seems to be a problem with her kidneys too.  The doctors are debating the cause of these problems for pray for them and Betty. 

Max Peacock is having the feeding tube inserted today.  Sharon Jardee is having her hip replaced today too.  (Bro. Kerry & Bro. Jerry are graciously covering these surgeries for me today – I appreciate it!)  Pray for these two procedures!

Carla Kyser received more chemo this past Tuesday and the test results continue to be encouraging.  Larsyn continues to have some sickness so please keep praying for her. 

The screws for the CAB are here!  Thanks Bret Hart & Eagle Sales.  If you ever need to buy an eagle, contact Bret!  Now, we just need men to help us in the morning beginning at 7:00AM.  T. Garrett, thanks but no thanks!  (I remember the house in Guatemala!) 

John Wayne Bosarge & Belissa Copeland will be united in marriage tomorrow morning at 11:00AM.  I have the privilege of performing that ceremony.  Pray for them as they begin this new life together! 

Liz, Vera, somebody – I need to get in touch with Bridgett.  Can you help?  Send me an e-mail.  Thanks!  Also, I need contact information on Bobby & Deidra Crawley – can someone help? 

FA calls!  I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus! 

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  • Sommer Brock says:

    Well, as if mentioning a woman’s age weren’t bad enough…now you are gonna bring weight into the equation…let’s see how many comments you get on that one!! Humor is good for the soul! And Clint, Suzanne is 19 whole days older than me (miss you guys).

  • Heidi Butler says:

    IMO, being in your thrities is the best, and BMI is not important.

  • Clint says:

    You know, I’m not surprised that the two women in their thirties consider thirty young. Since we’re drawing BMI into the picture, my opinion must count double or triple a normal healthy adult opinion!

  • T. Garrett says:

    I got trashed on two different occasions in the same blog – and my BMI is excellent.!!???

  • Mark Mast says:

    Maybe I missed something, but did anyone actually define what IMO is??? Where I come from the closest definition would be “In Memory Of…” In which case,Teddie’s comment on Thursday that “IMO Alabama will once again be the premier team in college football this year!” may not be what he really wants to communicate…

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