WEDNESDAY, 4/29/09

Betty Neal’s heart cath revealed some things that will have to be addressed in the near future.  Donald Stork remains in the ICU and is on a ventilator.  His lungs are in tough shape.  Dawn Autin continues to battle the infection in her body.  As far as I know, Shea had her last treatment yesterday.  Larsyn sees the doctor again this morning.  Pray for each of these needs as well as for those folks battling cancer. 

Bro. Jerry attended the funeral service for Danny Lewis’ brother yesterday.  I haven’t gotten a report from that service but know Danny & Pam appreciate your prayers.

Pray for Betty Creech as word just leaked that Samuel Acan is getting married and it is not to Betty!  I haven’t spoken to her but I know that she is just devastated!  My day will probably be spent counseling Betty.  Yes, Samuel has confirmed that he is getting married to a lady he met in Rios de Agua Viva Church.  Congratulations to Samuel and his bride to be!  Condolences to Betty! 

Congratulations to Korie Fontenot as she finished her regular season career of high school softball yesterday on senior day.  The team enters the playoffs this Friday and then it is off to UM for Korie as she received a scholarship to play softball.  Nanette insisted that I be at the game yesterday so I went.  Nanette so lives in the land of yesterday! 

We are on a regular schedule today.  I pray that many members of the Friendship family will join us for the respective Bible studies this morning and tonight. 

Those “Tennessee” Celtics were able to pull out a win in overtime last night thanks to the officials!  Aaarrrrghh!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!   


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  • Reb Nevin says:

    I just wanted to say…that I have always been a Celtics fan…having been raised on Cape Cod… and will always be… so of course … I am rooting for them… sorry, Teddie…

  • M&M says:

    I am sooooooo glad that Pastor Teddie believes the IMHO (International Medical Health Organization) should be located in Tennessee… But what is wrong with having it in Boston???

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