THURSDAY, 11/26/15

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that your day is blessed!

Today’s Bible reading – Daniel 2:24-3:30 1 Peter 4:7-5:14 Psalm 119:81-96 Proverbs 28:15-16

Caroline Ford called me yesterday afternoon to say that her daughter, Cynthia Cumbie, is back in ICU.  Not sure of all the details but do know that Cynthia had been doing really good.

Caroline continues to sound horrible herself.  She is a very sick lady.

Elaine Brown’s husband, Larry, was taken to the hospital yesterday morning.  I do not know if he was admitted or not.

Keep praying for those battling cancer.  No new updates on them.

I believe that I am correct in saying that Dale & Karla fly to Denver, CO today for a ministry opportunity.

Thank you to those who attended the service yesterday morning.  There were around sixty of us who gathered to say “thank you” to God.  I appreciate Bro. Kerry, Bro. Jerry & Dale sharing along with those who gave brief testimonials.

Would you pray about giving to the benevolent offering this Sunday morning, 11/29?  Cecil Guidry shared a nice testimony about this in our service yesterday morning.

The church office is closed today.  In the event of an emergency, I am available.  Have plans to be around the house all weekend.  Black Friday shopping – are you serious?  (Are not all shopping days “black?”  Yuk!)

They could not stand it!  Alan, Rusty & Soy came back last night to try again.  The results were the same i.e. I basically destroyed them in Hearts.  It was so bad that I had to take them to the Waffle House afterwards just to make them feel better.  Will they ever learn?

I pray that your Thanksgiving Day will be a great one with Jesus.  Thank Him!



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