FRIDAY, 11/27/15

Today’s Bible reading – Daniel 4:1-37 2 Peter 1:1-21 Psalm 119:97-112 Proverbs 28:17-18

I failed to mention in yesterday’s entry that Stella Brinkman has a medical issue related to something around her heart.  She will see the doctor on Monday.

I decided to hit Walmart for groceries early yesterday morning so as to not have to do so this morning or in the morning.  It was a smart move as I basically had the store to myself!  Whenever I got home, Lisa put the hammer down!  She insisted that I hand wash her car and vacuum the inside.  She gave me no option!  (Actually, she did but it would have been really bad!)

We enjoyed a wonderful noon meal as a family.  The girls then readied for a Walmart run after which they came home to unload their bounty and head out again.  They left home the second time around 9:00PM and got back at 4:15AM – insane!  Lisa said, “we had such a good time!”  Are you serious?

I made a decision during the night – next year we are going to open the CAB at 6:00PM on Thanksgiving Day and leave it open until 6:00PM on the Friday following.  Women will bring their purchased items to the CAB and we will have a panel of judges to decide which ones are the best along with which category they belong to and other folks can come and just marvel at the great deals these ladies have gotten.  We will have concessions available, Dale will do a show from time to time, our praise band will play periodically and our scoreboard will keep a running tally of how much money these ladies saved by spending!   It is going to be great!  I can already sense the excitement building among folks like Jason Taylor, TJ Vice (he will be one of the judges), and Rhett Butler.  (It will kind of give it a fishing rodeo feel!)  Believe me when I say that no other church family is presently doing this!  Cutting edge stuff!

Always good to see the Cowboys lose even though I did not actually watch the game.  Did watch the Bears v Packers last night as I wanted to see Favre’s ceremony.  I still vividly remember Favre leading USM to a 27 – 24 victory over Alabama on September 8, 1990 after suffering a near fatal car accident only six weeks earlier.  The dude basically left his hospital room and hit the football field to beat Bama!  However, I am over that Bama loss!

College football picks are back tomorrow morning.  Two of our nine readers were upset with me last week because of the no picks thing!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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