TUESDAY, 8/25/09

Deanna Wetterer e-mailed last night to say that Nell Brown passed away around 6:00PM.  Pray for the family as they go today to make funeral arrangements. 

I reported that Joyce Hacker was going to have surgery this Thursday but that is now not for certain.  I spoke to Tony last night and Joyce has to have some tests done today to determine if she can have surgery at this time. 

I visited Miss Kathleen Henderson in the hospital yesterday.  She was in good spirits but doesn’t like being in the hospital.

I haven’t heard an update on Gerald Poiroux.  Keep praying for him as well as Marie Schjott, Brian Whitmore, and all those battling cancer.  I could write an entire blog about the “unspoken” requests I am dealing with right now.  Pray fervently! 

It was a good thing to see 20 folks gather for our visitation effort last night and 20 folks gather as a student ministry committee to discuss how to help our students grow spiritually.  I thank God for the Friendship family!

It happens all the time – I preached on the “oppression” of hell this past Sunday and yesterday the demons had a field day with me as they attacked my mind and accused me of my mistakes.  I hate the devil!  I hate demons too!  I could use an extra prayer or two today! 

We received a couple of out of town donations for scholarships yesterday and we are thankful for those along with those that have been given by members of the Friendship family.  We have about 35 of the 250 pastors covered at this point.  Pray and give as the Lord leads!  Thank you!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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