WEDNESDAY, 3/23/16

Wednesday evening greetings from New York City.  Several folks have sent messages inquiring as to why there was no blog entry today.  Do I need to tell them to go back and read the earlier entries?  LOL!  (Those deacons never cease to amaze me!)

At any rate, here is a quick recap of what we have been doing since arriving in NYC yesterday afternoon.  We arrived at LGA, checked in to the hotel, caught the #2 train and headed to The Brooklyn Tabernacle.  We got to the church at 5:15PM and were about #150 standing in line for the 7:30PM service!  Are you kidding me?  Nope!  One of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  We were able to get good seats but they had the front section reserved.  Lisa used some of her connections and we ended up on the second row when all was said and done.  Great seats! (BTW, the folks at the front of the line had been there since 3:00PM)

The drama was moving.  Most realistic “Jesus” I have ever seen portrayed in a church drama.  His body was battered and bloodied.  A really good response to the invitation.  I would guesstimate seventy five or more prayed to receive Jesus as their personal Savior.  For Lisa and me, definitely worth the trip just to be able to attend that service.

Today, we began the morning by walking from 42nd Street to 59th Street in order to walk in Central Park.  Great place to walk.  We then hit Chinatown.  We were talking about the price of something when Lisa said to me, “do you know how much this would cost in the States?”  I gently reminded her that we were in the States!  The Chinese economy did well today and that is all I will say about that!

The craziest thing I have seen is this store next door to where we are staying.  It is called Carlos which is the Cake Boss dude.  His name is Bobby or Buddy or Billy.  Never heard of him.  Lisa tells me that he has a television show.  You cannot get in the place and the prices are “whoa Nellie!”  Lisa did get an individual cheesecake.  I tried it and will give my vote to Hope’s Cheesecake in Gulf Shores every time!

We are about to meet T. Garrett Wright for supper.  That will be an interesting time – always is!  The dude is super smart and knows something about everything.  Looking forward to seeing T. Garrett.

Probably will not post tomorrow.  Hope your evening is good!

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  • Reb says:

    Update on Holly

    Well the radiation is catching up with me, just exhausted and now due to esophageal irritation, getting reflux. Yuck. 3weeks, 5 days left. I’m counting. Good news.. no rash/radiation burn yet on skin

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