FRIDAY, 8/28/09

Gerald Poiroux’s surgery went very well and he came home shortly after noon with no pain!  I stopped by for a quick visit yesterday afternoon and he was jumping fences!  Praise the Lord!

Joyce Hacker’s surgery went well also and she may come home today – remarkable! 

Rita Vice tried to call me late yesterday to give me an update on Betty Neal’s surgery but I didn’t get the call.  I will update later on her.

Miss Kathleen Henderson remains hospitalized but is in good spirits.  Linda Jackson had cataract surgery on Wednesday and is doing fine.  Lisa is still struggling with her back pain!  (If her back were as hard as her head, she would be fine!)  Pray for all of these folks as well as the ones battling other sicknesses especially cancer.  Also, pray for Diane Vickers and her family as well as the Brown family following yesterday’s funeral services. 

BTW, Melissa Brown had a remarkable cure as she was only sick from 7:00 – 8:00PM Wednesday night!  LOL!  Speaking of Wednesday night, our student ministry attendance either busted a dollar or got really close!  (That means they reached 100)

Karla Cooper was so kind to my family last night as she cooked supper and delivered it to us b/c of Lisa’s back pain.  We appreciate this gracious act of kindness and the food was great!  (I anticipate Lisa being down for another two or three months so we maybe should get a rotation set up for these meals! J/K!) 

Soy & Deidra stopped by around 9:30PM last night after having been out to eat (Ruth Chris?).  I was mowing our grass.  Soy said, “I love to cut grass at night” so I extended an invitation for him to come join me.  I cut until around midnight – where’s Soy?  Deidra stated that Soy was so “strong” as he is so consistent in pushing their mower at the same speed.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her he uses a “self propelled” mower!  Love is blind (or gullible)!   (It remains true that folks don’t stop and talk to you when you cut your grass at night!)

Daphne, Samuel, & I are making a really quick run to North Alabama this afternoon and then back home tomorrow afternoon.  Soy & Deidra come tomorrow as they are having a baby shower for our nephew, Josh, and his wife, Tracy, who are expecting twins in early November.  (Hence the part about Lisa’s “hard head” as she thinks she is going!)  I am going largely in part b/c I need to visit with my parents.  I haven’t seen them in months.  Pray for us as we travel. 

Don’t forget that Pastor Robbie Howard will be preaching in our morning services this Sunday, 8/30.  I will be in attendance, Lord willing, and I hope you will join me. 

Gotta go finish cutting a little grass here, make the FA run, buy groceries and then cut grass at the in laws (the will thing) before leaving. 

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 

P.S. – Rusty Suthoff & Caryn Hyatt are next in line to make the “big” announcement regarding marriage!  Josh Woods, what’s up with that! 

P.S.S. – Think I just heard Lisa waking up so I have to give her another “pain” pill.  She hasn’t been awake since Wednesday morning as I have done really good in keeping her medicated – LOL!

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