WEDNESDAY, 2/22/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Numbers 3-4; Mark 3:20-35

Ethan Nelson is scheduled to have surgery this morning.  They are doing a procedure on his back.  Yes, he is really young to be having back surgery but he has been having tremendous pain and this is the only option per the doctor.  Pray that all goes well.

Lisa and I had made plans to drive to Alabaster, Alabama (just South of Birmingham) tomorrow to visit with Sierra Edwards’ son-in-law, Bobby, who has basically been in the hospital (minus about two weeks) since September.   However, as I was visiting the hospitals in Mobile yesterday morning, Lisa received word that Bobby was not doing well so we made a spur of the moment decision to make the visit yesterday.  So, we took off just before noon arriving at the hospital around 4:00PM and had a really nice visit with Bobby, his wife, Melissa (Sierra’s daughter), and several other members of Bobby’s family.  The situation is bleak and I ask that you pray!  Update – just received word from Sierra that her son-in-law passed from this life around 1:00AM.  Pray for the family as they walk through this valley.  

Caroline Ford has been “down” because of several physical issues.  She saw one doctor last week and should be seeing another one soon.  Pray that they can diagnose her problems and get them corrected.  She is tired of not feeling well.  (She does have mental issues but we need to focus on getting the physical problems corrected first before moving on to the mental which will take years to correct!).

Visited with Oscar Petersen yesterday morning.  They are looking into rehab facilities.  I would expect he could be moved within a day or two but that is my thought process and is not an official word from the doctor.

Lisa Thompson was to remain in ICU until today.  She should be moved into a regular room today.  Not sure how long she will have to remain there before being sent home.

Visited with Winston Gulley again yesterday morning as they were working on Ruby.  He said she is better and he hopes she can come home at some point next week.

Did not get to see Luke Brown’s dad as they were working on him.  However, I do know that his wife is also battling the flu but she is not in the hospital.  Pray for the Browns!

Gary Huhn’s father remains hospitalized in Jackson, Mississippi.

Keep praying for Pam Lewis’ mother.

Mary Cook has been sick for months.  She is at home but certainly needs our prayer support.

Greg Boutwell continues to need our prayer support too.

Phil Sims’ son-in-law, Darron, will be traveling to Denver soon for a medical procedure done only by a doctor there.  Darron has been  pretty sick as of late and needs our prayers.

Keep praying for Becky Sellers as she continues taking her treatments.

Well, the insurance company is not paying but the family has secured the money to fly Pastor Terry Rainey home via medical jet today.  He will go directly into a rehab facility.  He was going to be discharged by the doctors today and if he went to a rehab facility in Florida for even one day then he would have to remain there until it was finished or Medicare would not pay (at least that is my understanding).  They said he was very emotional yesterday.  Hey, if they were making me move to South Carolina then I would be emotional too!  Just saying!  Pray for Pastor Terry.

“Potluck with the Pastor” this morning immediately following the morning service.  Main fare is fried chicken from Greer’s.  (It is pretty amazing how cheap they will sell that chicken if you are willing to take what they have had left at the end of the day for the past two weeks!).   The meat, bread and drinks will be provided.  You are asked to bring the sides and desserts!  Y’all come!

Can you guess the main fare being served for tonight’s 7:30PM Bible study?  If you guessed the left over chicken from the left over chicken being served at today’s noon meal then “winner, winner chicken dinner!”

Lisa and I stopped and visited with Josh & Mandi Fortner in Millbrook on our drive home from Alabaster last night.  It was a quick visit but it is always good to see Josh!  (They also had their exchange student with them.  I think she is from Mexico but I could be wrong.  She does speak Spanish).

Saw where the FB guy and his wife met with Coach Saban this week.  Does that mean all FB users are now supporters/fans of the Crimson Tide?  Welcome to the family Chris Byrd, Bill Kendrick, Cecil Guidry, Scott Fontenot, Grant Collier, et cetera.  Rex Looney and I congratulate you!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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