FRIDAY, 5/26/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

T0day’s Bible reading – 1 Chronicles 28-29; John 9:24-41

Visited with Becky Sellers in the hospital late yesterday afternoon.  We were able to have a good talk.  She was resting.  Dave sent me a message around 10:00PM saying that Bernard & Rusty had driven down from Pell City and that Becky was very happy to see them. Becky’s brother, Eddie, should be arriving today as he is driving from Montana or one of those Western States.  Becky’s attitude remains amazingly positive.

Mission of Hope tonight at 7:00PM.  Bus leaves at 6:15PM.  Everyone invited.

Regular schedule on Sunday.  We need every member of the Friendship family in town to attend as we will have folks out of town because of the wedding and the holiday weekend.  Bowling fellowship Sunday night.

Coach Eric Collier received an award last night at the USA Mitchell Center.  (Husband of the year or something like that!). I appreciate Eric’s Sunday School teacher, Sonny Bates, and three of his Sunday School class members, Eddie Albritton, Chris Byrd & Billy Teasley, attending that banquet to support Coach Collier.  Alex Byrd and I went for the food!

I was also there to support Courtney Cavin and family as her late father, Coach Calvin Crist, was honored with an award.  Was able to see Calvin’s mother who spent time serving the Lord through the Friendship family when her husband pastored here in the 1950’s.

Lisa and I attended the visitation with the Nelson family yesterday.  Of course, Mr. Nelson is the Uncle of Amy Huhn & Kendall Falana which is why we were there.  What I did not know is that Amy is the cousin of another person I have known for years!  Small world.  I put two and two together yesterday and can now see it in their looks, personalities, et cetera.

I will be visiting with Becky again today and will then turn North at some point tomorrow for the wedding.  Lord willing, I will be in the pulpit for all three services this Sunday.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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