TUESDAY, 10/27/09

I spoke to Billy Smith yesterday and he was in very good spirits and has plans to be in the service tomorrow morning.  This knee surgery has been “great” compared to his first one as there have been no complications. 

Miss Vivian was doing well but desperately wants to go home.  She is pretty aggravated with the whole situation. 

Fannie Fortenberry was feeling good yesterday morning and hoped to go home.  I do not know if that took place.  Pray for these folks.

I do not know the arrangements for Flo Powell or Valerie Sewer as those obits were not in the paper this morning.  However, we do want to pray for those families. 

Lisa & I left yesterday afternoon flying to Detroit, MI for the annual GRACE Ministries pig roast.  That event takes place tonight at the Vriesland Reformed Church and I do appreciate that church being so kind to GRACE Ministries.  Tico Vargas & Armando Miranda joined us in Atlanta last night.  Pray for this meeting tonight. 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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  • Janice Moreland says:

    Have a great time and stay safe. Fannie came home yesterday. Her heart was out of rythym. They gave her meds and sent her home. Hopefully she is taking her meds correctly. We appreciate and love ya’ll.

    Through His Love,

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