Written by Teddie on February 2nd, 2018

Good morning from GRACE Mountain.  Yesterday was traveling day for GRACE Ministries as team #1 went home and team #2 arrived.  Team #2 came in on two separate airlines.  Those flying Delta arrived a few minutes early and enjoyed a normal arrival day.  Those flying United were delayed four hours and did not get to the mission house until 8:30PMish.

Why the delay?  Basically it seems to have come down to a pilot’s decision.  Reminded me of a situation with another airline back in 2003 or so.  The first crew timed out and another crew came in so that pilot decided to fly.

The volcano had zero effect on GRACE Mountain and the surrounding area – zero!  You may say, “but social media” and I would simply say that social media cannot always be trusted.  Those who contacted me personally yesterday were surprised to hear that all was well here.  We are grateful to God.

So, we will begin an hour late this morning which goes against my personality big time.  However, this is not about me!  I am delighted that Pastor Terry Rainey is with us again.  We have locked him in a padded room and will not let him come out except to lead our morning devotions!

Pray for this team.  Thank you for keeping up with us.  Blessings!


GRACE IV – 8/3/17

Written by Teddie on August 3rd, 2017

A “normal” closing day for this team in regards to house dedications.  Little confusion on which team was to dedicate which houses but it all worked out.  That one is on the team leader.  Hopefully he will improve before the next time!

The team served breakfast to the My Special Treasure students to begin the day.  The staff there then made some presentations to show their gratefulness for all that has been done for them.  Good connection between this team and that ministry.

Esvin’s house was concreted and finished yesterday morning.  That brought the total built by this team to thirty.  That is a very good number and we give God the glory for allowing it to happen.

The entire team left GRACE Mountain at 3:00AM this morning heading to the Guatemala City airport where they will all board a flight heading to Atlanta.  From there it will be flights to Chicago, Huntsville, Mobile & Pensacola.  Pray for their safety in travel.

It has been a blessed week.  Really good team members – even the Yankees!  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for reading these blog entries.  All glory to God!  Blessings!



Written by Teddie on August 2nd, 2017

The team once again went to My Special Treasure and fed the students breakfast.  Two special mornings of doing that thus far.  A good size group then came back to the feeding center while the others went to build four more houses.  Those four houses were built, concreted and finished in a matter of a couple of hours which brings the total built this trip in that village to twenty nine.

Another team went and finished building the house for Esvin’s family.  It will receive concrete and be completed today.

The team hosted a food distribution for the ninety families involved in our feeding center ministry late yesterday afternoon.  Lots of hugs and smiles.  Thanks to Lazaro, Glendy & Kirk for coordinating this ministry opportunity.

The team then hosted ten state police members for supper.  Four of those guys were here in June but the other six were new.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and we presented them with a gift.

We were very surprised yesterday when a call came from the Governor of Chimaltenango (Chimaltenango is a city and a state – think New York City and state) saying that he had heard about GRACE Ministries and wanted to come meet us.  He and his entourage of four others arrived a little after 8:00PM, had supper and engaged in conversation.  Productive time as he is going to work on getting the road from El Tejar repaired.  If you have been here then you know that would be huge!  What a blessing to meet the Governor.

Today is dedication day after feeding the students at My Special Treasure again.

Pray for this team.  Thanks for checking on them.  Blessings!



Written by Teddie on August 1st, 2017

I failed to mention yesterday that we had another wedding engagement take place on GRACE Mountain on Sunday afternoon.  She said “yes!”  Who?  Justin Yarborough proposed to Eva Mareno.  Congratulations to Justin & Eva!

Also, work began yesterday on expanding the existing feeding center building.  Plans call for that expansion to be finished by the end of October.  Pray for that project.

The team had a really good Monday.  Began by going to My Special Treasure and feeding breakfast (pancakes, sausage, black beans, breakfast bar and drink) to one hundred thirty three students.

A group then came back to GRACE Mountain and spent the day working at the feeding center.  Those folks had a blessed time.

The building teams were able to finish two houses that were started on Saturday and then build eight more bringing the total built to twenty five.  The concrete crew was able to pour concrete in twelve houses meaning all twenty five now have concrete.  The finishing crew finished all twenty five as well which means the original twenty five are completely finished.  Amazing!

One team went to Santo Domingo and put up the frame for the house for the family from the feeding center.  It will be finished today.

We have added four more houses in the village so those will be built and finished today, Lord willing.

All is well.  Have four ministry opportunities today.  Updates tomorrow.  Blessings!


GRACE IV – JULY 31, 2017

Written by Teddie on July 31st, 2017

The Lord blessed the team with a really good Sunday.  It went as was stated in yesterday’s blog.

The church service was special as the Holy Spirit manifested Himself and ten folks made public professions of faith by accepting Jesus as their personal Savior.  Just a very special service and one of those you had to be there things.  All glory to God.

Feeding the My Special Treasure students this morning, working at the feeding center with Lazaro & Glendy and building more houses.  Praying for a productive day.

Thank you for praying and checking on this team.  Blessings!


GRACE IV – SUNDAY, 7/30/17

Written by Teddie on July 30th, 2017

The team’s second day was a good one.  The morning began by hearing from the folks who lead My Special Treasure home and school.  Special share time with them.

The building teams got six more houses built with two more ready for the metal.  When you do not take screws it becomes very difficult to screw on the sides and top!  (Heads are about to roll!).  Five houses are completely finished.  Nine more houses received concrete yesterday so that makes thirteen that have been concreted.

We got rain yesterday afternoon which is good for the Guatemalans as this is rainy season.  It also rained during the night so it appears we may be dealing with rain from this point forward.

Morning devotional, shopping, lunch and then the church service today.

Pray for this team.  Thanks for checking on them.  Blessings!


GRACE IV – JULY 29, 2017

Written by Teddie on July 29th, 2017

The Lord blessed us with a really strong first day of building yesterday.  We drove about an hour to the West and probably got started building around 10:45AM and we stopped at 5:00PM.  In those six hours plus the team built nine houses with four of those receiving concrete and having the fronts put on.  That is a good day of building.

How was this team able to get some much done the first day?  Two words – Brian Ellis!  The man is amazing!

The leaders of the My Special Treasure School will be with the team this morning for breakfast.  The team will go there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to feed them breakfast, Lord willing.

Please pray for this team.  All is well.  Blessings!


GRACE IV – JULY 27, 2017

Written by Teddie on July 28th, 2017

They came in two waves with the first wave arriving on GRACE Mountain somewhere around 3:00PM.  They did the bank, supper and some shopping before calling it a day.  They were tired from getting up really early to get to the respective airports.

The second wave arrived on GRACE Mountain around 10:30PM.  They had obviously taken an afternoon flight.  Pizza was waiting on them.  They consumed it quickly and headed off to bed.

So, we thank God for a good day of travels.  We never take that for granted.  Thank you to those who prayed.

Our Friday begins with devotion at 7:00AM and then we are off to build houses.  Our goal is either twenty six or twenty seven.

Thank you for checking on this team.  More entries will be coming.  Blessings!


GRACE III 2017 (6/29/17)

Written by Teddie on June 29th, 2017

Where has this week gone?  It is shortly after 3:00AM and the majority (23) of the team just left GRACE Mountain headed for the airport in Guatemala City.  From there they will board either an American Airlines plane headed to Miami, FL or a Delta plane headed to Atlanta.  The remaining folks (all Thelma Baptist) will leave GRACE Mountain at 7:30AM and will board the early afternoon Delta flight.  (I sure appreciate Pastor BJ Parson getting up to pray over these team members who left for the earlier flights.  What can I say?)

Wednesday was basically a perfect ending to a really good week of ministry.  The team once again fed the students at the My Special Treasure School.  I do not know what the meal consisted of but I know it was good and well received.  A shout out goes to Coach Eric Collier and the Theodore High School varsity football team as they personally gave the money to make these meals possible.  Thank you Coach Collier and players.

Also, the Friendship VBS along with a couple of generous donations provided three months (July, August, September) rent for this school.  What a blessing!

The team drove back to the village and dedicated the twenty four houses.  There was one salvation decision which is obviously the highlight of the trip – praise the Lord.  That is why we do what we do!

An early supper at Pizza Hut was followed by a team share time which lasted about two hours.  Those times can be so special and this one was just that – special.  The highlight was Makenzie Conn serenading Soy with a somewhat Southern Gospel song.  Brought tears to his eyes!

So, we are thankful to God for all He has done.  Thankful to Ethelsville Baptist Church, Thelma Baptist Church, and Durant Chapel Baptist Church for partnering with Friendship Baptist.  We arrived as a team and left as a family – only God!

One final thought – rumor has it that a new pancake house “could” soon be opening in the greater Grand Bay Area.  “Pancakes by Sanna” will be the name and the slogan will be “our pancakes really ‘stick’ to you!”

Thank you for praying.  Thank you for checking on these fine folks!


GRACE III 2017 (6/28/17)

Written by Teddie on June 28th, 2017

The team got though Tuesday without any injuries, incidents, et cetera.  Hooray!

The ladies of this team cooked and served hundreds of pancakes to the students at the My Special Treasure School.  It was a good morning for the students and our team.   Lisa & Deidra have coordinated this part of ministry and are doing a great job.

The men left GRACE Mountain at 5:30AM in order to get an early start on the house building.  Those fourteen men were joined by some of the ladies around noon.   What a great day!  All twenty four houses have now been built as they put the d sides/tops on six existing frames, built four houses from scratch and poured concrete in thirteen houses – all by 5:00PM.  The Lord blessed once again in regard to the weather as there was only one small shower around 3:30PM.  Otherwise, it was a perfect day.

Today the team will once again feed the students and then go dedicate the houses.

Thanks for praying!