MONDAY, 12/22/14

Today’s Bible reading - Zechariah 2:1-3:10 Revelation 13:1-13:18 Psalm 141:1-10 Proverbs 30:18-20

Tuesday, 12/23 – Zechariah 4:1-5:11 Revelation 14:1-20 Psalm 142:1-7 Proverbs 30:21-23

Wednesday, 12/24 – Zechariah 6:1-7:14 Revelation 15:1-8 Psalm 143:1-12 Proverbs 30:24-28

Thursday, 12/25 – Zechariah 8:1-23 Revelation 16:1-21 Psalm 144:1-15 Proverbs 30:29-31

Friday, 12/26 – Zechariah 9:1-17 Revelation 17:1-18 Psalm 145:1-21 Proverbs 30:32

Saturday, 12/27 – Zechariah 10:1-11:17 Revelation 18:1-24 Psalm 146:1-10 Proverbs 30:33

Sunday, 12/28 – Zechariah 12:1-13:9 Revelation 19:1-21 Psalm 147:1-20 Proverbs 31:1-7

Monday, 12/29 – Zechariah 14:1-21 Revelation 20:1-15 Psalm 148:1-14 Proverbs 31:8-9

Tuesday, 12/30 – Malachi 1:1-2:17 Revelation 21:1-27 Psalm 149:1-9 Proverbs 31:10-24

Wednesday, 12/31 – Malachi 3:1-4:6 Revelation 22:1-21 Psalm 150:1-6 Proverbs 31:25-31

Pastor James Messer is having a heart cath this morning.  Pray that all goes well.

Landon Joyner, son of Justin & Amber, will undergo several tests this morning in hopes that the doctors can determine the root of his problems.

Andrea Timberlake should get some test results back today in regards to her pregnancy.  She is confident that everything will be fine.  She is due 1/19/15.

Lisa Thompson did not feel well yesterday.

We were blessed with a really good day in our services yesterday.  The special music was really good in all of the services.  The adult choir did a really great job with the Christmas musical last night.

Our Girls In Action received over $600 toward the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering through their card delivering service.  I appreciate their efforts and thank the leaders for working with them in this mission.

I am encouraging the members of the Friendship family to be present for the Christmas Eve service from 5:00 – 6:00PM.  We will observe the Lord’s Supper, sing, hear some special music and have a brief word from the Word.  Make this a part of your family’s Christmas tradition.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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SUNDAY, 12/21/14

Today’s Bible reading - Zechariah 1:1-21 Revelation 12:1-17 Psalm 140:1-13 Proverbs 30:17

Lisa and I visited Zack Switzer in the hospital yesterday.  It has been determined that he does not have pneumonia but does have the flu.  Zack battles asthma and, as a result, had to be put on oxygen yesterday.  He will most likely remain in the hospital until at least tomorrow.

Pastor James Messer, Cloverdale Baptist, will have a heart cath tomorrow morning.  His doctor is not giving him a choice in this matter.  Pray for Pastor James, please!

I am excited about the services today/tonight.  The preaching may not be much but the music is going to be great in all three services.  Remember, the adult choir presents their Christmas musical tonight at 6:00PM.

I cannot imagine any follower of Jesus not being in church during the Christmas season unless providentially hindered.  Friendship family, let’s be faithful in attendance this morning and evening!

Meeting with the missions committee today at 5:00PM in the office suite.

I have had several folks inquire about my purchase of a new phone.  The transaction has not taken place yet.  Talked to the phone company via the phone on Friday but was not satisfied with their answers.  Lisa wanted me to stop by a store yesterday – are you kidding me?  Have you seen the traffic in Mobile these days?  I have now been without a cell phone for nine days and I am doing just fine.  Yes, I am going to get another one in time.  (I keep thinking TJ Vice will surprise me with an iPhone 6 but. . . )

I pray that you will have a great Sunday with Jesus.  Go to church!

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SATURDAY, 12/20/14

Today’s Bible reading - Haggai 1:1-2:23 Revelation 11:1-19 Psalm 139:1-24 Proverbs 30:15-16

Coley Johnson and Katelyn Jackson are getting married this afternoon at 4:30PM.  The ceremony will take place at their house which is located at 12611 Pine Street in Grand Bay.  The Friendship family is invited.

Zack Switzer was admitted into the hospital yesterday with the flu and pneumonia.  He is probably thinking, “are you serious?  School is out and now I have the flu & pneumonia?”  Obviously, he is a sick young man so pray for him.

Speaking of youngsters, pray for Landon Joyner and the tests he will undergo on Monday.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s services.  Randall, Rita & Lynda will be singing in the morning services.  Also, I have asked Jeanette and Brad to sing a special that goes along with the message.  So, the singing will be special!

Tomorrow evening, our adult choir will present their Christmas musical.  I do hope the Friendship family will be faithful to support these folks as they minister in song.

Huge night in college football tonight as South Alabama plays Bowling Green in Montgomery’s Camellia Bowl.  David & Kim will be there.  Rumor has it that they have an extra ticket and opted to not take Jason H with them.  I simply ask, “what would Jesus do?”  O my goodness!  Go Jags!

Our Sunday School class met for a Christmas fellowship last night.  A good time was had by everyone.  We missed C but discussed up front that she would tell us to live.  C was definitely on our hearts throughout the evening.  Ethan Nelson has the distinct honor of hosting the “nutcracker” for the next year.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.


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FRIDAY, 12/19/14

Today’s Bible reading - Zephaniah 1:1-3:20 Revelation 10:1-11 Psalm 138:1-8 Proverbs 30:11-14

I need to make a clarification for our out of town readers (2 of our 11 readers do not live in South Mobile County).  Yes, there have been four funerals mentioned on my blog in the past three days.  However, only one of them (C Suthoff) was actually from the Friendship family.  While the other three were related to someone within the Friendship family they were not actually a literal part of the Friendship family.  (This is very much a regional blog – no small potatoes here!  LOL!)  The same goes for the folks listed as battling various illnesses.  Just a clarification as I sometimes forget that not everyone knows who is, and who is not, a part of the Friendship family.

Landon Joyner is going to be put through the ringer on Monday regarding tests.  He is only five years old and going through this many tests would be difficult for anyone regardless of age.  Prayerfully, the doctor will be able to find some answers after the tests are completed.  Pray for Landon but probably pray harder for his parents, Justin & Amber.

We are on a regular schedule Sunday morning – worship at 8:00 & 10:30AM with Sunday School at 9:15AM.  I pray that we will close out the year in a great way as this will be our last “normal” Sunday.

Our adult choir will present their Christmas musical this Sunday evening beginning at 6:00PM.  I hope the members of the Friendship family will support them by attending this service.

The Christmas fellowship with the local pastors and their wives was a blessing yesterday morning.  There were seven pastors present.  Jennifer & Lisa did an excellent job of serving as hostesses.

Pastor Shirlon and Jennifer hosted Lisa and me in their home for a meal last night.  They have a really beautiful new house in Bell Creek.  As I told them, they have a more beautiful family.  The main reason that I went was because Jennifer cooked chicken and dumplings!  The girl does c&d right!  Miss Idice Reeves always cooked the best chicken & dumplings I have ever eaten.  Deidra has come close to those a time or two.  Jennifer hits a grand slam each time she cooks them!  She is from California originally so how she learned to cook such a southern dish so well is beyond me but the girl can flat out cook!  (You would think Idice’s granddaughter, Denise, would be able to cook them like her grandmother?  Whatever!)

Kayla Hatcher is supposed to have my Christmas present in hand but I have not seen it!  She is testing my patience!

Mama always said “if you are scared, say you are scared!”  For years, Soy, Rusty, Alan, et cetera have hung around after our Wednesday night Bible study to play the card game “Hearts.”  Basically, it takes me about thirty minutes to close them out.  I never remember losing to them.  This past Wednesday night, they finished Bible study and quietly slipped down to Rusty’s to play “Hearts” without me even knowing.  ”If you are scared, say you are scared!”

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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THURSDAY, 12/19/14

Today’s Bible reading - Habakkuk 1:1-3:19 Revelation 9:1-21 Psalm 137:1-9 Proverbs 30:10

The funeral service for Jack Rice takes place this morning at 10:00AM (Higher Ground Baptist) while the service for Archie Sprinkle takes place at 2:00PM (San Souci Baptist).  Pray for these two families.

Anyone helping with food for the Sprinkle family needs to have it in the fellowship hall by 10:00AM today.

Bernard Suthoff had a first cousin pass away yesterday.  Lived in Moss Point.

Robin Corley continues in her battle against cancer.  She is at home and is dependent upon a wheelchair.

Amy Huhn sent an e-mail yesterday afternoon saying that her mother had a good day.

Amber Joyner e-mailed me during the night saying that her son, Landon, continues to have the same physical problems he has been battling.  They see a doctor this morning.  Pray for them to find some answers.  Justin & Amber are concerned.

Found out yesterday afternoon that a friend in Michigan has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has already had surgery.  I did not ask if I could put her name on the blog so I will not do so until receiving permission.  Pray.

Pastor Shirlon Davis and his wife, Jennifer, Lisa and I will host a Christmas fellowship for the local pastors and their wives this morning.  This is our second year of doing this and it is a good time of food & fellowship.  Jennifer and Lisa put on a spread!  Pastor Shirlon and I just eat and entertain!

I have received a good number of e-mails from folks expressing their prayer support for me personally following C’s passing.  I appreciate that more than you will ever know.  I will be honest in saying that I am still struggling emotionally so I can only imagine how Rusty, Deb and the family are feeling.

The phone – big decision!  Thinking about checking e-bay for a bag phone – how cool would that be?  I am really not a huge fan of a cell phone.  I can go to church without taking my phone with me!  As a matter of fact, I have never taken my phone into a church service.  What if someone needs you, you ask?  They can get in touch with me – I promise.  (I am really not that important!)

For the record, no one from the 30-39 year old class has apologized to me for their rudeness to me this past Monday night – just sayin’!  LOL!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.



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Our 50-59 SS class will be helping feed the Archie Sprinkle family tomorrow, 12/18.  If you are in the class and want to help, please contact Bro. Jerry Hovel.  All food must be in the fellowship hall no later than 10:00AM tomorrow.  Thank you!

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WEDNESDAY, 12/17/14

Today’s Bible reading - Nahum 1:1-3:19 Revelation 8:1-13 Psalm 136:1-26 Proverbs 30:7-9

The service for Amy Reynold’s grandfather will take place today at 2:00PM from the chapel of Serenity Funeral Home.  There will be two hours of visitation prior to the service.

The visitation with Archie Sprinkle’s family will take place tonight from 4:00 – 8:00PM at San Souci Baptist Church in Coden.  The service takes place tomorrow at 2:00PM and will also be from San Souci.

The visitation with Jack Rice’s family will take place tonight from 5:00 – 8:00PM at Serenity Funeral Home.  The service takes place tomorrow at 10:00AM from the Higher Ground Baptist Church.

The service for Caryn Suthoff went well.  All four singers did very well.  The Friendship family did very well in providing the meal for the family.  The 20-29 SS class did very well in hosting the meal.  As a matter of fact, there was so much food left over that we were able to bless a local ministry and they were extremely grateful.  Thank you to each person who helped minister to the Suthoff family in any way.  I am going to miss C tremendously!

Ray Baber’s mother has been moved to a convalescent facility for the time being.

As far as I know, no change in Faye Owens (Clara’s sister).  Keep praying.

Keep praying for those battling cancer.  Lisa Thompson and Gloria Morrison are in that number.

Regular schedule today/tonight.  Next Wednesday we will have our Christmas Eve service and the following Wednesday, 12/31, we will not have any services.  But, everything is on a regular schedule tonight, 12/17.

Two events have shaken me in recent days.  First, I went to the fellowship hall during the visitation on Monday night as the 30-39 SS class was hosting a meal.  Had to fix my own plate and my own drink!  Where were the hosts and hostesses?  Eating!  I get no respect from that class.  (I have not even mentioned their Christmas gathering where they totally ignored even inviting me!)

Second, I could not get my cell phone to charge on Monday morning.  Lisa then tells me that she washed and dried my phone over the weekend.  Told me to put it in some rice!  Needless to say it is no longer!  I have only had it since circa 1985.  Devastating!

So, I am without a cell phone until at least this Friday which is my next off day.  (I try to do personal business on off days only) If you call or text me then you will not get an answer or a reply.  Flip phone or 6?  Decisions, decisions!  (A part of me wants to go with no phone!)

Then, I decide to watch the second half of the Alabama basketball game last night.  Big mistake!  They folded big time in the final six minutes.  Looked like Kyle Bryant and Phillip Turner were coaching them!  Wow!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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5/31/1949-12/15/2014 Archie Warren Sprinkle, age 65, a native of Bayou La Batre, AL and a resident of Irvington, AL passed away on Monday, December 15, 2014. He is survived by his wife of 27 years, Mary McLamb Sprinkle, children, Patrick Andrew (Andrea) Sprinkle, Keith (Katie) Stoffle, Craig Stoffle, Alethea Diane (Tony) Boggs, grandchildren, David (Sabrina) Stewart, Samantha Stewart, Samantha Walker, Corley Bradford, great grandchildren, Christian Stewart, Logan Stewart, Edward Stewart, Brooklynn Harshaw, Juston Davis, siblings, Sweetie (Johnny) Hancock, Clyde (Susan) Sprinkle, Douglas (Belinda) Sprinkle, Nathan (Kendra) Sprinkle, Paul (Pauline) Sprinkle, Kevin (Tina) Sprinkle, Rueben (Lacy) Sprinkle, nieces, nephews, other relatives and many friends. Visitation will be held at San Souci Baptist Church on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 from 4pm until 8pm. Funeral service will be held at the church on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 2pm. Family to receive friends 1-2pm at the church on Thursday. Interment will be in Oddfellow Cemetery.

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TUESDAY, 12/16/14

Today’s Bible reading - Micah 5:1-7:20 Revelation 7:1-17 Psalm 135:1-21 Proverbs 30:5-6

The visitation with the Caryn Suthoff family went well yesterday afternoon and last night.  The earlier, extra two hours really made a difference in helping the wait never be too long and the line inside the building.  The family was so very gracious.

The 30-39 year old class did a really nice job of hosting food/drinks for the family.  (Raymond, Tina, Rae Rae & Eva Wilkinson along with Amy Huhn provided great help too) C’s school brought food as well and it was all great.  Thanks to Kim, Soy, the class and any others who helped in this ministry.

Today is a day to which I do not look forward to.  Yet, I am honored to be able to be a small part of C’s service.  Rusty & I were talking after everyone left last night as to how on June 10 (their wedding day) we never expected to be sitting in the church auditorium in such a situation.  After Rusty left, I stood at the casket and just reflected on what a great person C was and how much she has impacted my life.  I am going to miss that girl tremendously!  Rusty & Caryn are one of the finest young couples I have ever known!

If you are bringing food to help feed the family today, please have it in the fellowship hall by 11:00AM.  Rusty & C’s Sunday School class (20 – 29) will host the meal but are getting help from lots of other people and for that we are grateful.

Amy’s grandfather’s funeral service takes place tomorrow, 12/17, at 2:00PM.  It will be preceded by two hours of visitation with the family.  Everything will take place at Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore.

The arrangements for Archie Sprinkle, Kevin’s brother, have not been completed at this time.  The thought is a Wednesday night visitation and Thursday service.  Those arrangements will be finalized today and posted here once completed.

Jack Rice passed away yesterday.  The visitation will take place tomorrow night, 12/17, from 5:00 – 8:00PM at Serenity Funeral Home.  Service on Thursday, 12/18, at 10:00AM from the Higher Ground Baptist Church.

Pastor Alben Gaston was to have surgery on a second aneurism yesterday.  The surgeons went in to do the surgery but did not touch the aneurism.  The risk outweighed the reward.

Amy Huhn’s mother did not have a great day yesterday but a large part of that was having two doctor’s appointments which involved waiting.

This entry has been too long.  I apologize.  I close by asking that you pray for the service for C today.  Pray that we will celebrate Caryn’s life, comfort the family, and bring glory to God.  Thank you!




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Aug. 8, 1927 – Dec. 13, 2014 William Bertrand “Bert” Eden, Jr., age 87, a native and lifelong resident of Mobile, AL passed away on Saturday, December 13, 2014. He served in the United States Navy, a Mason, and as a hobby he was a Ham Radio Operator. He was preceded in death by his wife, Gloria Blackwell Eden. He is survived by his children, Jennifer (Lee) Warren, Deborah (Kenneth) Shockley, Sylvia (Johnny) Howard, 11 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren, other relatives and many friends. Funeral services will be held from the chapel of Serenity Funeral Home on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 2 pm with visitation from 12 noon until service time. Interment will be in Serenity Memorial Gardens.

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