WEDNESDAY, 5/25/22

Phillip, Claire and Collins Turner welcomed Jack into this world on Monday afternoon.  Mother and son are doing well and came home yesterday afternoon.  Jack checked into this world weighing seven pounds and four ounces and is twenty one inches long.  Congratulations to this fine, young family!

Tim Knighten heard from his doctor at M.D. Anderson yesterday.  If I understand it correctly, there was no new growth in the tumor from March until May.  Therefore, if they will wait until August to do another scan and, if there is no new growth elsewhere, they will do surgery leaving Tim’s kidney in place.  So, keep praying for Tim and for there to be no new growth.

Amy Huhn’s father, Bobby Morrison, continues to need our prayers.  I visited with him Monday afternoon but he was asleep so I did not awaken him.  I am not sure if he remains in the hospital but do ask that you pray.

Miss Martez Richerson has been struggling physically more and more as the weeks go by.  She is at home receiving good care from Norman and the daughters.  Pray for Martez!

Marie Brooks’ sister, Libby, is at home under hospice care.  They has stopped all treatments and she is not eating or drinking.  Pray for Libby’s family including Marie and their brother, Lavon.

Myrtle was able to go vote yesterday and is doing some better.  Keep praying.

I have not heard from Steve Morris as to the results of his visit with the doctor.  What I do know is that Steve continues to need our prayers.

This afternoon should mark the end of Rodney Whitehurst’s radiation treatments this go around and tomorrow will do the same for Elaine Brown.  Keep praying for Rodney & Elaine in their respective situations.

Keep praying for Donnie Felps, Shawn Felps, Lynn Cosentino and Greta Stewart.  Pray for Marisa too as she is helping in all of these situations.

Obviously, we are all heartbroken over the situation involving the shooting at the school in Texas.  Pray for those families!

Regular schedule on our campus this morning and evening.

We need some additional workers in the nursery during Sunday School each Sunday.  My wife, Lisa, is going to take a rotation this Sunday.

The rain sounded so good throughout the night!  Praise the Lord!  I am happy for the farmers and the folks raising a garden.

On a personal note – I am very happy for my niece, Tracie Turrentine, as yesterday she was elected as Superintendent of Education for Morgan County.  I believe Tracie is going to do well in this position.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.  Enjoy the rain and stay safe!



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If you have not done so already, go vote!  Voting is an important part of our freedom as Americans.

Steve Morris had an appointment with a doctor this morning as he is having problems swallowing his pills and his food.  He is losing weight due to the lack of food being taken in.  Pray for Steve.

Tim Knighten has a 4:00PM consult with the doctor(s) from M.D. Anderson.  Pray for that meeting to go well.

Regular schedule on our campus tomorrow morning and evening.

I pray that you will have a great rest of your day with Jesus.

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MONDAY, 5/23/22

First, congratulations to my great nephew, Grayson Glenn, as he will graduate from Danville High School tonight.  He will then attend USA and has already been admitted into medical school once he completes his undergraduate degree.  Grayson is a very intelligent guy but, more importantly, a committed follower of Jesus!

The celebration of life service for Rhett’s father will take place today at 3:00PM from First Baptist Atmore.  It will be preceded by an hour of visitation with the Butler family.  Lord willing, I will attend the visitation and service.  Pray for Rhett and family during this time.

Shawn Felps’ surgical procedure has been postponed until some point in June.

Amy Huhn’s father, Bobby Morrison, is in the hospital.  Pray for him.

Rick Bradley’s father remains in the hospital.  He is doing better and should begin physical therapy soon.  Pray for Mr. Bradley.

Myrtle Bowden remains at home and is missed in our services.  She has worked with the children’s choir all year but could not be present for the program last night.  Pray for Myrtle.

Elaine Brown was in our early service yesterday and has four more radiation treatments left.  She seems to be doing well through it all.  Keep praying.

Tim Knighten expects to have a phone consult with the doctors from M.D. Anderson.  It is either tomorrow or next Tuesday.  I need to get clarification on that.  Regardless, keep praying for Tim.

Rodney Whitehurst will finish his radiation treatments this Wednesday.  He is also doing better.  Keep praying.

Marie Brooks’ sister, Libby, continues to struggle physically.  Pray for Libby and her family.

Tena Hovel and the children did a great job with the musical last night.  Thank you to the parents who have their children involved in the choir.

We were blessed with a really good day in our morning services.  The proverbial icing on the cake was seeing Paul make a public profession of faith in the second service.  Thanks to deacon Bill Kendrick for investing in Paul’s life and helping bring him to this point.  Good stuff!

Deidra and the girls arrive on GRACE Mountain safe and sound around 11:30PM (their time) last night.  Special thanks to Eddie Albritton for his help getting them to the airport late yesterday afternoon.

Did you see where the man in Wisconsin has eaten at least one Big Mac every day with the exception of eight days since 1972?  Wow!

I encourage folks to vote tomorrow.  My niece, Tracie Turrentine, will running for Superintendent of Education in Morgan County.  I may drive up and vote for her!  Tracie will be an excellent Superintendent of Education!

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.




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Mr. Walter M. Butler, Sr. of Walnut Hill, Florida was born September 18, 1946 and passed away on May 18, 2022 in Pensacola, Florida.

Mr. Butler, a native of Bayou La Batre, Alabama, resided in the Atmore and Walnut Hill area for the past twenty-three years.
Mr. Butler had a career in lumber sales and newspaper advertising. In his business trips all over South Alabama and Northwest Florida, Walter made friends everywhere he went. His outgoing personality and his gift of being able to talk to anyone, at any time and any place, assured that he never met a stranger. These contacts resulted in numerous friendships that lasted a lifetime.
During the course of his life, Walter volunteered his talents by holding office or working with the following organizations: The Boy Scouts of America, Jaycees, United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile, United Cerebral Palsy of Alabama, Leadership Atmore, Atmore Lions Club, American Cancer Society, Relay for Life and the First Baptist Church of Atmore. He was always willing to serve in any way possible.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Cordell Lee and Newton Butler, and brother, Charles Sprinkle.

Walter is survived by his wife, Elsie Nall Butler; sons, Walter (Beth) Butler, Jr. of Springville, Alabama, Rhett (Heidi) Butler of Grand Bay, Alabama, and Whitney (Holly) Butler of Semmes, Alabama; step-son Eric (Angela) Stuart of Walnut Hill, Florida; step-daughter Rebecca (Blaine) Durbin of Spanish Fort, Alabama; ten grandchildren; brother, Carl (Carol) Butler of Mobile, Alabama and sisters Pat Stewart and Darla (Jess) Bryant of Lititz, Pennsylvania and Sherri Sprinkle of Mobile, Alabama.
Visitation will be Monday, May 23, 2022 at First Baptist Church in Atmore, Alabama beginning at 2:00 pm with a Memorial Service to follow at 3:00 pm with Dr. Kevin Garrett officiating.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to United Cerebral Palsy at 3058 Dauphin Square Connector, Mobile, Alabama 36607, First Baptist Church Atmore Children’s Program or a charity of your choice.
Johnson-Quimby Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

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SATURDAY, 5/21/22

Please continue to pray for Marie Brook’s sister, Libby.

Celebration of life service for Rhett Butler’s father on Monday beginning at 3:00PM.  Preceded by an hour of visitation with the family.  Visitation and service at First Baptist Atmore.

Tim Knighten is supposed to hear from the doctors in Houston this Tuesday.

Gift card baby shower for Zach & Mary Anne Huhn tomorrow.  Basket on auditorium platform.

Children’s choir Spring musical beginning at 6:00PM tomorrow.  Come support these children.

Regular schedule on our campus tomorrow.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 5/20/22

The arrangements for Rhett Butler’s father are as follows: visitation with the family on Monday, May 23, from 2:00PM until the 3:00PM service.  Everything will take place at First Baptist in Atmore, Alabama.  Keep praying for Rhett and family during this time.

Marisa sent me an update on Donnie yesterday.  He is having good days and not so good days regarding his foot and the pain.  Keep praying.

Marisa’s sister, Lynn, has been in the hospital but is now home on strong antibiotics for the next four weeks.  Pray for Lynn.

Marisa’s cousin, Greta, remains on chemo but is doing some better.  Pray for Greta.

Donnie & Marisa’s son, Shawn, is scheduled to have a surgical procedure done this Monday morning, 5/23.  Pray for all to go well.

Keep praying for Rick Bradley’s father as he remains in the hospital because of the stroke.

Keep praying for Myrtle Bowden too.

Keep praying for Elaine Brown as she continues with her radiation treatments.

Keep praying for Rodney Whitehurst as the too continues radiation treatments.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday, May 22.  Our children’s choir will present their Spring musical during the evening service.

Friendship family, remember the gift card baby shower for Zach & Mary Anne Huhn this Sunday, May 22.  Basket will be on the platform in the auditorium.  Thank you for blessing this couple.

It appears that rain is on the way this weekend.  If so, I am happy for our farmers and those with a garden.

Two of the Stringfellow sisters have volunteered to bake a cake for our auction on July 3.  Actually, Rita is going to make a banana pudding.  By the way, homemade pies will be welcomed too!  Thanks to Rita & Diane for joining this ministry project!  Ditto to Chris & Chelsea.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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Rhett Butler sent me a text message yesterday but I did not have my phone on due to being out of town.  Rhett’s father passed from this life yesterday (Wednesday) morning.  The family is scheduled to make arrangements this afternoon.  Pray for Rhett and family.

Rich Bradley’s father is better and will most likely to be moved from the ICU to another hospital room.  Keep praying for Mr. Bradley.

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THURSDAY, 5/19/22

The visitation and celebration of life service for Angie Bentley’s maternal aunt, Vivian Lowery, take place today.  Visitation takes place beginning at 11:00AM and lasts until the noon service time.  Both will take place at the Coden Bible Church.  Pray for the family during this time.

I have been asked by the family of Darrell Bosarge to preach at a service that will also begin at noon today.  Darrell is the son of Gloria Merritt.  Pray for the family.

I do not have any updates from those for whom we have been praying.  Please continue to pray.

Friendship family, remember the “gift card baby shower” for Zach & Mary Anne Huhn that will take place this Sunday, May 22.  FYI, you can purchase a Visa gift card from Century Bank without having to pay any additional fees.  Just a thought as that does not limit Zach & Mary Anne to any particular store in their purchases.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday.

I appreciate Bro. Jerry and Bro. Abel handling things yesterday while I was in Richton, MS with the Clark family.  Yes, it was because of a death but it was good family time.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 5/18/22

Happy birthday to our son-in-law, Brad Hutto!  He has work and will sing at a funeral service but I do hope he will have a great day!

Robert Baria has an infection in his bones and is now on a very strong medication.  Pray for him.  Also, Robert & Rose Anne’s daughter, Darlene, is severely limited sight wise due to diabetes.  Pray for Darlene, please.

Regular schedule on our campus this morning and tonight.  Bro. Jerry will be teaching in my absence as I will be with the Clark family all day.

The gift card baby shower for Zach & Mary Anne Huhn takes place this Sunday, May 22.  A basket will be on the auditorium foyer and all cards need to be placed in it.  I am suggesting a Walmart card.  Century Bank is selling the gift Visa cards without a fee this month too.

In addition to the ladies whom I mentioned yesterday, I have now heard from Rose Anne Baria (blueberry pound cake), Gayla Dyess (strawberry), Gayla’s mother (pound) and Elizabeth Westbrook (?) as others who will be baking a cake for the auction on July 3.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!


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TUESDAY, 5/17/22

The arrangements for Charles Clark’s sister, Virginia Thornton, are as follows:  visitation on Wednesday, May 18, from 2:00PM until the 3:00PM celebration of life service.  The visitation and service will take place at the Jones And Son Funeral Home in Richton, MS with the burial in the David Clark cemetery in Richton.

The arrangements for Angie Bentley’s aunt, Vivian Lowery, are as follows:  visitation on Thursday, May 19, from 11:00AM until the 12:00PM celebration of life service.  The visitation and service will take place at the Coden Bible Church.

Myrtle Bowden was not able to receive her treatment yesterday due to the side effects.  They are giving her shots this week and will administer another treatment next Monday, 5/23.  Keep praying for Myrtle.

Spoke to Rick Bradley yesterday morning.  His father is in ICU out of an abundance of caution.  His stroke was not as severe as it could have been and for that the family is grateful.  Keep praying!

The doctors have decided to continue with Marie Brooks’ sister’s treatment for the time being.  Keep praying!

Keep praying for the others for whom we have been listing in recent days.

I did not plant a garden this year but that has not kept me from having an abundance of vegetables.  We have received squash, cucumbers, zucchini, eight ball zucchini and potatoes.  I am very thankful to the folks who have provided these delicious vegetables to our family – what a blessing!

Wow!  Stacy & Gayla Dyess brought us supper yesterday afternoon.  Let me go ahead and say that Jay Oakwood was right – Stacy Dyess can flat out cook some barbecue!  They brought us pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, buns and blueberry cobbler.  Stacy also brought us homemade white barbecue sauce and it was spot on!  Everything they brought us was very, very good!  Excellent!  So, our July 3 barbecue fellowship is definitely in good hands when it comes to the lead cook!  Thank you Stacy & Gayla for an awesome meal!  Folks, how can I lose weigh with them doing this!

Speaking of the July 3 fellowship, we need at least twelve homemade cakes for the auction.  As of right now, we have three ladies committed to baking a cake – Edna H Glover (coconut), Clara Broadus (?), and Lisa Turrentine (pound cake).  I am asking all persons willing to bake a cake to let me know no later than Sunday, June 12.  Homemade is the operative word!

We need someone to loan us a skid steer in order to do some work on the back forty.  We have a operator so we only need the machine.  Plans are to use a harley rake to level the soccer fields and other areas.  Does anyone have a skid steer we can borrow or rent?  We are willing to pay.  If you have one, please contact Bro. Abel or me as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Pastor Jack Bailey writes a blog most every day.  His entry yesterday was dedicated to GRACE Ministries and me.  Very kind of him to do so.   Of course, all of the glory goes to God!  He is good!

We will have our regular schedule tomorrow morning and evening.  I will be with the Clark family all day so Bro. Jerry will be filling in for me.  Just FYI.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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