MONDAY, 9/25/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Song of Solomon 6-8; Galatians 4

Tuesday, September 26 – Isaiah 1-2; Galatians 5
Wednesday, September 27 – Isaiah 3-4; Galatians 6
Thursday, September 28 – Isaiah 5-6; Ephesians 1
Friday, September 29 – Isaiah 7-8; Ephesians 2
Saturday, September 30 – Isaiah 9-10; Ephesians 3

This entry is late.  I apologize.  Monday mornings are hard now having to get myself ready plus get Lisa ready.  It is the hair thing!  By the time I get my “rug” glued in place and then get Lisa’s hair puffed out in the back the time has slipped away.

Good day in our services yesterday.  No public decisions but there were decisions at the altar.  Good to pray with Bubba and family before he left yesterday.  Special offering was sufficient to cover all needs – thank you!

Prayer time in the auditorium today from 5:00 – 7:00PM.

GROW ministry at 6:00PM in the church office.

Wow, are we eating well or what!  The weekend saw gumbo and homemade cheesecake – delicious!  Folks, I am fat!  Lisa is happy!  Enough already!

I am not listing the folks bringing the meals for fear of leaving someone out.  However, I will note that one of my former girlfriends (whom I almost married) is bringing tonight’s meal.  Homemade lasagna.  Says we went to Olive Garden on our first date (I do not remember that)  Realizes that my heritage is Italian and even calls me Teddy “Little Pumpkin” Turrentino!

Tomorrow night’s meal is being brought by a real skinny lady.  I am not so sure she can cook.  Thinking it may be a Happy Meal!

Bobby and the boys continue to roll.  It is possible (not probable) that four MLB teams could win at least one hundred regular season games this year.  Pretty impressive.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.


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SATURDAY, 9/23/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Song of Solomon 1-3; Galatians 2

Good Saturday morning!  I “think” I missed announcing the Mission of Hope service last night?  No excuse.  My apologies.  Hope things went well.

Pray for our bus ministry workers this morning as they go into the community inviting folks to our services tomorrow.

We are on a regular schedule tomorrow morning and evening.  Asking the members of our Missions Committee to meet at 5:30PM in the normal meeting place.  Committee members, please take note!

Our family had another delicious meal brought to the house last night.  Someone knows us pretty well as they brought bar-b-que which was very good.  Rumor has it that a “skinny” cook is bringing a meal today and Caroline Ford has always told me to never trust a skinny cook!  So, we shall see!

Received a very sweet message from someone yesterday apologizing for what they have not done for us as a family since Lisa’s accident – are you serious?  This person leads a very full life and has given us unwavering love and prayer support.  Folks, we are fine.  We are walking through a small valley that pales in comparison to what other folks are facing.  We are very, very appreciative of each act/word of kindness (well I am not real thrilled about spaghetti squash) and we really appreciate the prayer support.(Plus, Nanette Brooks is taking good care of her “little pumpkin!”)

However, that put me to thinking.  Folks like Ross Genzink, Tom Compagner, Eddie Turrentine, Pastor Joe Bailey, Dr. Rex Looney, Soy Taylor (just to name a few) live too far away to bring meals.  I am sure this disappoints them.  They probably feel helpless!  So, we are totally fine with receiving financial gifts from this select group.  We have found cash works best ($500 bills or higher)!  Just saying!

My wife is trying to do too much and is experiencing pain as a result.  Therefore, I am dropping the hammer today!  Putting my foot down!  Laying down the law!  I will let you know how that goes!

Congratulations to the Bryant Hurricanes on their win last night.  Ditto to JT and the Leopards.  I was in a pretty good grove of attending games and had plans but those took a turn when Lisa went down.  (Coach Collier has missed me!)

The Dodgers clinched the West last night.  I am in hopes of a NL championship series featuring the Nationals and the Dodgers.  (Sorry Pastor Wes Bates)

They say the world is ending today, 9/23.  I think it may have ended yesterday, 9/22.  Why?  Strange happenings around here.  Dana & Gina actually went and bought groceries for us!  (Please note that I paid)

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.



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FRIDAY, 9/22/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Ecclesiastes 10-12; Galatians 1

Our youngest granddaughter, Audrey Taylor, is celebrating her third birthday today!  Of course, she is in Guatemala so we definitely miss being with her on this special day.  Happy birthday Audrey!

Spoke to Miss Vinnie Brewer last night and she told me that Oscar Petersen did well through his surgical procedure yesterday.  They did a skin graft as well so the entire process was about five hours long.

Did not get an update on Robert Baria yesterday but I do know he continues to need our prayer support.

Sonny Bates should receive his fifth radiation treatment today.  He will then have two days off.

Our grandson, Titus, had a cast put on his left arm yesterday afternoon.  The good news is that it is supposed to be for two weeks only.  He and Lisa now have matching casts!

My thoughts this morning will center on Lane & Amanda Zirlott along with their family.  The hope is in knowing that their son is now in the presence of Jesus.  May the God of all comfort be their source today and beyond.

There was a televised debate last night for the U.S. Senate seat.  I did not watch any of it as I am somewhat weary of politicians.  Made sure Lisa had everything she needed and then went to the office for a little over an hour.  Office work is better than politicians debating – LOL!  I will be glad when Myrtle and crew finish up next Tuesday night around 7:00PM!

I had mentioned that we have meals through September of 2033.  Courtney Cavin wants to sign up for the first Monday in October of 2033.  Unfortunately for her, we already have plans for that night!

Have to be honest.  I feed my chickens some table scraps.  One lady cooked spaghetti squash for us (not for this old boy!). Lisa ate some of it and I then took the rest to my chickens.  Basically, they said, “are you serious?  Thanks but no thanks!”  Folks, when your chickens will not eat the stuff. . .

Former NFL great Jim Brown is not someone I agree with very often.  However, I recently read something he said about the American flag, our National Anthem, and those players who are boycotting these things.  I quote, “I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American. I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I’m not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I’m going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I’ll work out the problems, but I’ll do it in an intelligent manner.”  Well said Mr. Brown!  (This is one of those that I did not get to put in print last week because the blog was down).

Lisa may have both arms in casts but it has not stopped her from barking orders.  She has already told me exactly what I will do in the way of yard work today.  Plus, she found out about Nanette, the loaf and little pumpkin!  You ever been hit upside the head with a cast?

Leslie Hacker’s Braves beat Bobby & the boys last night which helps the Dodgers.  Of course, the Dodgers are playing so poorly these days that nothing is going to help them in the long run.  Go Nats!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.







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THURSDAY, 9/21/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Ecclesiastes 7-9; 2 Corinthians 13

Attempted to visit with Robert Baria yesterday morning but the nurses were working with him.  Roseanne told me that he did not have a good day and a scan was being done yesterday afternoon.  Keep praying for Robert and family.

Nancy Brunken was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  She was in good spirits whenever I visited with her.

Oscar Petersen will have outpatient surgery this morning.  Pray that all goes well.

Our prayer service last night was a special time.  Thank you to each person who attended.  Keep believing!

True story – last night I was walking to my vehicle following the service.  I was parked around by the bus barn which is typical for me.  Just so happens that Nanette Brooks also “happened” to park there and was also just “coincidentally” walking to her vehicle the same time as I was walking to mine.  I went to get in my vehicle when she says, “I have something for you” and produces a homemade pumpkin bread loaf.  All wrapped with a ribbon and everything.  Here is the best part of this story – about the time she goes to give this gift to me, Tim Knighten pulls up beside us and is a witness to the entire thing!  How about that!  The only part I hate is that Tim did not hear what she said when she gave me the bread which was, “a pumpkin loaf for my little pumpkin!”  (Says she used to call me her “little pumpkin” when we dated)  Anyway, Tim is my witness.  I feel as though Wiley Coyote has finally won!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 9/20/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Ecclesiastes 4-6; 2 Corinthians 12

The visitation with the Art Elliott family takes place this morning from 10:00AM until the 11:00AM celebration of life service.  Per the family’s request, the service will be brief.  Everything takes place in our church auditorium.

Since we are not having a typical morning service then I will not be preaching from the regular series tonight.  Our focus will be on prayer.  I am asking all members of our leadership team i.e. staff, deacons, et cetera to attend the 6:30PM service even if they are present for Art’s celebration of life service.  Those in places of responsibility during that hour need to fulfill their responsibilities.

Nancy Brunken was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  Heart concerns.  Pray for her.  I want to say “thank you” to Linda Green for transporting Nancy to the doctor/hospital.  Those ladies in Miss Kittie’s class really know how to minister to each other as well as to others.

Roseanne and family have pretty much gotten it narrowed down to where they would like to place Robert for his extended care.  Just need to do some paper work stuff I think and it should be settled.  Pray that Robert will adjust well.

As many of you know, Little Lane Zirlott, age 11, passed from this life on Monday, 9/18.  Lane is a nephew of Jordon & Jennifer (nee Wetterer) Zirlott.  The visitation with the family will take place tomorrow night, 9/21, from 5:00 – 8:00PM at the Bayou La Batre Church of God.  The celebration of life service will take place on Friday, 9/22, at 11:00AM also from the BLB COG.  Pray for the Zirlott family during this most difficult time.

Praying for those folks in the path of Hurricane Maria!

Regular time schedule today/tonight.

You might want to avoid coming around this hill!  Titus has fractured his left arm and will most likely get a cast today.  He has a splint now.  This is pretty crazy but really it is life.

Our family was blessed with another wonderful meal last night.  I am not going to try and list the folks bringing the meals each night because I will leave someone off inadvertently.  Just know that we are very thankful, fat and happy!  Remember, Daphne is our meal coordinator.

Let me honest here (with a wink) – Nanette Brooks has been bringing a meal each day since Lisa’s injury.  However, she is only bringing enough for me.  Her only comment to me has been, “at least I do not fall off a treadmill!”  Folks, this is a weird situation!

Joey sent Amy with a meal Monday afternoon thinking it would throw Alexander off the trail.  No such luck!

Bobby and the boys won again last night.  The Dodgers need to win two more to wrap up their division.  Would love to see the Nationals gain home field advantage throughout the playoffs but not sure if that is going to happen.  Would be nice for them.

Something else I learned last week that I could not share because of the blog being down.  I have heard the question, “who let the dogs out” like a thousand times in my life.  I now know the answer – Bob Evans!  He and I were eating lunch together one day last week when he said, “I have to go let the dogs out!”  Now you know!

This entry has been too long.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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TUESDAY, 9/19/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Ecclesiastes 1-3; 2 Corinthians 11:16-33

Visited briefly with Debra Elliott and family yesterday morning.  The visitation with Art’s family will take place in the morning, 9/20, from 10:00AM until the 11:00AM celebration of life memorial service.  Pray for the family as they continue to walk through this time of grief.

I did not connect with Roseanne yesterday regarding their visits to the prospective facilities for Robert.  I plan on making contact with her at some point today.   Keep praying for Robert, Roseanne and their family.

This is a bit of an unusual request so I especially need our church leadership folks along with the other members of the Friendship family to read it carefully.  I am asking our church leaders to be present for our 6:30PM service tomorrow night, 9/20, even if they attend the celebration of life service for Art in the morning.  This will be a matter of “effectual, fervent prayer” and is a serious matter.  So, staff members, deacons and all other leaders are asked to be in attendance for that service.  Pray without ceasing.

We need to pray for those who have already been in the path of Hurricane Maria as well as those who are still in her path.  I cannot imagine what it is like to live on one of those islands during one of these major storms.

Our family is being shown much love and is being loaded down with food – oh my!  Lisa’s injuries are going to cause me to add thirty pounds quickly!  We are very grateful!  Folks are graciously contacting me to ask when they can bring a meal.  I am clueless.  So, I am going to ask that if you want to bring food then please contact our daughter, Daphne, and she will coordinate the schedule.  If you need Daphne’s contact information then just let me know and I will give it to you.  Again, we need nothing but we are very, very appreciative for the kind support.  (Please note that if your first name is Courtney and your last name in Cavin that we do not need you to cook anything for us as we are booked through September of 2033 – just saying!)

The following is something that I did not get to post last week while the blog was down.  I found it interesting when the CEO of PP said, “At Planned Parenthood, we firmly believe that every person has the right to live, work, and raise a family freely.”  As someone else basically said, “this is like PETA endorsing bacon!”.

Well, Bill Kendrick did it again!  In 2015 the Ole Miss game against Alabama in Tuscaloosa had a kick off time of like 8:07PM Central Time.  Ole Miss won that game.  Somehow, someway, Bill has managed to get the exact same kick off time for the Ole Miss vs Bama game for next Saturday, 9/30, thinking the results will be the same as 2015.  I sure hope Bill is wrong about the outcome!

Bobby and the boys will be in Atlanta tonight.  The Dodgers lost to the Phils last night – are you serious?  I tried to watch some of last night’s NFL game but lost interest real quickly.

I was pleased with the cooler temperatures we enjoyed recently.  They have disappeared which is normal for our area this time of the year.  However, I will be glad when they come back to stay.  I love the Fall.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.



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Our GROW ministry takes place tonight beginning at 6:00PM.  Everyone invited.  Meet in the church office.

We will have our regular prayer time tonight from 5:00 – 7:00PM in the auditorium.  Enter and exit through the West side door.  Several folks have asked about praying for/with Lisa.  So, tonight she will be in the auditorium from 6:30 – 7:00PM if anyone wants to come pray for/with her personally.  I figure if all thirteen of our blog readers show up then each one will have like two minutes with her.  However, I do not foresee all thirteen being able to come tonight.


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MONDAY, 9/18/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Proverbs 30-31; 2 Corinthians 11:1-15

Tuesday, September 19 Ecclesiastes 1-3; 2 Corinthians 11:16-33
Wednesday, September 20 Ecclesiastes 4-6; 2 Corinthians 12
Thursday, September 21 Ecclesiastes 7-9; 2 Corinthians 13
Friday, September 22 Ecclesiastes 10-12; Galatians 1
Saturday, September 23 Song of Solomon 1-3; Galatians 2
Sunday, September 24 Song of Solomon 4-5; Galatians 3

Good Monday morning!  Sorry for the tardiness of this entry but things are little “different” around here at this time.  It is all good and we are most thankful to God for His continued faithfulness.

Roseanne Baria and her family will be checking out several facilities today in order to find the best fit for Robert.  Pray for guidance on their behalf.

The memorial service for Art Elliott will take place this Wednesday, September 20, in our church auditorium.  The visitation with Debra and the family will be from 10:00 until the 11:00AM service time. Pray for Debra and the family as they walk through this valley.

I failed to confirm with Sonny Bates yesterday but I believe that he will begin radiation treatments today.  Pray for him as he will receive somewhere around forty treatments.

Sonny & Jeanette’s son, Wes, will be receiving a vote this coming Sunday, 9/24, to serve as pastor of a church where he has been serving as the interim.

Acton Bowen did a nice job in our morning services yesterday.  The Friendship family gave him a nice love offering for his mission work.  Thank you for praying, attending and giving.

Lisa wants me to reiterate her/our thankfulness for every kind deed/word that has been shared with us during these past two weeks.  We have been overwhelmed.  Please note that she cannot write “thank you” cards and that aggravates her.  We are very thankful!  (I am thankful for Daphne, Ann, Kim, Dana & Gina)  I am also thankful that Courtney Cavin has not tried to cook for us!  (BTW, I was eating chicken & dumplings at 2:30AM today – delicious!)

This is my wife – she was trying to put out the ingredients yesterday afternoon in order to make pound cakes for folks who have done things for us.  I quickly shut that down as she can barely use one hand a tiny bit.  She is a giver and does not like to be on the receiving side.  Lord willing she will go into her office today for a few hours.  She is blessed with a really good team in that office and for that she is grateful.

Bobby & the boys beat the Dodgers last night.  I have always been a Dodger fan but if it comes down to the Dodgers or Bobby and the boys then I have to go with Bobby – third base coach of the year!

I will try to catch on some of last week’s happenings in a later entry this week.  May not be able to do so.  Sorry for the lost week.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.



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SUNDAY, 9/17/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Proverbs 27-29; II Corinthians 10

The blog is back!  A really huge thank you to Al!  Special thanks to Soy as he spent over a week working many hours to correct the multiple problems.  What were those problems?  Too many to list but suffice it to say that our files were badly infected i.e. we had been attacked!  Good to be back but with the week I had last week it was probably just as well that I did not take time to blog daily.

Regular schedule today.  Acton Bowen preaching in both of the morning services and, Lord willing, I will be preaching in the evening service.  (I have acute bronchitis which could prevent me from preaching but that is not the plan).

Art Elliott passed from this life yesterday morning and entered Heaven.  Arrangements are pending as I will be talking to Debra today.  Pray for Art’s family.

Jordon Zirlott’s nephew, Lane, was involved in a very serious accident this past week.  He is in critical condition.  Pray!

Robert Baria remains in the hospital.  I will get an update today.

Curtis & Brooke Whitehurst welcomed Tripp into this world on Tuesday morning, 9/12.  He checked in weighing eight pounds and one ounce.  Everyone is well and Lane & Lexie are happy siblings!

My wife has a broken left hand and a broken right wrist meaning she has a cast on each arm.  If things remain as they are then she will have a cast on the left arm for three months and one of the right arm for six weeks.  So many members of the Friendship family have been so very kind to us since her episode on Wednesday morning.  Jennifer Davis has also been a great source of help.  Suffice it to say that the WOW Gym will soon be “T&T Fitness Center” with the help of my lawyer – Alexander!

I am fully expecting a big offering today as our family has paid Ross Hatcher and the Grand Bay Pharmacy big bucks this past week!

Congratulations to Bobby & the boys for clinching their division this past week.  If the season ended today, they would face the Cubbies in the first round of the playoffs (I think that is right).  Dr. Jack Bailey needs to just worry about “his” Indians and leave the Dodgers out his blog entries!  Just saying!

Did State really beat LSU that badly or did I just read that wrong – wow!  I am impressed with Clemson as I figured Louisville would get them this time around.  Dabo has it going!  Did Florida really beat UT on the last play of the game – wow!

I heard from nine of our thirteen readers of the blog once the site went down.  Fifty percent.  I am impressed.

I pray that you will have a great Sunday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 9/8/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – Proverbs 3-5; II Corinthians 1

You may have had to jump through a hoop or two in order to get to this blog.  If so, I apologize.  Some folks have been having some difficulties accessing our website.  I called Al and he very plainly told me that the only way to properly correct the problem was to take the website down.  He said, “do you want to use a band aid and simply cover the problem or do surgery and correct it?”  I replied, “Al, you are the one who invented this whole internet thing so we will do whatever you say needs to be done!”  So, now you know!

Men’s breakfast in the morning, 9/9, beginning at 8:00AM.  All men invited.

Betty Evans’ mother passed from this life yesterday.  Arrangements pending.  Pray for the family.

Yes, there was a major earthquake in Mexico during the night near the coast of Guatemala.  It is being reported as an 8.1.  It lasted long enough that Soy & Deidra were able to get up and get the girls out of the apartment while it was still taking place.  Folks, that is a strong and long shake!  As far as I know, all is well in Guatemala.  Pray for those who lost loved ones because of last night’s quake.

Also, we have been praying for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Now, Hurricane Irma is apparently taking aim at Florida.  This once could do major damage in Florida if it stays on the projected path and maintains close to the current wind speeds.  So, we need to pray for those who will be in Irma’s path.

I used a vacation day yesterday so I do not have an update on Robert Baria.  However, I can say with a certain degree of assurance that there has been no significant change in Robert’s condition.  Just keep praying.

I do know that Tommy Watson has been admitted to a rehab facility.  Pray that he does well.

Ready for another weekend of college football.  Lord willing, we will be traveling to Tuscaloosa for tomorrow afternoon’s game.  Going to get to spend time with my cousin Rachel and her family.  Looking forward to it.  Auburn travels to Clemson and that is a big game!  Should be a good one.

Bryant has their homecoming game tonight.  Coach Collier and the boys go for three in a row tonight as the Baker Hornets come to Theodore.  JT Lastorka and the #1 MC Leopards travel to Excel.  We wish all of these teams the best!

The Dodgers are in trouble as their lead has decreased to ten games.  The snakes are on fire!  How can you go from being far and away the best team in the league to losers of seven in a row.  Meanwhile, Bobby has the boys playing well as they continue to coast to the playoffs.

Lisa just walked through and asked why I am not outside mowing.  I said it is dark!  Her reply, “you could be out there ready to go as soon as light comes!”  Wow!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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