THURSDAY, 4/24/14

Today’s Bible reading - Judges 2:10-3:31 Luke 22:14-34 Psalm 92:1-93:5 Proverbs 14:1-2

J.B. Kelley was discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Gail Bishop remains hospitalized.

Miss Bea remains in ICU but is said to be making improvement.

Miss Jackie remains in the hospital.

Donald Stork, Bobby’s brother, remains hospitalized as far as I know.

Bobby & Ann’s niece, Wanda, remains hospitalized but will be moved to a rehab center soon.

We had good services yesterday – morning and evening.  I appreciate folks who are faithful!

Danville Baptist Church has been doing something on Mother’s Day for years and I like the idea.  They sell roses beforehand and then during the service on Mother’s Day folks come take them from the bouquet and give them to whomever, keep them, et cetera.  We are going to give it a try this Mother’s Day (May 11).  The cost will be $2 per rose (our actual cost) and must be pre-paid.  We have two Sundays to complete the sales.  More details this Sunday.

I was asked yesterday about the length of the rows in my garden.  Basically, they are 100 feet long.  I have seventeen rows that I plant with seeds and one where I place plants.  It is not huge but it is big enough.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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WEDNESDAY, 4/23/14

Today’s Bible reading - Judges 1:1-2:9 Luke 21:29-22:13 Psalm 90:1-91:16 Proverbs 13:24-25

Coley Johnson’s mother, Cindy, had surgery in Florida yesterday which lasted ten hours.  The surgery was deemed a success.

Gail Bishop, Sue Blodgett’s sister, was admitted to the hospital yesterday and will be moved to a rehab facility today.

Miss Jackie Goff was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She has to have her hands restrained which she does not like at all!

No significant change in Miss Bea’s condition.

Bobby & Ann’s niece, Wanda, came through her surgery ok.  The doctor opted to only operate on one leg while hopeful the other knee will heal itself.  Her ankle was not broken which is a good thing.  She has a long road ahead of her in her recovery.

We continue to pray for all of those who are battling cancer.

We are on a regular schedule today – morning and evening.

Yesterday was another beautiful day weather wise.  Titus did not have a t-ball game last night which allowed me to have some quiet time i.e. work in the garden until almost dark thirty.  Was able to till fifteen rows.  John Milton watched from a great distance but never even offered to help!

Lisa and I grabbed a late lunch at the Lighthouse on Monday.  Jerry & Gloria were there and picked up the tab for our lunch.  While I am very thankful for this act of kindness, I was not a happy camper as I would rather be the one paying.  (Lisa wants to a late lunch again next Monday!  LOL!)  Anyway, thank you Jerry & Gloria!

Read this morning where Dr. Jack Bailey has been eating Lean Cuisines for the past three weeks in order to lose weight.  He went to the doctor yesterday and has lost one pound.  Dr. Jack’s take on it – found in the word cuisine is sin!  Too funny!

Also learned yesterday that Tom & Shari Compagner have an indoor swimming pool now.  Folks, we are talking big money!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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TUESDAY, 4/22/14

Today’s Bible reading - Joshua 24:1-33 Luke 21:1-28 Psalm 89:38-52 Proverbs 13:20-23

Reb Nevin called with an update yesterday afternoon saying that Miss Bea had a port placed which allows them to give her more medicine.  This will help in her recovery.

Bro. Jerry sent an e-mail saying that Mr. Alford had a good day yesterday.

Bobby & Ann’s niece, Wanda, will be having surgery today.  She is in her 70′s so this will most likely be a fairly long recovery.

Bro. Chris and I are in the midst of praying for 40 days leading up to the first Saturday night service which will take place on May 17.  Will you join us?

It appears that Spring has sprung!  What beautiful days we have had the past two days!  There is a chance of rain today but the rest of the week looks absolutely beautiful!  God is good!  I need to go see Bobby Jack at some point this week to purchase some plants to finish out the garden.  Also, I have to replant some okra.  Corn is great, snap beans good, peas ok.  It is what it is at this point!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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Visited with J.B. Kelley.  Bro. Kerry said the ER doctor originally said pneumonia but came back and said congestive heart failure.  They have yet to see J.B.’s regular doctors.  One of them is in surgery this morning so it will most likely be this afternoon before they see him.  J.B. has been placed on a liquid diet and he is not a happy camper per Bro. Kerry.  J.B. has a lot of swelling in his neck and they are concerned about his swallowing ability.

Miss Bea remains in a medically induced coma.  Her son-in-law was with her but he had not spoken to the doctor or nurse for an update.

Rusty’s mother “may” go home today.  Still waiting on test results relating to her cancer.

Ann Clark & Bobby Broome have a niece who fell and severely broke her right leg and crushed the knee cap in her leg leg.  They are thinking she may have a broken ankle as well.  She will be having surgery on both legs tomorrow.

Everyone in the convalescent home seemed to be doing ok with the exception of Miss Barbara Nevin.  She simply does not feel well.  Miss Exie was asleep but looked better than the last time I saw her.

I failed to get an update on Gail Bishop.  Sue, can you help me?  Thanks!

Bill Stuart passed away and Miss Vinnie has gone to Waynesboro for that service today.  Pray for the family.



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MONDAY, 4/21/14

Today’s Bible reading - Joshua 22:21-23:16 Luke 20:27-47 Psalm 89:14-37 Proverbs 13:17-19

Tuesday, 4/22 – Joshua 24:1-33 Luke 21:1-28 Psalm 89:38-52 Proverbs 13:20-23

Wednesday, 4/23 – Judges 1:1-2:9 Luke 21:29-22:13 Psalm 90:1-91:16 Proverbs 13:24-25

Thursday, 4/24 – Judges 2:10-3:31 Luke 22:14-34 Psalm 92:1-93:5 Proverbs 14:1-2

Friday, 4/25 – Judges 4:1-5:31 Luke 22:35-53 Psalm 94:1-23 Proverbs 14:3-4

Saturday, 4/26 – Judges 6:1-40 Luke 22:54-23:12 Psalm 95:1-96:13 Proverbs 14:5-6

Sunday, 4/27 – Judges 7:1-8:17 Luke 23:13-43 Psalm 97:1-98:9 Proverbs 14:7-8


We were blessed with a great Easter weekend – to God be the glory!  I appreciate everyone who had a part in helping the weekend be as successful as it was from Saturday morning until the close of the third service yesterday morning.  Our attendance was very good even through the Spring break did have an effect.

Miss Bea Unrue’s condition remains unchanged as she is on the respirator and in ICU.

Bro. J.B. Kelley had to be taken to the hospital yesterday morning.  It appears that he has pneumonia.

Rusty’s mother, Kay, remains in the hospital.  She is in hopes to receive some news regarding her tests today.

Coley Johnson’s mother, Cindy, will be having surgery in Florida tomorrow.

In the “in case you are interested” department, Easter Sunday will be on April 5 next year.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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Today’s Bible reading - Joshua 21:1-22:20 Luke 20:1-26 Psalm 89:1-13 Proverbs 13:15-16

Jesus is alive!  Celebrate with us this morning at 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30AM!

I pray that you will have a great Easter Sunday with Jesus!

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Miss Bea Unrue has been moved to ICU and placed on a respirator.  I visited with her this morning after they had moved her to ICU but before she was placed on the respirator.  They have put her in a medically induced coma while she is on the respirator.  Her condition is serious as she has two different bacteria in her body.  Pray!

Gail Bishop was sleeping soundly when I visited.

Rusty’s mom, Kay, was in hopes of going home today if she had a good night last night.  She did not have a good night so it looks as though she will remain in the hospital.

Art Elliott was sent home from the hospital yesterday.  He was sent home with oxygen but is doing ok.



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SATURDAY, 4/19/14

Today’s Bible reading - Joshua 19:1-20:9 Luke 19:28-48 Psalm 88:1-18 Proverbs 13:12-14

Years ago, I made the decision to not post an entry on Good Friday thus no post yesterday.

I plan on checking on the various folks in the hospitals today.  As far as I know, Art Elliott, Bea Unrue, Gail Bishop and Kay Suthoff all remain hospitalized.  I know Jack Love went home and I think Donald Stork did too.

Tena’s dad remains at home under hospice care.

Miss Willie Roberts got a great report from the doctor following her heart cath yesterday morning.  Bro. Kerry covered that one and I appreciate him doing so.

Our Easter services begin this morning at 9:15AM with classes for our Preschool and Children’s Departments followed by Preschool Church and Children’s Church and concluding with an egg hunt.  Everything should be over around 11:30AM.

Tonight, beginning at 6:00PM, our adult choir will present their Easter musical.  This is our Sunday night service and I encourage each member of the Friendship family to attend!  Invite folks from other churches as well if they are not having a service at their church.

Tomorrow morning will see us have three services – 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30AM.  Each one will feature special music (April Nicholson, adult choir, Crystal Mason & Randall Broome) and the preaching of Evangelist Michael Mason from Flint, Alabama.  I should not have to encourage folks to attend church on Easter Sunday!

The Disney World experience for 2014 is over for the Turrentine/Hutto/Taylor families as everyone arrived home safe and sound.  I am not a DW fan but I had a great time because of the grandchildren.  They loved it!  (Maybe not as much as Soy but they loved it nonetheless!)  We left Chloe McGath & Jada West (Azalea Trail Maids) in Orlando to handle things for the rest of the weekend!

I guess Rita Padilla’s rent came due as I see she has moved out!  I hope we get some nice neighbors this next time!

It is going to be a beautiful day!  Enjoy it!  I have the service to check on this morning, Mobile hospitals, and hope to get some grass mowed.  Need to be in the garden but it is way too wet for that.  Of course, I get to attend the service tonight as well.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus!

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THURSDAY, 4/17/14

Today’s Bible reading - Joshua 15:1-63 Luke 18:18-43 Psalm 86:1-17 Proverbs 13:9-10

Received a call from Bill & Bea’s daughter, Rita, last night telling me that Bea Unrue was admitted to the hospital as she has pneumonia.

Mr. Jack Love was not discharged from the hospital and remains in CCU.

Gail Bishop has been having a rough time at night and remains hospitalized.

Rusty’s mom, Kay, remains hospitalized.

Art Elliott is hopeful that he may get to go home from the hospital either today or tomorrow.

Tena’s dad remains the same.

Miss Willie Roberts is scheduled for a heart cath early in the morning.

I forgot about Animal Kingdom which means that is where we are headed today.  I am happy!  The grandchildren are young and probably will not remember this trip but they are having a blast!  Soy too and he will remember!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 4/16/14

Today’s Bible reading - Joshua 13:1-14:15 Luke 18:1-17 Psalm 85:1-13 Proverbs 13:7-8

Bro. Kerry visited the hospitals yesterday and sent me the following report:

Mr. Jack Love’s valve replacement procedure went well.  As a matter of fact, if he feels well enough, he could go home today.  Amazing!

Auburn Sessions will supposed to go home yesterday afternoon if everything went as planned.

Gail Bishop is thinking that she will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.  That may be wishful thinking on her part although she was much better yesterday afternoon.

Art Elliott suffered a setback in that his pneumonia has gotten a little worse.  So, he will not be going home anytime soon.  His wife, Debra, has had strep but is better.

Bro. Chris Taylor sent me this report on Rusty’s mother, Kay.  She did well through the surgery but the doctors are not expressing optimism regarding her situation.  They will wait until the test results are in before making a definitive diagnosis.

Bro. Jerry sent me word that Tena’s dad, Mr. Alford, is seemingly getting worse day by day.  Tough days for the Alford family.

We need to focus, focus and focus on our services this weekend.  Classes and services on Saturday morning, 4/19, for the preschoolers through the 5th graders.  An egg hunt will follow preschool church and children’s church.  Everything begins at 9:15AM and will end around 11:30AM.

The adult choir will lead us in worship on Saturday night beginning at 6:00PM as they present their Easter musical.  This will be our Sunday night service this week.  I strongly encourage each member of the Friendship family to attend this worship service!

Evangelist Michael Mason and his wife, Crystal, will be our guests on Easter Sunday morning.  Bro. Michael will be preaching in the 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30AM services.  Crystal will be singing the call to worship in our 10:30AM service.  (April Nicholson will be doing so in the 7:30AM service and our adult choir will do so in the 9:00AM service)  Randall Broome will be bringing the message in song in all three of the services.  Folks, you do not want to miss these services!  Pray, attend, and bring a friend!

We are on a regular schedule today/tonight with one exception – there will be no 7:30PM Bible study.  The teachers and cooks are all out of town.  Otherwise, everything is normal.

Day two for the Hutto/Taylor/Turrentine families in this happy place called DW is now in the books!  I have heard a few folks speak English, a couple speak Mississippi and a few speak Spanish but the majority are speaking languages that I have never heard!  Daphne basically mapped out this excursion and she, like her Uncle Eddie, has us eating every two hours or so!  Soy & Brad wanted to ride the “tower of terror” but only if I would ride with them.  So Dana, Gina and I joined them.  They both screamed like middle school girls!

We have done the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood.  I think today is Epcot.  Since we will have done all three parks, does that mean tomorrow is an off day?  Not hardly!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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