THURSDAY, 9/30/10

Good day/night yesterday.  The day began with 41 folks in our morning service and ended with 33 young adults in our Radical Bible study.  I know that we had 138 students involved in the 6:00 & 7:00 hours too.  Praise the Lord for giving the increase.

Again, a special thanks to all who helped with the meal for the Perkins family yesterday.  They expressed appreciation.

James Davis has been admitted to a local hospital so keep praying for him.

Christie Wynn is having some problems in her recovery from her recent oral surgery and her daughter, Sarah, is also having health issues so please pray for them.

Carla Kyser received a chemo treatment yesterday.  Miss Joyce Bosarge had a radiation and chemo treatment.  Pray for these ladies.

Tom Compagner’s dad had a successful surgery according to the doctors.  I am not sure of all they did but the doctors were pleased.

Sheila Taylor, John & Arlene Meredith’s friend, remains in the hospital but is hopeful.  John & Arlene are ministering to her and her husband.

Belvin McDonald is supposed to get a report today from a test.  Pray that it will be favorable.

Sommer, Sherry says your cookbook is on the way.  Shari, I got your order.  Leah, still waiting!  Dave Westhouse, still waiting on you too!  As a matter of fact, I am going to make Dave a deal – one for $15 or two for $40.

I am using a vacation day today as Lisa & I will close on our construction loan in order to begin the process of building a house.  Wow, we have talked about this day for a long time.  The actual construction should begin within the next few days.  We are thankful to God for His blessings!

Can someone help me find September or 2010?  Wow, get the Christmas decorations out as it will be here tomorrow!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 9/29/10

The visitation with the Homer Perkins family takes place from 10:00AM until noon at the Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore.  The graveside service will then take place in the Grand Bay Cemetery.  Pray for Miss Becky, the boys, and their families.

The meal for the Perkins family will be served in the CAB.  Please leave all food in the CAB instead of the fellowship hall.  Thanks!

Tom Compagner’s dad, Milford Compagner, will have surgery today beginning at 12:30PM (our time).  This could be a two part surgery depending on what they find in the initial stages.  Pray that all goes well.

Sara Nell Moulds will meet with a specialist on October 25th and then have some more tests after that date.

Willie Johnson did some sheetrock repair work in the CAB last night.  Tim Knighten is doing some HVAC work.  John Curl & Kenny Lingle painted the banister last week.  I appreciate all of these guys and what they are doing to help get ready for the women’s conference and in the renovation of the CAB.

The women of the Friendship family have a cookbook for sale.  The cost is $15.  If any of our out of town readers (2), want to purchase one then just send me an e-mail.  If you are like Leah Cochran and never cook, having a cookbook in the kitchen makes you look so Martha Stewart like.  We have a limited supply and after that supply is gone we have another limited supply!

Nice story out of Washington where the 17 year old boy with Down Syndrome scored a touchdown on the final play of his high school team’s game this past weekend.  Good sportsmanship by both teams.

President Obama is a Christian “by choice” according to his statements in Arizona yesterday.

Steve Morris is in mourning today as his beloved Cardinals are done!  (Actually, they have been done for weeks but Steve refused to accept it!)  Les Hacker and friends are holding out hope that the Braves can hold that 1.5 game lead in the wild card race.  Only four games left to play for the Braves.

Regular Wednesday here today.  Hope to see many members of the Friendship family in attendance in our services/Bible studies.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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TUESDAY, 9/28/10

Miss Joyce Bosarge goes today for another radiation treatment as well as a chemo treatment.  The radiation has been causing her sickness and the pain is still present.  Keep praying for Miss Joyce.

The visitation for Mr. Homer Perkins will take place tomorrow from Serenity Funeral Home beginning at 10:00AM until noon.  A graveside service will then take place in the Grand Bay Cememtery.  (Thanks Anna Carol Bosarge for correcting my mistake of yesterday)  The obituary is in today’s paper.

Miss Edna Holifield-Glover took a fall this past Saturday and broke her right arm.  My sources tell me it is broken in two places but I haven’t confirmed that with Edna yet.  It is possible that surgery will be required but prayerfully not.

Tom Compagner’s father, Mr. Milford Compagner, will see a cardiologist today and, if all is well, will have surgery tomorrow.  It is “possible” that he does not have cancer.  I will keep you posted.

Samuel Acan e-mailed me over the weekend and asked us to pray for his wife, Reina, as she spent a couple of days in the hospital last week.  She is in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

I spoke to Will Reynolds last night.  Amy & Riley are doing great.  Will is heading up our Vision Outdoor Ministry and they will host a bow shoot this Saturday, 10/2, beginning at 8:30AM.  That will be followed by a meal and then a brief word from a special guest.  The cost for taking part in the bow shoot is $5 and is open to anyone.

Bernard Suthoff is working on caulking and painting the baseboard in the CAB today.  Chris Howell is supposed to install some more carpet tonight.  Slowly, but surely we are getting there.  IMO, the renovation of the CAB is looking great.  My prayer is that we can be finished by the end of the year.  If that is to happen, we will really need a huge push i.e. lots of volunteer helpers in October.

I am not a pro football fan but did watch the Packers vs Bears last night.  Good game.  Of course, the real game takes place this Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.  I need to find Rick Bradley, Sr. to go to the game with me as each time he has gone with to a UF game they have gotten beat.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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MONDAY, 9/27/10

God is good!  He blessed and we had a great day in our services yesterday with last night’s service being the proverbial icing on the cake!  What a joy to celebrate Bro. Robbie Howard being the Pastor Emeritus of the Friendship family.  We are blessed!

Thank you to Diane Bryant for an absolutely beautiful cake commemorating the event!  Thank you to Marisa Felps and the other ladies who coordinated the food, set up, served, et cetera.  Thank you to Miss Edna, Miss Kittie, Bro. Andy, and Morris for sharing during the service.  Thank you to each person who brought casseroles and/or desserts – what a feast!  Blessed day!

It was a joy to see Brian DeGeer come forward during our 10:30AM service to make a public profession of faith in Jesus.  Folks, that is what it is all about.  Brian was saved in Sunday School in a class taught by Mike Moreland.  Good stuff!

Our hearts were saddened by the passing of Homer Perkins.  Pray for the family and remember the visitation is Wednesday from 10:00AM until the noon graveside service time.  Everything is at Serenity Funeral Home.

John & Arlene Meredith are very concerned for their lifelong friend, Sheila Taylor, who is in a local hospital with a mass in her right lung.  The doctors have already removed a tumor from her brain and the prognosis is not good.  Pray for Sheila and her family.

Amy & Riley Reynolds were discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  We thank God for this addition to Will & Amy’s life.

Speaking of Will, the Vision Outdoor ministry will have a bow shooting event this Saturday, 10/2.  More details will be given in the next day or so.

I want to give a shout out to Bro. Benny McGath for cleaning the gym floor this weekend – looks great!

Congrats to Auburn & Alabama on their respective victories this past Saturday.  I had some “concerns” about Bama but all is well that ends well!  Auburn has an off day this Saturday while Bama has their hands full with the Gators.

I guess that I have to say “How ’bout them Cowboys” just to keep Deanna happy!  Steve, one more game and your Cardinals will put you out of your misery.  Can the Braves make it into the playoffs?

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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Homer Perkins passed from this life early this morning.  I just spoke to one of his sons, Glen, and the arrangements are as follows:  visitation on Wednesday, 9/29, from 10:00AM until noon from Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore, Alabama.  A graveside service will take place beginning at noon in the adjoining cemetery.  The graveside service is open to the public.

Please pray for Miss Becky and the entire Perkins family as they go through this time.

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FRIDAY, 9/24/10

Homer Perkins was not kept in the hospital on Wednesday taken.  He basically was taken there and sent back to the convalescent facility.

Will, Amy, & Riley Reynolds are all doing fine.  Riley weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and was 19 inches long upon her arrival into this world.  They anticipate going home on Sunday.

The Friendship family ministers at the Mission of Hope tonight beginning at 7:00PM.  Carl Ray Moulds will be sharing the Word.  Pray for this ministry and join them if possible.

We have enough folks to share at the service recognizing Bro. Robbie as Pastor Emeritus of the Friendship family.  My prayer is that the Friendship family will attend this service in large numbers to express our support of his ministry.  Remember, we need casseroles and desserts.

Tropical storm Matthew could be problematic for Guatemala by Monday.  Yes, it will most likely be a depression by that time but it will bring rain which could lead to more mud slides which would lead to more problems.  Pray for the people of Central America.

Can Arkansas beat Bama?  Can South Carolina beat Auburn?  I will let you know by 10:30PM tomorrow night!

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church Sunday!  (That includes Dave Westhouse, Tom Compagner, Jack Ciak and Brian Cochran!)

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THURSDAY, 9/23/10

We had a good Wednesday – glory to God!  Our morning attendance remained strong.  We only had 20 in our Radical Bible study which was down a bit but we did have one new person.  All in all, it was a good day and we are grateful.

Riley McKenzie Reynolds is here!  She was born just before 8:00PM last night.  They had to do a section but baby and mother are doing fine.  I do not remember the stats but she weighed either six ten or ten six.  I do know she had hair.  We thank God for her safe delivery.

Homer Perkins was taken from a convalescent facility to the hospital last night.  I do not know the details but will be visiting the hospital this morning.

Carla’s scans revealed some new areas of concern on her spine so she did not receive a chemo treatment as they are going to change her medications.  Pray for her.

Miss Joyce Bosarge continues to receive radiation treatments but is still having problems with being sick.  Pray for her too.

Can the Braves hang on to that wild card spot?  Jeanette Strahan probably has her fingers crossed in hopes they can.  Steve, your Cards are toast!  They are about to put you out of your misery!

The college football season begins tonight with the UM vs Pitt game.  Saturday is going to be a big day for Bama & Auburn.  Should be fun!

BTW, everyone at church last night found out that Lisa & I are in line to become grandparents for the second time as Titus is going to be a big brother.  Congratulations to Brad & Daphne!

Hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 9/22/10

Amy Reynolds is in the hospital and they will induce labor this morning.  So, Riley Reynolds should be making her grand appearance into the world at some point today.  Pray for Amy, Riley, & Will.

Logan Hatcher did well through his surgery and came home yesterday.  I am sure Ryan & Kayla had their hands full yesterday afternoon and last night as he was going to be in some pain due to the surgery.  Keep praying for Logan and his parents.

Carla Kyser goes for another chemo treatment today and will also be getting the results of her latest scans.  Pray!

My brother, Eddie, and his wife, Sue, are traveling home from China today.  Sue’s mother, Miss Sarah Reeder, is in the hospital so I know Sue will be glad to get home.  Pray for Miss Sarah.

We are scheduled for a regular Wednesday with the morning service and then the evening activities.  Our young adults will be in week seven of their Radical study.  Pray that we will have a great day in the Lord!

T. Garrett Wright is the man!  I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say that T. Garrett is a mover and shaker.  I appreciate his help.  His lovely wife, Johna, will be going to Guatemala with us on our November GRACE trip.

We have had one (1) person volunteer to share a personal word of testimony about Bro. Robbie during this Sunday’s evening service.  Do we need to offer to pay some folks?  LOL!  Again, we only need a few and first come, first served!

Many thanks to the women who cleaned the CAB kitchen last night.  I am sure it looks great!

Bama is ranked as the number one team in the nation and all I hear from the “experts” is how the Hogs are going to beat them this Saturday.  I don’t know that I would jump on that bandwagon just yet.  Can the Hogs win?  Sure.  However, I think Bama is going to at least show up!  The USC vs AU game on Saturday night should be a great game too!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.  Go to church!

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TUESDAY, 9/21/10

Logan Hatcher will have surgery early (7:00AM) this morning.  Obviously, he is too young to fully comprehend what is taking place so Ryan & Kayla are the ones needing the prayers regarding the emotions.  It is outpatient and he should come home later today.  Pray that all goes well.

Haven’t heard from Will, Amy, & Riley so all must be status quo i.e. delivery in the moring.  I am just praying Riley will favor her mother!

I am not a big NFL fan but I did watch the Saints/49ers after getting home from visitation last night.  Good game!  Brees is one cool customer!

We will officially recognize Bro. Robbie Howard as the Pastor Emeritus of the Friendship family during our evening service this Sunday, 9/26.  I am looking for a “few” folks willing to share a “brief” personal testimony during the service.  It would need to relate to how God has used Bro. Robbie to minister in your life.  Interested?  Contact me personally.  First come, first served!

There are no more tickets available for the women’s conference – sold out!  Praise the Lord!

Pray for revival.  Pray for Pastor Terry Rainey as he will be with us on Sunday, 10/3.  His son-in-law, Chris Hood, will be with us to bring the special messages in song.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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MONDAY, 9/20/10

We had a blessed day in our services yesterday.  What a joy to see one profession of faith, one join the Friendship family by letter, and one to join on statement.  God gives the increase and we give Him the glory!

Dale Bosarge shared with us in Sunday School yesterday that he will be leaving his present job to spend more time focusing on his ministry.  This is a huge step of faith for Dale & Karla so be in prayer for them.

Logan Hatcher, nine month old son of Ryan & Kayla, will be having surgery tomorrow morning.  Pray for everything to go well.

Will & Amy Reynolds are set to welcome their first child, Riley, into the world on Wednesday (if not before).  Amy will be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night and they will induce labor Wednesday morning.  Pray for all to go well in this birthing process.

I spoke to Betty Creech after the service last night and the Women’s Conference on 10/1 is at capacity plus.  It is simply a matter of not having any more space available for the meal and/or service.  However, there remains a need for men to serve the meal.

What a great day of college football this past Saturday proved to be with Alabama winning and Notre Dame getting beat.  Can you believe that call by MSU?  Is Coach D a Bobby Bowden in the making?  Auburn showed some grit by coming back and beating Clemson.  I figure Pastor Terry Rainey & Pastor Eddie Burdette are both in the hospital following that one!  The schedule definitely toughens for Bama this Saturday and Auburn hosts a good SC team too.

I actually switched to soccer for a few minutes yesterday afternoon.  T. Garrett sent me an official soccer jersey and I wore it to our Spanish service and then had my picture taken with the men in attendance.  It is the “all things to all men” concept!

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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