SATURDAY, 5/31/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 17:1-29 John 19:23-42 Psalm 119:129-152 Proverbs 16:12-13

Can you believe that five months of 2014 will be history after today?  Wow!

No updates on any of the folks for whom we have been praying for here in the States.

You did not hear this from me as I not supposed to know it – Scott Fontenot is in the hospital with a possible heart cath today.  Word came to me that Nanette wanted me to come spend the night at the hospital with them but I declined as I will check on Scott today.

I do know that Cristy Leytham had to have an adjustment to her feeding tube, that Carlos Raxon came home from the hospital in order to begin chemotherapy treatments, and that Mike Perez continues to have some major issues with his health.  All three of these folks are friends in Guatemala.

We will have our third Saturday night service beginning at 6:00PM tonight.  There will be a nursery (birth – 2 years) staffed by a couple of our older teen girls.  The nursery will be available beginning at 5:50PM.  I appreciate these girls volunteering to serve in this capacity – it was all their idea!

Our Sunday School class gathered last night and received several cans/bags of food for the “Pound the Pantry” emphasis.  We are so ahead of the 39ers!  Friendship family, help us “PTP” beginning tomorrow!

Perhaps Farni & Farni have a racket going!  Gina goes in for a simple cleaning yesterday morning and, before we leave their office, Dr. Court has scheduled a consultation for us with an oral surgeon who just happens to share the building with them!  Really?  Want to take one of her wisdom teeth out and it has not even come in yet!

If one more person tells me they did not know yesterday was Soy’s birthday. . . . .

I prefer the cold over the heat and that goes for the NBA too!  Hopefully, the Spurs or Thunder can cool things down in the finals!

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.



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FRIDAY, 5/30/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 15:23-16:23 John 18:25-19:22 Psalm 119:113-128 Proverbs 16:10-11

The most important person in my life is celebrating a birthday today.  I have said too much already!  Happy birthday!

Bro. Johnny Tucker’s doctor determined that the battery in the defibrillator has enough juice left to allow him to travel to Guatemala with no concerns of the defibrillator not doing the job, if needed.

His sister, Margaret Ann, was discharged and sent back to the convalescent home facility yesterday.  She does have pancreatic cancer and it is already at stage four.  The plan is to provide palliative care from this point forward.

Miss Jay Love was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night and then moved to CCU around midnight.  They were talking pacemaker but I do not know if that happened or is going to happen.

Visited Liz Whalen’s Uncle Russell.  He was in good spirits and doing better but still has a ways to go.

Bill Teasley did get moved to a room but has been told that he will be in the hospital until at least next Tuesday.  He is supposed to receive a chemo treatment next Tuesday so that muddies the water a bit.

Sandra McElwee sent an e-mail giving an update on David.  The plan is to keep his numbers low so that means a chemo shot in the stomach every two weeks.

“Pound the Pantry” during June.  I bought dry beans and sugar last night and will be placing that in one of the containers this Sunday.  The 20-29ers will literally crush the 30-39ers (most of them are really 40 plus) in this little effort!  As a matter of fact, we are having a meeting tonight to discuss strategy!

Lord willing, I will be preaching tomorrow night and Sunday morning.  Dale preaches Sunday night and we will receive a love offering for him, Karla and Harper.  Pray, attend, and give as the Lord leads!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.



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THURSDAY, 5/29/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 14:1-15:22 John 18:1-24 Psalm 119:97-112 Proverbs 16:8-9

Good services yesterday morning and last night.  Our Wednesday morning crowd continues to grow numerically.  We give God the glory!

Bro. Johnny Tucker will go to the doctor this morning in order for them to test his defibrillator battery.  If it can last through June 12, he will travel to Guatemala and have it replaced once he gets home.  If it cannot last that long, he will have the battery changed tomorrow morning.

His sister, Margaret Ann, remains in the hospital.  She had a stent placed in the tumor yesterday to allow drainage.  Everyone suspects cancer but the definitive word has not been given as of this writing.

Liz Whalen’s uncle, Russell, is in the hospital.  He is battling cancer but is having other issues at this time too.

Barbara Nevin was discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Bill Teasley was moved from ICU into a regular room yesterday afternoon.

Leslie Williams posted a comment on yesterday’s entry saying that Micah is much improved.  He has a long road in his recovery.

Carlos Raxon had biopsies yesterday.  The doctor is going to do chemo before doing surgery.  I cannot explain it.  I do know that no one could be with him yesterday and today he can only have one visitor.  His daughter, Victoria, will visit at 3:00PM.

Cristy Leytham is doing better.  They are weaning her from the oxygen.  She is not having visitors outside of family as she tires easily.

“Pound the Pantry” is our emphasis during June.  Members of the Friendship family are asked to bring non-perishable items to help restock our food pantry.  Any item and any brand is fine.

Dale Bosarge will bring the message this Sunday in the 6:00PM service.  A love offering will be received to help Dale, Karla & Harper through the Summer months.

I realize the Heat will win the East and then the NBA championship but it was good to see them get beat last night.  Watching Bosh miss the final shot was sweet!

Some are asking if Rusty & Caryn are getting married this Sunday evening as a part of our service?  Can you get married again when you are married?  Just saying!

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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WEDNESDAY, 5/28/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 13:1-39 John 17:1-26 Psalm 119:81-96 Proverbs 16:6-7

Bill Teasley, Karla’s dad, remains in the hospital.  The plan was for him to remain in ICU until today and then be moved to a regular room.

Barbara Nevin, Rob’s mother, is in the hospital.  She was not really able to communicate with me yesterday when I visited.

Margaret Ann Glenn, mother of my nephew-in-law, Adam, is in the hospital.  She has several things working against her but the concern is a tumor on her pancreas.  A biopsy was performed yesterday and the results should be known today.  Margaret Ann is the younger sister of Evangelist Johnny Tucker.

Miss Exie Woods had a patch over her right eye yesterday.  My source (Miss Wittner) told me that she had a surgical procedure.

Miss Lucine Bryant was in good spirits but did not know exactly how long she would be in rehab.

Evangelist Johnny Tucker’s defibrillator/pace maker has a weak battery.  The hope is that it can be corrected in time for him to lead a team to Guatemala next Thursday, June 5.  (If not, Miss Judy will be leading the team and . . . . )

In Guatemala – Mike Perez was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  Cristy Leytham had her staples removed and is doing better.  Carlos Raxon was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon and was to have surgery last night or today.  (I am assuming today since no word came to me about last night)  Pray that the doctor will be able to completely remove the cancerous tumor and that all will be well.

Think Vacation Bible School!  Pray for our VBS!

The month of June is going to see the Friendship family “Pound the Pantry” as our crisis closet needs replenishing.  You are asked to bring non-perishable items to any of our services during June.  We will have a container in the foyer of the auditorium, in the fellowship hall, and in the adult Sunday School building where you can leave your donations.  I do know this one fact – the 20-29 year old SS class will bring in much more than the 30-39 year old SS class!

We will host the preaching/teaching ministry of Dale Bosarge this Sunday, 6/1, during our 6:00PM service.  A love offering will be received to help Dale, Karla & Harper get through these Summer months which can be difficult on evangelists.

We are on a regular schedule today/tonight.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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Mike Perez is a friend from the seminary in Guatemala.  He is in the music department.  A year or so ago, he had a problem with parasites in his brain.  Last night he was taken by John & Laurie King to a hospital in Guatemala City with what a appeared to be a stroke.  Dr. Tony Matheu (Paul & Cristy’s son) met them at the hospital.

Mike suffered an atonic seizure which I am told can closely resemble a mini stroke.  The scan came back good and Dr. Tony has put him on medication to control the seizures.

If all goes well, Mike should go home from the hospital this afternoon.

BTW, Carlos Raxon will find out today if his blood work is satisfactory for his surgery to be scheduled.  Cristy Leytham was to have her staples removed yesterday.

Pray for each of these situations.

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TUESDAY, 5/27/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 12:1-31 John 16:1-33 Psalm 119:65-80 Proverbs 16:4-5

Karla Teasley’s dad, Bill, is battling cancer and has been receiving treatments.  Yesterday, he was admitted to the hospital and they are saying pneumonia.

Miss Bryant remains in a rehab facility.  I have plans to visit her today and will know more about the expected duration of her stay.

Leslie Williams posted a comment on yesterday’s blog asking prayer for a student at her school.  You can read the comment to know how to pray.

Jerry Whitmore shared a prayer request with me this past Sunday morning involving their oldest son, Brian.  I would ask you to pray for Brian & Dawn.

We are going to host the preaching ministry of Illusionist Bryan Drake this Sunday evening, June 1, during our 6:00PM service.  A love offering will be received to help Dale & Karla get through the months of June, July & August which can be tough on evangelists.  Please pray, attend, and come prepared to give as the Lord leads.

Also, on the schedule for this Sunday, 6/1, is a mandatory meeting for all those from the Friendship family taking part in the June 12 – 19 GRACE trip.  The meeting will take place in the youth building as soon as the evening service ends.  Please note the mandatory part!

Our VBS takes place the dates of Monday, 6/9, through Friday, 6/13, from 9:00AM until noon.  This is an important week in the life of the Friendship family.  As always, prayers and workers needed.  VBS overlaps with the mission trip so extra folks to work in VBS  will be appreciated.  Contact Myrtle Bowden if you need more information or would like to volunteer to be a VBS worker.

On Sunday morning, June 22, during the 10:30AM service we will honor the institution of marriage by recognizing all of the couples within the Friendship family who have been married for 50 years or longer.  This includes those widows/widowers who were married for 50+ years before their spouse passed from this life.  We ask these couples to please call the church office to let us know that you will be in attendance for this special service.  We need to get some information from you.  Thank you!

Memorial Day 2014 was a restful day for me.  Did a little work in the garden early, spent a little time in Lisa’s office, and then just enjoyed family time.  Levi & Brianne came over in the evening to show off her engagement ring and to set their wedding date.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.


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MONDAY, 5/26/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 9:1-11:27 John 15:1-27 Psalm 119:49-64 Proverbs 16:1-3

Tuesday, 5/27 – 2 Samuel 12:1-31 John 16:1-33 Psalm 119:65-80 Proverbs 16:4-5

Wednesday, 5/28 – 2 Samuel 13:1-39 John 17:1-26 Psalm 119:81-96 Proverbs 16:6-7

Thursday, 5/29 – 2 Samuel 14:1-15:22 John 18:1-24 Psalm 119:97-112 Proverbs 16:8-9

Friday, 5/30 – 2 Samuel 15:23-16:23 John 18:25-19:22 Psalm 119:113-128 Proverbs 16:10-11

Saturday, 5/31 – 2 Samuel 17:1-29 John 19:23-42 Psalm 119:129-152 Proverbs 16:12-13

Sunday, 6/01 – 2 Samuel 18:1-19:10 John 20:1-31 Psalm 119:153-176 Proverbs 16:14-15

Memorial Day – may we never forget those who have served and given their all for our freedom!  Take some time today stop and voice a prayer of thanksgiving!

She said “yes!”  For the past three or four weeks, I have known that Levi Seymour was going to propose to Brianne Woods during one of our services.  He narrowed it down to last night’s service and everything came together perfectly.  Folks, you never know what you might miss if you miss a service!  Congratulations to Levi & Brianne!

Thank you Friendship family!  Our attendance on a holiday weekend was very good!  What a blessing to see the church family being so faithful!  I say a huge “thank you” to Lynda Sims, Jeanette Bates, Randall Broome and Becky Hatcher for leading the musical worship in yesterday morning’s services – they did an awesome job!  The praise band did likewise in last night’s service.  I so appreciate folks with a heart to serve however and whenever – God is good!

Morris’ mom, Miss Lucine, has been moved to a rehabilitation facility.

The church office is closed today.  However, I am in town and available if needed in an emergency.  Home phone is 251 865 4912.  Office phone which goes to my e-mail is 251 445 5416.

We had some folks begin the “summer of invitation” last night – what a blessing!  Who do you know who needs to be invited to our services?

I pray that you will have a great Memorial Day with Jesus.

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SUNDAY, 5/25/14

Yesterday’s (Saturday, 5/24) Bible reading – 2 Samuel 4:1-6:23 John 13:31-14:14 Psalm 119:17-32 Proverbs 15:31-32

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 7:1-8:18 John 14:15-31 Psalm 119:33-48 Proverbs 15:33

This entry is being written shortly after 10:00PM on Saturday night and is intended to be Sunday’s entry.

The wedding ceremony for Matt & Alisha was beautiful.

The 100th birthday celebration for Miss Annie Rogers was well attended (at least when Lisa and I went early on).  She, and her family, are so well known in the Grand Bay community.

Our second celebration service had 37 in attendance.  (Actually, 37 7/8 as Nicole was there!)  The band did well and Dale brought a good Word!  We actually had some “new” faces which is encouraging.

We are on a regular schedule this morning and evening.  Jim & Glenda Chinners will be cooking a “to go” meal that will be available immediately after Sunday School for those who attend the 8:00AM service and then after the 10:30AM service for all others.  The cost is $6 per plate with the proceeds helping our students take part in the GRACE trips this Summer.

I know it is a holiday weekend.  I pray that we will not forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms.  I also pray that we will not forget/forsake the assembling of ourselves together today as the body of Jesus.  Yes, we have folks out of town but we also have a lot of us in town.  Lets be faithful!

Remember, the church office will be closed tomorrow (Monday) for Memorial Day.  I will be in town and available in the event of an emergency.  Otherwise, the office will open at 8:00AM on Tuesday.

Lisa and I had the opportunity to fellowship with Pastor Roy & Rachel (my first cousin) on Friday night.  We enjoyed ourselves as it is always good to spend time with such a fine young couple.

I pray that you will have a great Sunday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 5/23/14

Today’s Bible reading –  2 Samuel 2:12-3:39 John 13:1-30 Psalm 119:1-16 Proverbs 15:29-30

Alisha Vice’s wedding takes place at 10:30AM tomorrow in Hattiesburg, MS.  All members of the Friendship family are invited to attend.

Miss Annie Rogers turned 100 years old today!  Happy birthday Miss Annie!  There will be a celebration tomorrow afternoon, 5/24, from 2:00 – 4:00PM at First Baptist Church.  Everyone is invited!

Our second “Celebration Saturday” takes place tomorrow evening beginning at 6:00PM.  Dale Bosarge will be bringing the message.

“To go” plates will be available this Sunday following Sunday School and the 10:30AM service.  The proceeds help our high school/college age students take part in the GRACE trips this Summer.

We are on a regular schedule this Sunday morning and evening.  Lord willing, I will be in the pulpit for all three services.

Soy and I mounted the mowers around 4:45PM yesterday and came ever so close to getting all five yards plus completely finished.  Rusty?  Heard the mowers and closed the blinds in his house!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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THURSDAY, 5/22/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 1:1-2:11 John 12:20-50 Psalm 118:19-29 Proverbs 15:27-28

This entry is way late and, for that, I apologize.

First, a clarification – the Karla Bosarge who passed away and was buried yesterday was a lady from Bayou La Batre who was 55 or so years old.  It was not the Karla Bosarge who is married to Dale.

Speaking of the funeral service, I am told everything went well and that the folks who ministered to the family by feeding them did a great job.  Thank you Friendship family!

Bea Unrue is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today.  That will empty the hospitals of folks from the Friendship family – praise the Lord!

Morris’ mother, Miss Lucine, did well through her procedure yesterday and remains in the hospital.

The memorial service for Peggy & Judy Benefield’s Uncle Bob takes place at 5:00PM today in the Laurel, MS area.  Pray for the family.

Confusion is the key word in Carlos Raxon’s situation in Guatemala – you think?  At any rate, he has been put on Vitamin K and will be tested again next Tuesday, 5/27, to see if he is ready for surgery.

Laurie Vargas has resumed her normal life while awaiting test results.

Cristy Leytham remains at home being cared for by Paul, Laurie King, Terry Willis and others.  Her doctor son, Tony, was out to check on her yesterday.

Lee & Candy Sugiyama are dorm parents at Casa Aleluya in Guatemala.  They are trying to adopt a little girl, Anda.  They are to meet with an adoptive agency this morning.  Please pray for favor.

My dad’s procedure was seamless.  Thank you to the many who have contacted me and asked while expressing your prayer support.  I am humbled.  I got to visit with Ray Edwards yesterday.  I was not able to see Sonny Bates’ cousin, Junior Taylor, as no one was home.  Junior is battling cancer and is a life long friend.  Was able to visit briefly with Pastor Terry & Elaine Nappier.  Joe David Bailey took time out of his schedule to make these visits with me and, for that, I am grateful.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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