Mike Perez is a friend from the seminary in Guatemala.  He is in the music department.  A year or so ago, he had a problem with parasites in his brain.  Last night he was taken by John & Laurie King to a hospital in Guatemala City with what a appeared to be a stroke.  Dr. Tony Matheu (Paul & Cristy’s son) met them at the hospital.

Mike suffered an atonic seizure which I am told can closely resemble a mini stroke.  The scan came back good and Dr. Tony has put him on medication to control the seizures.

If all goes well, Mike should go home from the hospital this afternoon.

BTW, Carlos Raxon will find out today if his blood work is satisfactory for his surgery to be scheduled.  Cristy Leytham was to have her staples removed yesterday.

Pray for each of these situations.

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