FRIDAY, 8/29/08

It now appears that Tropical Storm Gustav will enter the Gulf and move to the west and northwest with projected landfall on the center or west side of Louisiana.  Obviously, that could change.  However, we will continue to watch the updates/projections but it would appear that we are okay for Sunday evening’s activities too.  Again, check this blog for any updates and know that the definitive word will come Sunday morning during our services.  Pray for the folks who have already been affected by this storm and those who are yet to be impacted. 

I want to repeat that we WILL have our regular activities this Sunday morning, 8/31, with our worship services at 8:00 & 10:30AM and Sunday School at 9:15AM. 

Steve Mayfield will have surgery today so please keep him in your prayers. 

The funeral service for Shirley Bosarge will take place at 10:00AM from the chapel at Serenity Funeral Home.  Thanks to those who attended the visitation for the family last night.

The visitation for the Karen Mallette family will take place tonight from 5:00 – 8:00PM at Serenity with a service set for noon tomorrow.  Pray for this family too. 

Morris & Diane Bryant and Lisa & I are leaving this afternoon heading to Atlanta.  It has been years since the four of us got away so Lisa and I are really looking forward to spending some time with them.  We thought Gustav was going to sabotage our plans but thankfully that didn’t happen.  Obviously, we have plans to attend the Bama football game tomorrow evening.  Lord willing, (and if Bama wins!) I will be in the pulpit Sunday morning at 8:00AM.

I will continue to monitor the storm and will have my computer with me in the event that I need to post an update about our services.  Otherwise, there will be no entries this weekend. 

Even though it appears the storm will not directly affect our part of the Gulf, folks like Bret Hart, Ross Genzink, Tom Compagner, Eddie Turrentine, Eric DeYoung, T. Garrett Wright, Adam Glenn, et cetera feel free to send cash donations to me!  (Somebody has to pay for our hotel room tonight!) 

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church! 

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THURSDAY, 8/28/08

The visitation for the Shirley Bosarge family will take place tonight, 8/28, from 5:00 – 8:00PM at the Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore.  The funeral service will take place tomorrow, 8/29, at 10:00AM from the chapel at Serenity.  I encourage the members of the Friendship family to attend the visitation and/or service in order to support Tina Sprinkle and her family. 

Joyce Bosarge was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.  Please pray for her as they are in the beginning stages of discussing/planning treatment options. 

Clara Broadus had her surgery yesterday and did well.  Prayerfully, in a couple of weeks, her vision will greatly improve.  Pray for her! 

Steve Mayfield is scheduled for surgery tomorrow so please keep him in your prayers too.

I read in Pastor Jack Bailey’s newsletter yesterday, 8/27, that Rodney Fields, 40, from Danville, AL was told by the doctors in Pittsburgh, PA that his cancer was inoperable.  They had hoped to do a radical surgery to help him.  Rodney and his family are friends from years gone by and I would appreciate you praying for him and his family. 

Hurricane Gustav (actually it is still a tropical storm as I write this entry) is projected to enter the Gulf of Mexico at some point Saturday night.  Where it goes from there nobody knows!  I have seen several guesstimations and we are obviously under consideration.  We are praying and I would ask our friends from outside of our area to join us in praying.  It is a difficult thing because we don’t want to deal with a hurricane but we also don’t want anyone else to have to deal with one. 

Please note that we are NOT having the picnic this Sunday afternoon.  However, we ARE having our regular Sunday morning schedule i.e. services at 8:00 & 10:30AM with Sunday School at 9:15AM.  We will make a call on Sunday night’s service later.  Depending on the projections, that call could be announced via this blog as early as Saturday.  Stay tuned! 

I continue to be impressed with our college/young professionals Bible study.  We have now sent off all that are going away to school and we had our largest attendance yet last night – wow!  God is good! 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 


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WEDNESDAY, 8/27/08

Shirley Bosarge passed from this life into heaven around 5:40AM today.  She was seemingly in some discomfort early yesterday morning but the medical folks gave her medications that eased that discomfort.  Also, I believe God gave her dying grace when it came her time to pass.  Pray for John Wayne, Tina, Mark, and the family as they walk through this valley.  Obviously, the arrangements are incomplete at this time but will be posted as soon as they are finalized. 

Clara Broadus will be having surgery on her eyes this morning.  Prayerfully, this will cure the double vision she has been experiencing.  Catherine Leach, Elizabeth Session’s mother, is having surgery this morning too.  Ryan Genzink did well through his surgery yesterday.  Carla Kyser and Phyllis Bush continue to receive their respective treatments for cancer.  Steve Mayfield will have surgery this Friday morning.  Pray for all of these folks!

Our students, 6th – 12th, will be joining 1st Baptist Wilmer’s student group for a time of bowling and fellowship this Sunday night.  The cost is $8 and you must attend the evening service in order to go bowling.  Also, our students will be taking part in a 5th Quarter fellowship following the game this Friday. 

This Sunday is the final day for members of the Friendship family to sign up for next summer’s GRACE trips.  Please don’t delay in doing this!

Today is a regular Wednesday here and I need to go get ready.  I pray that you will have a great day with Jesus.


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TUESDAY, 8/26/08

Shirley Bosarge has been moved from ICU to a regular room in order for her family to be at her bedside continually.  It appears, barring a miracle, that her time on this earth is limited so please pray for Shirley, John Wayne, Tina, Mark, and the entire family. 

Thank you to those who attended the visitation and/or funeral service for Burney Barnes.  Also, thank you to each person who helped with the meal for the Barnes family. 

Joyce Bosarge is scheduled to receive some results tomorrow from her latest tests so please continue to pray for her.  Teresa Lara (Guatemala) is supposed to have the preliminary work done today for her upcoming surgery.  Clara Broadus is scheduled to have her third eye surgery tomorrow.  I do not have an up to the moment update on Karen Banks Mallette but do know the situation is critical.  Pray for these folks.

The visitation for the family of four months old Kaitlyn Hillman, Docia Thompson’s great niece, will take place tonight in Bogalusa, LA with the funeral service tomorrow at 2:00PM.  Pray for this family during this difficult time. 

Ryan Genzink, Ross & Kathy’s son, will have surgery this morning on his ankle.  He severly injured it last summer playing softball.  He will not be able to put any weight on this foot for the next two months and limited weight for the two months following.  Pray for Ryan and his wife, Rochelle. 

Speaking of Michigan, Leah Compagner and Brian Cochran are engaged to be married!  The wedding is set for next August.  This relationship began on our August ’07 GRACE trip and has blossomed into an engagement!  Congratulations to Leah & Brian!

Our AWANA program has been expanded and will now include a class for two & three year old children.  So, parents of children in this age group are encouraged to bring them to this class which begins on September 7 at 4:30PM. 

We will be having a fellowship meal in the CAB this Sunday, 8/31, at 5:00PM.  The church will provide the meat, bread, and drinks.  You are asked to bring casseroles, vegetables, & desserts.  Our 6:00PM service in the auditorium will feature the ministry of Dale Bosarge.  Please make plans to join us for this special time of fellowship and worship.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus! 


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MONDAY, 8/25/08

I am writing this entry at 2:30AM and the weather is much more severe now than it was at any point yesterday.  When I say “severe” that doesn’t mean anything dangerous just that it is raining and the wind is blowing.  We were blessed in that yesterday was actually a fairly calm day in South Mobile County. 

The Lord blessed and we had a good day in all three of our services yesterday.  The attendance on our buses suffered a bit from Fay but our worship service attendance was good.  As a matter of fact, the attendance in our evening service was better numerically than it was the previous Sunday and that attendance was very good.  So, we give thanks to God for His blessings! 

Today is projected to be a very wet day but it is also going to be a very busy day.  The funeral service for Bro. Burney Barnes will take place at 10:00AM from Serenity Funeral Home.  Please pray that there will be a break in the rain long enough for the military honors to take place at the burial.  Pray for Miss Jeanine and the family as they go through today. 

Shirley Bosarge remains hospitalized but I do not have an update on her condition.  Lord willing, I will see her shortly after noon today.  Joyce Bosarge goes back to the doctor this week for some more testing.  Karen Mallette nee Banks was involved in an automobile accident this weekend and is clinging to life in a local hospital.  Docia Thompson’s family suffered a tragic loss this weekend as her brother, Sam, had a four month old granddaughter to pass away.  June Strickler had knee surgery last Thursday and it has sidelined her for the time being.  My mother-in-law continues to go to hospital daily for treatment.  Lindsey Hatcher’s grandmother is also going several times a week for outpatient therapy.  Please keep these folks in your prayers. 

The Olympics are over and I am pretty bummed because our men’s water polo team lost to the team from Hungary in the finals! 

This is a big week as the college football season begins!  Some say it begins on Thursday night but all real fans know it actually begins Saturday night at 7:00PM in the Georgia Dome.  Pastor Terry Rainey and Pastor Eddie Burdette will probably be really upset after their beloved Tigers get tamed!  On another note, rumor has it that the Arkansas Razorbacks could possibly make it to the state high school championship game this season – pretty impressive!  Michigan figures to get “rich” this season but it is not happening! 

Kevin Wadkins is contemplating starting an Upward volleyball league.  If interested, contact him directly!

I need to go finish getting a message ready for the funeral service.  I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.  Be safe on the roadways. 


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SATURDAY, 8/23/08

The arrangements for Burney Barnes are as follows:  visitation tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon from 2:00 – 5:00PM with the funeral service set for Monday morning, 8/25, at 10:00AM.  The visitation and service will take place from Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore, AL.  I encourage the members of the Friendship family to attend the visitation and/or service to support the Barnes family. 

Sharon Jardee’s daughter, Kelly, is getting married today at noon in the auditorium.  You are cordially invited to attend this ceremony.

I want to say a big “thank you” to each person who attended the service at the Mission of Hope last night.  There were thirty something folks from the Friendship family in attendance which included the “regulars” with a boost from our 20-29 year old Sunday School class.  The Lord blessed and we had a good service.

Fay is coming and, it appears, bringing a lot of rain with her!  We will have our regular schedule of services tomorrow morning and we plan on having our evening activities too.  Check the blog for any updates. 

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus. 

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FRIDAY, 8/22/08

Burney Barnes departed this life around 10:45PM last night.  He was surrounded by his wife, children, and other family members at the time of his passing.  A couple of ladies from the Friendship family were there too and I appreciate them being with the family during this time.  It is now 1:00AM and the family has just gotten home so it is obvious that there have been no arrangements made at this point.  I can tell you that Serenity will be handling the arrangements.  Pray for this family!

Jerry Leonard passed away around 5:30AM yesterday morning.  The visitation will take place on Sunday, 8/24, from 11:00AM until noon followed by a service at noon.  Everything will take place from Serenity Funeral Home.  Pray for the Leonard family too! 

Lisa and I visited Shirley Bosarge yesterday afternoon.  I had written the other day of how she looked better but the opposite was true yesterday.  Of course, I am not a doctor but she just didn’t look as good to me as she had on Tuesday.  Pray for Miss Shirley and the family.

Liz Whalen e-mailed to say that the doctor who examined her mother, Joyce Bosarge, yesterday gave them some news that seems to be more encouraging.  He will do more testing on Monday so please keep praying!

I have a busy day as I will try to get all of my grass cut before Fay visits with the rain.  I also will be in touch with the Barnes family to make the arrangements for Bro. Burney. 

I need to get a little sleep because the U.S. Olympic men’s water polo team takes on Serbia early this morning – must see tv!  Wow, I am glad that I am off on Fridays! 

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 

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THURSDAY, 8/21/08

Please be in prayer for Burney Barnes and his family this morning as it appears a decision will made relatively early today regarding his situation.  I will enter another post if there is any significant change in this situation.

Joyce Bosarge sees the doctor for a consultation today.  Shirley Bosarge remains hospitalized.  Steve Mayfield is now scheduled to have surgery on the 29th.  Ann Clark continues her daily commute to the hospital for treatment/therapy.  Lindsey Hatcher’s grandmother, Mrs. Parker, remains hospitalized.  Caroline Ford left this morning for Oklahoma and her nephew’s funeral service on Saturday.  Pray for all of these folks. 

Tropical storm Fay is apparently going to pay us a visit over the weekend and bring some heavy rains.  I will post more tomorrow but we plan on having our regular schedule of services on Sunday.  Pray for those who are already experiencing flooding due to this storm. 

I need to remind members of the Friendship family that there are two more Sundays to sign up for our Summer ’09 GRACE trips.  Please don’t assume that we know your plans! 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 

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WEDNESDAY, 8/20/08

Word from the test on Burney Barnes is that his brain activity is limited to brain stem activity.  The doctors are going to observe him for the next day or so before taking any further action.  Please continue to pray for Bro. Burney, Miss Jeannine and the family.

Grapevine talk tells me that Shirley Bosarge had a surgical procedure done yesterday involving her port.  I don’t know the details but do know she needs our continued prayer support. 

I do not know if Gary Walton was discharged from the hospital nor do I have an update on Jerry Leonard. 

Tropical storm Fay is proving to be an interesting system.  It has already hit Florida twice and now is projected to hit that state a third time as a hurricane.  We may even eventually get some of the rain from Fay but not from the traditional Gulf route.  How different is that? 

I just read where a woman in Fullerton, CA gave birth to a daughter last Tuesday, 8/12.  Big deal?  Actually, she was driving home with her two year old son asleep in the back seat when the baby decided to come six weeks prematurely.  She pulled into her driveway, called 911, and then delivered the baby by herself in the front yard.  Wow! 

I found it ironic that the AARP is being sued for age discrimination by a 63 year old woman in Michigan.  She is seeking $25,000 as she claims to have been passed over for nine job openings because of her age.  Interesting! 

Today will be a normal Wednesday as far as our schedule is concerned.  I hope to see many members of the Friendship family in our services/Bible studies. 

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TUESDAY, 8/19/08

First, thanks to those who prayed for Brad Hutto and his family during their time of loss.  I attended the funeral visitation and service in Town Creek, AL yesterday afternoon and then headed home.  I was able to spend a couple of hours yesterday morning with my dad, visit with my mama at her work, and spend some time with my sister, niece, nephew, and great nephew.  I thank God for family time and for traveling mercies. 

Caroline Ford had a nephew, Mary’s son, to pass away in Oklahoma.  She will be leaving either today or tomorrow to attend that funeral visitation and service.  Pray for Caroline as she travels and for this family during their time of sorrow. 

As I write this entry, Burnie Barnes remains in an ICU room in a local hospital.  He is on a ventilator but they did turn it down some this morning.  A test is scheduled for noon (right now) to help determine brain activity.  The initial report was a heart attack but that is now not thought to be the case.  Pray for Burnie, Jeannine and the the family. 

Gary “Cooter” Walton remains hospitalized but hopes to be discharged after a test this afternoon.  His main problem seems to be related to vertigo.  At this point, his heart seems to be okay. 

Liz Whalen e-mailed me to say that her mother, Joyce Bosarge, has an appointment with a doctor on Thursday.  Perhaps they will have a more definitive word after that consultation. 

I’m not a doctor but Shirley Bosarge seemed better to me today.  She still has a long way to go.  She was alert and responded to everything I said and our prayer time.   

I received word last night that Jerry Leonard is very, very low physically.  Word was that it appears his time on this earth could be very limited now.  Pray for Jerry and his family during this difficult time.

My mother-in-law, Ann Clark, is going to therapy each day.  By the way, when I wrote that she had been affected by a “staff” infection for 28 years that was a reference to me – not her actual staph infection. 

I received word from Guatemala that Teresa Lara, Pastor Max’s wife, needs surgery pretty quickly due to a cyst that seems ready to rupture.  Pray for her and for us as we determine how we can help her. 

Louise Gibson was discharged from the hospital yesterday. 

I am about to head back to the hospital to be with Miss Jeannine and her family as they wait on the results from the test on Burnie.  If there is any significant change, I will update with another post later today.  Otherwise, no news is good news! 

I pray that you will have a great rest of the day with Jesus!



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