Evening Service Cancelled

There will be no evening service tonight due to weather.

– Bro. Chris

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Dr. Flotte ordered a MRI on Larry this morning before surgery in order to compare it to the initial one done several weeks ago.  He said there was basically no change.  So, the surgery began around 9:10AM which was later than anticipated.  At 10:10AM the nurse called to say the surgery was complete and asked the family to come meet with the doctor.

Dr. Flotte said the tumor appeared to be a benign pituitary one.  He said it was impossible to know how much of the tumor they removed but a MRI in a few months would give them a good idea.  They did not have to pack the indentation and do no anticipate having to do so.

Larry should be in an intensive care unit overnight and then in a regular room for two or three days.

Larry, Judy, and family are very thankful to each person who has prayed for them, offered words of encouragement, came to the hospital, et cetera.  Keep praying!

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Bobby Jack Felps will have open heart surgery today which will involve 2, 3, or 4 by-passes.  Pray for the him, the doctors, and Bobby’s family.

Herbert Benefield is having surgery this morning too.  Pray for Herbert, the doctors, and Herbert’s family too.

Nanette Fontenot updated me on Jayne English’s situation.  Apparently, the insurance company is not willing to pay for her to be in another hospital but will pay for her to be moved to a convalescent home.  However, she needs to be in a facility where they can do therapy, rehab, et cetera  to give her the chance to improve.  Pray as they try to work through this and get the best care available for Jayne. 

Miss Merle Phillips was discharged from the hospital this past Sunday afternoon.  Her family is staying with her 24/7 and she remains weak.  Keep praying for Miss Merle and her family.

Pattie Suthoff’s grandson, Gage Hudson, as he had a MRI done yesterday.  He has been having balance issues and slurred speech.  The family expects to hear from their primary care doctor this morning.  Pray for Gage and his family. 

Keep praying for those who are battling cancer especially for Carla as she battles the sores in her mouth.  Courtney Hubbard is back in Houston and will resume treatments on 3/24.  She didn’t get a “clean” bill of health from her surgery but did get the next best thing. 

Our renovation committee shares the plans for the first phase of the renovation today/tonight; we need everyone to attend the TOF this Saturday night in the CAB from 5:00 – 7:00PM; we need desserts for Friday (3/12) night’s supper (ask Bro. Jerry for specifics); we need pound cakes (5 of them) for Saturday (3/13); and we need many volunteers for the work day on 3/20. 

Any member of the Friendship family wishing to take part in either the November ’10 or February ’11 GRACE trip needs to contact me immediately. 

Normal Wednesday for the Friendship family with the morning service and evening activities.  I pray that your day will be blessed!

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TUESDAY, 3/2/10

I really can’t explain it but I must have been in a fog when I wrote yesterday’s entry as I forgot to mention the two salvations from Sunday morning’s services.  Praise the Lamb of God for providing salvation to Cameron & Westley.  Hallelujah!

I heard through the grapevine that Bobby Jack Felps is having a heart cath this morning.  Pray for him.  I really don’t have any other updates as my yesterday was consumed with meetings and other things that kept me in the office until late yesterday afternoon.  (I am trying to get on Joe David’s list of hardest working pastors) 

As I expected, the Friendship family responded well to the need for host homes for the MBI Chorale.  We only have three or four homes hosting four members of the Chorale with all of the others hosting two.  Thank you for being so gracious! 

Here is what we need now – desserts for the meal on Friday afternoon and five “pound cakes” for Saturday morning.  You can sign up tomorrow morning/evening or this Sunday, 3/7. 

Just found out yesterday that our student ministry has about twenty 2010 Scripture calendars for sale at $3 each.  First come, first served.  These are great calendars with beautiful photos.  They will be available tomorrow & Sunday.

The TOF takes place this Saturday, 3/6, from 5:00 – 7:00PM in the CAB.  Advance tickets are $10 each.  If you wait and buy them at the door, they will cost you $10 each so it is best to purchase them in advance.  Great food and even greater fellowship! 

As we “March to Easter” we need to put action to our commitments from this past Sunday night.  It is one thing to tell a staff member that you will support them but a whole different thing to actually do something. 

Our CAB renovation committee will share the first phase of this project in tomorrow services and asking the church to approve it.  I appreciate the work of Tony Hacker, chairman, and the whole committee. 

Al Gore wrote an op-ed for a New York paper this past weekend and stated that the unusually cold weather with the massive snow fall simply proves that global warming is indeed taking place.  The GW is causing more moisture to be in the air which leads to more snow.  So, there you have it! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 2/26/10

Pastor Travis Northcutt sent me an e-mail last night to share that his grandmother, Miss Merle Phillips, is having the stent placed in her lung this morning if she had a good night last night.  Pray for her during this procedure. 

Steve Morris remains hospitalized but may go home today or tomorrow.  Miss Lucine Bryant’s condition improved but she too remains hospitalized. 

Soy, Spencer, & I are in Dillon, CO this morning.  My friend, David Denault, from D&D Tours in Canton, GA, hooked us up with our equipment rentals and we are grateful.  (Actually, I just mentioned Scott Fontenot’s name)  We skied Keystone yesterday and have plans to ski Vail today before flying home tonight. 

Soy did great yesterday as he moved from the bunny slope to a green.  It only took him two hours to get from the top of that green to the base – he was so excited!  He needed that because he was crying when I got to the hotel room early yesterday morning.  Picture this – Soy sitting on the bed, wearing his ski goggles, watching the Olympics, crying.  Why?  Because Vonn had broken her pinkie!  So, I gave him his “binkie”, told him the story of  “Jack & The Cornstalk” and he drifted off to sleep.   Why me Lord?

I hope to see many of the members of the Friendship family in our services this Sunday.  We are on a regular schedule. 

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus!

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THURSDAY, 2/25/10

This post is coming from 38,000 feet above the earth as I am aboard a Delta flight – more on that later.  However, that Al is one smart dude!  I can’t figure who is smarter – Al or Pastor Jack? 

To the person who sent in the special prayer request for today please know that I am praying for you! 

Miss Lucine Bryant, Morris’ mother, was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon with a problem with her heart.  Pray for her.

Steve Morris, Miss Merle Phillips, Miss Kathleen Henderson, & Jayne English all remain hospitalized as far as I know.  Grant Whitehurst, Larry & Judy’s grandson, was in the hosptial but I think he came home yesterday afternoon.  I haven’t heard how Carla’s treatment went yesterday.  Pray for these folks.

 Bro. Louis Reyer received some encouragement regarding his vision yesterday so keep praying for him.

Pastor Lavoy Hart of the New Life Church on Highway 90 in Moss Point has a mass on one of his vocal cords.   The doctor thinks it may be malignant.  Surgery will be performed next Wednesday, 3/3.  Pray for Pastor Lavoy. 

I would normally be in Birmingham this week watching the AHSAA Final Four.  However, Spencer Cole asked me to join him in Colorado for a couple of days skiing.  The price was more than right for the airfare so I decided to use some vacation time and join him.  The downer is that Soy found out about it and bought a ticket too so now I get to spend two days watching him go down the bunny slopes – joy, joy, joy!  (Reminds me of when Michael Mason went skiing with us!)

You don’t have enough time to read all we went through to get to Denver.  It is midnight in Grand Bay and I am still two hours away.  Soy is on his way but on another airline.  (Could I be so blessed that Soy got on the wrong plane and will end up in Denmark?)  Suffice it to say that I have a headache and am tired but once we get to Keystone tomorrow it will all be forgotten!  I like the cold, the mountains, and skiing!  We are planning a group trip next year so interested folks need to contact me to get the details. 

We are supposed to take the red eye flight home tomorrow night which means we will get home early Saturday morning, Lord willing. 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 

P.S. – JD, maybe you could put watching Spencer & me skiing on that list of sporting events you would like to see?

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WEDNESDAY, 2/24/10

My first cousin, Brad Turrentine, is having a tumor removed from the front part of his brain this morning.  The surgery is set to begin at 7:00 and, in the doctor’s words, it will take half of the day.  Please join me in praying that the tumor can be removed safely and that it will not be malignant.  I appreciate Pastor Tom Campbell being with Brad & his family today.

Carla Kyser is having another chemo treatment today.  Pray that this treatment will have the desired effect!

Steve Morris was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon with a blood clot in one of his ankles.  Miss Merle Phillips is some better.  Miss Kathleen Henderson remains hospitalized.  Pray for these folks.

Pastor Jack Bailey’s mother is not doing well.  She is at home in Athens, Alabama but is not eating and is growing weaker day by day.  Pray for her along with the entire Bailey family. 

We could certainly use a doctor, a nurse, and a dentist  for our GRACE Ministries Pastors’ Conference in October.  We could also use two doctors, two nurses, and dentist for our November GRACE trip.  We have a pharmacist and a pharmacy tech already signed up for the November trip.  Any interested persons should contact me personally. 

News that caught my eye – they found the remains of a shark that is 88.7 million years old.  Found these remains in Kansas.  I have Louisiana land for sale too! 

The USA women’s curling team lost two more matches yesterday.  Do we pay to train our curlers?  The Olympic experience for our curling teams this year is now officially over!  We will not medal!  I’m pretty upset!  We may start our own curling league in hopes of helping the USA in Sochi. 

The USA still leads the medal count by 26 – 23 but those pesky Germans keep chipping away at our lead.

We are on a regular schedule today with the morning service and the evening activities. 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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TUESDAY, 2/23/10

The funeral service for Dawn Hacker’s maternal grandmother, Miss Edna Dickinson, will take place this afternoon at 2:00PM from the chapel at the Mobile Memorial Gardens Funeral Home with the interment to follow in the adjoining cemetery.  Pray for Dawn’s family. 

Steve Morris came home from the hospital this past Sunday afternoon.  (See yesterday’s comments) Jayne English is going to be moved to a facility in Mobile – not sure when.  Miss Kathleen Henderson went home from the hospital on Sunday and was admitted to the hospital again yesterday.  Miss Merle Phillips is not going to have the stent placed in her lung today.  However, she did make a nice turn for the better yesterday afternoon.  Carla Kyser & Miss Joyce Bosarge continue in their battles against cancer.  My cousin, Brad Turrentine, will have a brain tumor removed tomorrow.  Pray for all of these folks. 

The USA men’s curling team had a tough day yesterday losing two matches (thanks, Mark) to Canada & China.  The USA women’s team was off yesterday but take on China & Switzerland today.  The men are off today – some might say they have been “off” the entire Olympics! 

At any rate, Scott Fontenot, Morris Bryant, Joe David Bailey, & Ross Genzink wanted me to mention that Charlie White & Meryl Davis claimed silver for the USA in the ice dancing competition.  They were a close second to Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue of Canada. 

Speaking of medals, those Germans keep inching upward as the count now stands at 25 – 21 in favor of the USA.  These Olympics will be record setting for the USA team as far as total number of medals won at the games hosted outside of the USA. 

News catching my eye – the lady in Houston, Texas who opened a frozen package of green beans only to find what she thought was a rock.  They now say it was a snake’s head.  The company was contacted and offered her $150.  The company also said that it wasn’t a snake’s head but rather it was a frog’s head!  How could the lady be so confused?  The company claims no liability.  Sad thing for me is that I bought two bags of vegetables from the same company last Friday at Wal Mart. 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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MONDAY, 2/22/10

We had a very good day in our services yesterday with the highlight being the licensing/ordination service for Ralph Rimmer.  I appreciate the 16 men (7 from 1st Loxley & 10 from Friendship) who joined me in making up the ordination counci.  Thanks to Pastor Bo Rice for brining a charge to Ralph.  Thanks to Sherry & all who helped with the fellowship.  It was all great! 

Steve Morris, Kathleen Henderson, Merle Phillips, & Jayne English all remain hospitalized.  I will give updates tomorrow but do know that Miss Merle is supposed to have a stent placed in one of her lungs tomorrow.  Pray for these folks along with Carla Kyser & Miss Joyce Bosarge. 

Olympic news that caught me eye – Team USA beat Canada 5 -3 in hockey yesterday.  I’m sure Mark Mast is aware of that fact!

We made our move in curling on Friday & Saturday as the men & women won their matches (are they matches or games?).  However, we stumbled a bit yesterday as the women lost two times (Canada & Sweden) and the Brits got the men.  Our men get a chance to redeem themselves today as they take on Canada & China.  We’ll “c” what they are made of! 

The Germans are making a move on the medal count too as the USA leads 24 – 18 with a full week to go.  I think the last time we won the overall medal count in the Winter Olympics was 1932.  I’ll ask Myrtle to be sure since she was there!

Joe David blogged Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – I am so impressed! 

Hope you have a great Monday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 2/19/10

The funeral service for Mr. Dick Fore, Barbara Kelley’s dad, will take place at 10:00AM today from the chapel at Mobile Memorial Gardens Funeral Home with the committal to follow in MMG.  Pray for Bro. Kerry as he will be singing and also doing the eulogy. 

Lisa & I went to visit with Jayne English yesterday but did not get to see any of the family so I don’t have an update.  I visited with Steve Morris & he is doing great.  Hopes to come home from the hospital no later than tomorrow.  Miss Merle Phillips may have suffered a stroke on Wednesday night.  They did a MRI yesterday but the results weren’t known when I visited with her.  I’ll visit again today.  Pray for these folks.

Miss Kathleen Henderson is back in the hospital with double pneumonia.  Pray for her.  This is Joey Switzer’s grandmother. 

I called last night to get the arrangements for Mr. Shannon Young but did not get an answer at the funeral home.  It dawned (on pun intended) on me this morning that I dialed the number for Buses For Christ – no wonder they didn’t answer!  I’ll find out today!  (Probably was thinking of my next “Souper Super Fellowship” and got distracted!  By the way, I am going to copyright that slogan – T. Garrett, make work of that for me!) 

News that caught my eye – the city of Atlanta, GA is safer today as the police captured an escaped zebra yesterday afternoon.  At least they didn’t have to spend money on a striped suit for him! 

The lawyer for Amy Bishop says she is insane.  Surprised?  (I would make a “lawyer” comment here but I can’t throw T. Garrett, world’s smartest man, under the bus)

Scott Fontenot, Morris Bryant, Joe David Bailey & Ross Genzink wanted me to point out that Evan Lysacek of the USA won the gold medal last night in the free program of the men’s figure skating competition in the Olympics. 

Now to the real Olympic news – those Danes took care of our men’s & women’s curling teams yesterday by identical 7-6 scores!  Conspiracy?  We aren’t doing so well.  (Do we actually spend money training our curlers or is it just a pick up team?)  Is an overweight Dane called a Danish? 

 At any rate, the next three days will see our women’s team take on Russia, Great Britian, Canada, & Sweden while the men’s team takes on France, Sweden, & Great Britian.  I think our men’s team is laying low waiting on our match with Canada on Monday.  Do you believe in miracles? 

Hope to catch a little more basketball at USA today.  The Faith girls play shortly after noon, I think. 

Frienship family, don’t forget the ordination service for Ralph Rimmer this Sunday evening at 6:00PM.  We will have a fellowship afterwards.  Hopefully it will not be a “souper super” one!   

Go to church Sunday!  I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.

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