THURSDAY, 7/4/24

Happy Fourth of July!

Tina Sprinkle told me on Monday that her back surgery has been scheduled for December 18 (yes, December).  She waited like seven months to see this surgeon.  However, they told her that surgery could happen earlier.  Learned last night that her surgery is now scheduled for next Tuesday, July 9.  How about that!  Pray for Tina and this surgery!

Bibbi Bosarge sent me an update on Kathy King’s surgery.  All went well.  Kathy is grateful for the prayers.

Jason Husband got an excellent report from the doctor.  His count has dropped significantly – praise the Lord!  He celebrated with Deacon TJ Vice!

Clinton Stringfellow has given us three watermelons recently.  Absolutely delicious!  Thank you, Clinton!

John Milton Ladnier has been giving us vegetables from his garden for the past couple of months.  Lisa has canned twenty-one quarts of snap beans given to us by John Milton, we have enjoyed tomatoes, cucumbers, et cetera.  Yesterday, John came with four watermelons.  They are equally delicious!  Dub Ladnier was a good gardener but I think John Milton is even better.  John Milton loves it and works hard at it.  Thank you, John Milton.

I am grateful for men like Clinton & John Milton for their generosity and their willingness to give.  Lisa and I are blessed!

Speaking of giving, Stacey & Gayla Dyess will be cooking the pork, chickens, baked beans and potato salad for the cake auction this Sunday, 7/7.  How awesome is that!  I am going to give Stacey a bottle of Big Bob Gibson’s white bar-b-cue sauce to show my appreciation!  What a great couple and what kind hearts!  They may get an assist from the boys!

We are asking the members of the Friendship family who attend the cake auction to bring a dessert – no cakes, please!  Also, Stacey says maybe some coleslaw or some type of salad?

Great news – we have had some more of our seasoned bakers sign up for the auction.  Praise the Lord!  Plus, Deidra has now one hundred percent agreed to bake a cake so now Scott F & Eddie A have raised their bid limit to one hundred and five dollars.  (Rumor has it that the beginning bid for Deidra’s cake will be fifteen hundred dollars.  Is that true?  Time will tell!)  I am still in hopes that a couple more of our seasoned bakers will join this effort!

Hartselle area folks, remember that if you win a bid on a cake then we can have it delivered to you on Monday, 7/8.  Ross Genzink & Tom Compagner, if you guys win a bid on a cake then we will tell you how great it tasted!

Tim or Peggy, please send Deidra the FB info on the place you have talked about.

I pray that you will have a great Fourth of July with Jesus.





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