WEDNESDAY, 4/30/14

Today’s Bible reading – Judges 11:1-12:15 John 1:1-28 Psalm 101:1-8 Proverbs 14:13-14

I apologize for no blog entry yesterday but Bro. Chris had the website down making some changes.  I appreciate his work and the new design.  The main difference is that the site is now much easier to navigate on a mobile device or so says Bro. Chris.  Honestly, it has made no difference on my cell phone!

Miss Bea Unrue remains in ICU but is making improvement.  She is no longer on the ventilator as she had a tracheotomy procedure done on Monday afternoon.  She communicated with me yesterday by basically mouthing her words to me.

Each time I visit with Gail Bishop she is asleep.  She is also making improvement.

Dana Taylor will be having surgery early this morning.  As a matter of fact, she has to be at the hospital at 4:45AM which is about as early as you will hear of someone having to be there.  She is supposed to stay one night.

We are on a regular schedule this morning and evening.

We have five folks leaving early tomorrow bound for El Salvador and the anniversary celebration of The Vine Church.  The other eight folks will leave on Friday morning.

Wow, have we had some rain for the past two days!   I am curious to hear from some of our folks with rain gauges as to the amount of rain that has fallen in South Mobile County.  Charles & Soy helped dig a trench on the west side (high side) of the garden late Monday afternoon and, without that, it may have washed completely away that night.  I went down to check on the chickens yesterday morning and they were wearing life preservers.

Our roses for mothers concept has not taken off like I thought it would.  Folks, you have until this Sunday evening to place/pay for your rose(s).  We do not plan on having extras available on that Mother’s Day morning so order/pay now.

Heading to the hospital.  I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.





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MONDAY, 4/28/14

Today’s Bible reading – Judges 8:18-9:21 Luke 23:44-24:12 Psalm 99:1-9 Proverbs 14:9-10

Tuesday, 4/29 – Judges 9:22-10:18 Luke 24:13-53 Psalm 100:1-5 Proverbs 14:11-12

Wednesday, 4/30 – Judges 11:1-12:15 John 1:1-28 Psalm 101:1-8 Proverbs 14:13-14

Thursday, 5/1 – Judges 13:1-14:20 John 1:29-51 Psalm 102:1-28 Proverbs 14:15-16

Friday, 5/2 – Judges 15:1-16:31 John 2:1-25 Psalm 103:1-22 Proverbs 14:17-19

Saturday, 5/3 – Judges 17:1-18:31 John 3:1-21 Psalm 104:1-24 Proverbs 14:20-21

Sunday, 5/4 – Judges 19:1-20:48 John 3:22-4:3 Psalm 104:24-35 Proverbs 14:22-23

We were blessed with another good day in our services yesterday.  No, we did not have the same attendance as the previous Sunday but it was good and the Spirit was excellent.

I will make visits and get updates on the folks in the hospitals and convalescent homes today.

A mens’ breakfast will be held this Saturday, 5/3, beginning at 8:00AM in the fellowship hall.  All men are invited to attend!

Thirteen members of the Friendship family will travel to San Salvador, El Salvador this weekend to join our sister church, The Vine, in celebrating their seventh anniversary.  Pray for these folks as they travel and minister Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning.

Not sure what the response was on the roses for Mother’s Day.  The deadline to order is this Sunday evening, 5/4.

Also, need to hear from the parents who plan on taking part in our Parent/Child dedication service during the 10:30AM service on 5/11.

My prayers and thoughts this morning have been on those families in Arkansas and Oklahoma who lost loved ones and property due to the tornadoes yesterday/last night.  Folks, I do not like hurricanes but at least you can make preparations i.e. leave when one is approaching but that is not the case with tornadoes.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.


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SATURDAY, 4/26/14

Today’s Bible reading – Judges 6:1-40 Luke 22:54-23:12 Psalm 95:1-96:13 Proverbs 14:5-6

The wedding shower for Kristen Whitehurst & Cody Povilonis takes place today from 11:00AM until 1:00PM in the fellowship hall.  Regiestered at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Kristen is the granddaughter of Larry & Judy.

Got a report from Katelyn Jackson that, while Coley’s mom is doing well physically, she is having some emotional struggles.  The doctors expected this to happen.

Saw Tena last night and there is no significant change in her dad’s condition.  The daughters are rotating nights to sit with him so their mother can sleep/rest.

Tim Knighten received a jolt Thursday night as he was electrocuted.  It could have been fatal but someone else literally ran through him to knock him off.  Tim is thankful to be alive!

I was wrong (imagine that!) as the bus workers are not meeting this morning.  The next meeting with the prayer team is set for Saturday, 5/31.  I apologize for giving bad information.

You can purchase a rose(s) tomorrow to be used in our Mother’s Day morning services on May 11.  Two dollars per rose and payment must take place in advance.  Again, this is an idea that we have borrowed from Dr. Jack Bailey and Danville Baptist Church.

One wedding down and one to go this afternoon.  In 2015, I plan on having all the weddings that I will officiate that year on one Saturday.  The day is TBD but it will not be during the college football season.  We will begin around 8:00AM and have a ceremony every two hours.

I had a good day yesterday as I basically spent eight hours working outside (some garden but mostly yard).  Charles helped with the mowing for which I am grateful.  Soy came outside at noon to tell me “why” he could not help.  He was dressed in his Scooby Do pajamas.  My only question was, “why do you have your SD pajamas on?”  Soy’s reply – “because my Spiderman pajamas are being washed!”  More yard/garden today.

Hatcher (Ross) versus Hatcher (Ryan) this afternoon in the duathlon.  Two mile run, ten mile bike, two mile run.  And the winner will be – Betty Clair!  (No doubt she will be the best looking of the three!  And the sweetest!  And the smartest! Need I go on?)

My prayer is that many members of the Friendship family will join us for Bible study and worship tomorrow morning and evening.  Lord willing, I will be preaching in all three services.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 4/25/14

Today’s Bible reading – Judges 4:1-5:31 Luke 22:35-53 Psalm 94:1-23 Proverbs 14:3-4

There is a wedding shower for Kristen Whitehurst, bride elect of Cody Povilonis, tomorrow, 4/26, from 11:00AM until 1:00PM in the church fellowship hall.  They are registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, and Greer’s.  Kristen is the granddaughter of Larry & Judy Whitehurst.  Ladies, please take note.  It is a “come and go” event.

Coley Johnson’s mother, Cindy, has been taken off the ventilator and will be moved from ICU at some point today.  Obviously, she is doing good.

Bro. Jerry visited the hospitals again yesterday as I spent the day working on wedding ceremonies (have two this weekend) and got in a little study time.  Bea Unrue is improving.  Jackie Goff remains about the same.  Gail Bishop’s doctor has diagnosed her multiple problems and will now take them one at a time.

Mission of Hope service tonight at 7:00PM in the chapel at the mission.  Bus leaves Friendship at 6:15PM.

The folks who want to be prayer partners with our bus workers are asked to attend the 8:30AM meeting tomorrow.  Contact Bro. Benny for more information.

We are “borrowing” Danville Baptist’s idea on the roses for Mother’s Day.  You can purchase a rose(s) this Sunday, 4/27, and next Sunday, 5/4, and get your rose(s) during the morning services on 5/11.  Get the info from the news & notes this Sunday.

Another beautiful day yesterday.  I was able to have some quiet time between the end of the work day and the beginning of Titus’ t-ball game.  Trying to salvage about forty percent of one row of okra.  Was also able to spend some time on the back end of the weed eater.

Today and tomorrow will be full for me as there is much to do – it is 4:30AM and Lisa is screaming for me to go buy groceries, I need to till the rest of the garden and then plant a row and half of okra plus put out some plants.  I need to hoe the corn again in order to pull the dirt up around the plants.  This is weed eating weekend and, obviously, the grass will have to be cut.  There will not be enough daylight hours to get done all I need to do but I will enjoy it!  (I do not “enjoy” weed eating but it is one of those necessary things)

I have a wedding tonight and then one tomorrow afternoon over in Mississippi.  Betty Clair is the director so she will be telling me what to do!  (Honestly, I think sweet BC is too sweet to make a good coordinator but time will tell)

Got to go to WM.  I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus!


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THURSDAY, 4/24/14

Today’s Bible reading – Judges 2:10-3:31 Luke 22:14-34 Psalm 92:1-93:5 Proverbs 14:1-2

J.B. Kelley was discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Gail Bishop remains hospitalized.

Miss Bea remains in ICU but is said to be making improvement.

Miss Jackie remains in the hospital.

Donald Stork, Bobby’s brother, remains hospitalized as far as I know.

Bobby & Ann’s niece, Wanda, remains hospitalized but will be moved to a rehab center soon.

We had good services yesterday – morning and evening.  I appreciate folks who are faithful!

Danville Baptist Church has been doing something on Mother’s Day for years and I like the idea.  They sell roses beforehand and then during the service on Mother’s Day folks come take them from the bouquet and give them to whomever, keep them, et cetera.  We are going to give it a try this Mother’s Day (May 11).  The cost will be $2 per rose (our actual cost) and must be pre-paid.  We have two Sundays to complete the sales.  More details this Sunday.

I was asked yesterday about the length of the rows in my garden.  Basically, they are 100 feet long.  I have seventeen rows that I plant with seeds and one where I place plants.  It is not huge but it is big enough.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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WEDNESDAY, 4/23/14

Today’s Bible reading – Judges 1:1-2:9 Luke 21:29-22:13 Psalm 90:1-91:16 Proverbs 13:24-25

Coley Johnson’s mother, Cindy, had surgery in Florida yesterday which lasted ten hours.  The surgery was deemed a success.

Gail Bishop, Sue Blodgett’s sister, was admitted to the hospital yesterday and will be moved to a rehab facility today.

Miss Jackie Goff was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She has to have her hands restrained which she does not like at all!

No significant change in Miss Bea’s condition.

Bobby & Ann’s niece, Wanda, came through her surgery ok.  The doctor opted to only operate on one leg while hopeful the other knee will heal itself.  Her ankle was not broken which is a good thing.  She has a long road ahead of her in her recovery.

We continue to pray for all of those who are battling cancer.

We are on a regular schedule today – morning and evening.

Yesterday was another beautiful day weather wise.  Titus did not have a t-ball game last night which allowed me to have some quiet time i.e. work in the garden until almost dark thirty.  Was able to till fifteen rows.  John Milton watched from a great distance but never even offered to help!

Lisa and I grabbed a late lunch at the Lighthouse on Monday.  Jerry & Gloria were there and picked up the tab for our lunch.  While I am very thankful for this act of kindness, I was not a happy camper as I would rather be the one paying.  (Lisa wants to a late lunch again next Monday!  LOL!)  Anyway, thank you Jerry & Gloria!

Read this morning where Dr. Jack Bailey has been eating Lean Cuisines for the past three weeks in order to lose weight.  He went to the doctor yesterday and has lost one pound.  Dr. Jack’s take on it – found in the word cuisine is sin!  Too funny!

Also learned yesterday that Tom & Shari Compagner have an indoor swimming pool now.  Folks, we are talking big money!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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TUESDAY, 4/22/14

Today’s Bible reading – Joshua 24:1-33 Luke 21:1-28 Psalm 89:38-52 Proverbs 13:20-23

Reb Nevin called with an update yesterday afternoon saying that Miss Bea had a port placed which allows them to give her more medicine.  This will help in her recovery.

Bro. Jerry sent an e-mail saying that Mr. Alford had a good day yesterday.

Bobby & Ann’s niece, Wanda, will be having surgery today.  She is in her 70’s so this will most likely be a fairly long recovery.

Bro. Chris and I are in the midst of praying for 40 days leading up to the first Saturday night service which will take place on May 17.  Will you join us?

It appears that Spring has sprung!  What beautiful days we have had the past two days!  There is a chance of rain today but the rest of the week looks absolutely beautiful!  God is good!  I need to go see Bobby Jack at some point this week to purchase some plants to finish out the garden.  Also, I have to replant some okra.  Corn is great, snap beans good, peas ok.  It is what it is at this point!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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Visited with J.B. Kelley.  Bro. Kerry said the ER doctor originally said pneumonia but came back and said congestive heart failure.  They have yet to see J.B.’s regular doctors.  One of them is in surgery this morning so it will most likely be this afternoon before they see him.  J.B. has been placed on a liquid diet and he is not a happy camper per Bro. Kerry.  J.B. has a lot of swelling in his neck and they are concerned about his swallowing ability.

Miss Bea remains in a medically induced coma.  Her son-in-law was with her but he had not spoken to the doctor or nurse for an update.

Rusty’s mother “may” go home today.  Still waiting on test results relating to her cancer.

Ann Clark & Bobby Broome have a niece who fell and severely broke her right leg and crushed the knee cap in her leg leg.  They are thinking she may have a broken ankle as well.  She will be having surgery on both legs tomorrow.

Everyone in the convalescent home seemed to be doing ok with the exception of Miss Barbara Nevin.  She simply does not feel well.  Miss Exie was asleep but looked better than the last time I saw her.

I failed to get an update on Gail Bishop.  Sue, can you help me?  Thanks!

Bill Stuart passed away and Miss Vinnie has gone to Waynesboro for that service today.  Pray for the family.



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MONDAY, 4/21/14

Today’s Bible reading – Joshua 22:21-23:16 Luke 20:27-47 Psalm 89:14-37 Proverbs 13:17-19

Tuesday, 4/22 – Joshua 24:1-33 Luke 21:1-28 Psalm 89:38-52 Proverbs 13:20-23

Wednesday, 4/23 – Judges 1:1-2:9 Luke 21:29-22:13 Psalm 90:1-91:16 Proverbs 13:24-25

Thursday, 4/24 – Judges 2:10-3:31 Luke 22:14-34 Psalm 92:1-93:5 Proverbs 14:1-2

Friday, 4/25 – Judges 4:1-5:31 Luke 22:35-53 Psalm 94:1-23 Proverbs 14:3-4

Saturday, 4/26 – Judges 6:1-40 Luke 22:54-23:12 Psalm 95:1-96:13 Proverbs 14:5-6

Sunday, 4/27 – Judges 7:1-8:17 Luke 23:13-43 Psalm 97:1-98:9 Proverbs 14:7-8


We were blessed with a great Easter weekend – to God be the glory!  I appreciate everyone who had a part in helping the weekend be as successful as it was from Saturday morning until the close of the third service yesterday morning.  Our attendance was very good even through the Spring break did have an effect.

Miss Bea Unrue’s condition remains unchanged as she is on the respirator and in ICU.

Bro. J.B. Kelley had to be taken to the hospital yesterday morning.  It appears that he has pneumonia.

Rusty’s mother, Kay, remains in the hospital.  She is in hopes to receive some news regarding her tests today.

Coley Johnson’s mother, Cindy, will be having surgery in Florida tomorrow.

In the “in case you are interested” department, Easter Sunday will be on April 5 next year.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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Today’s Bible reading – Joshua 21:1-22:20 Luke 20:1-26 Psalm 89:1-13 Proverbs 13:15-16

Jesus is alive!  Celebrate with us this morning at 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30AM!

I pray that you will have a great Easter Sunday with Jesus!

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