FRIDAY, 5/29/09

“It is God who removes the mountains, they know not how, when He overturns them in His anger; Who shakes the earth out of its place, and its pillars tremble;”  (Job 9:5-6)

Around 2:30AM yesterday morning I was up beginning to get ready for the trip home when I thought I felt “dizzy” only to quickly realize the house was moving due to an earthquake.  It was a strong enough movement to awaken Soy (which is no small feat in itself).  Paul would call to tell me it registered 7.1 on the Richter scale and Mike Clark reported that it lasted for forty-five seconds.  Of course, the center of the quake was many miles away but it is something to experience even being on the outer perimeter.  As I was coming home, I couldn’t help but think of how powerful God is.  He can shake the earth – wow! 

We did arrive home from Guatemala safe & sound and I am very thankful to God for traveling mercies.  I was actually through customs in Houston in twenty minutes which is a blessing too. 

Word came to me yesterday afternoon that Brandon has been resurrected from the sick bed and was mowing the lawn at the mission house.  The team from Faith Baptist of Bartlett arrived and they are beginning their ministry today.  Pray for them. 

Lindsey Hatcher will be become Mrs. Timothy Wayne Vice, Jr. tomorrow night.  The wedding ceremony begins at 6:00PM and you are cordially invited to attend the ceremony and the reception that follows.  Lindsey certainly chased TJ long enough so I am glad that she finally got her man!  LOL!

The visitation with the Herston family will take place tonight from 5:00 – 8:00PM and the service will be held tomorrow at 10:00AM.  Everything will take place at Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore.  Please continue to pray for the Herston family.

Deidra & Alisha will leave Sunday afternoon for their eight weeks in Guatemala.  Pam will follow suit on Tuesday.  Pray for these three young ladies along with Brandon & Soy as they work alongside GRACE Ministries this summer. 

Our Vacation Bible School begins on Monday morning at 9:00AM.  We are going to have a “rally” on Sunday night to begin the week.  Pastor Terry Rainey will be here to minister to our 6th – 12th grade students Monday – Thursday nights (6:00 – 8:00PM).  It is going to be an awesome week.  Pray without ceasing!

The Cavs won last night which continues to fuel my belief that ultimately the Finals will be between the Cavs & Lakers.  It is driven by television and the advertising dollar.  I don’t like the Celtics! 

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church!  Be careful if you want to have a home Bible study or display the American flag in your office – wow! 


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THURSDAY, 5/28/09

“Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than he who is crooked though he be rich.” (Proverbs 28:6)

“He who gives to the poor will never want, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses.”  (Proverbs 28:27)

As many of you know, I have been in Guatemala since Monday afternoon.  I came to take care of some business for GRACE Ministries including meeting with our lawyer.  I will not bore you with the details but suffice it to say that it has been a good and productive trip. 

Brandon Baker & Soy Taylor came with me and are settling in for nine weeks of ministry.  I have felt sorry for Brandon today as he has been one sick puppy!  Believe you me when I say that he can’t afford to lose any weight as he is 6’6″ tall and weighs about 75 pounds!  He has had a great attitude and I really believe he just misses Pamela!  These men will be joined by their wives and Alisha Vice in a few days – if only Rita were coming it would be perfect!  LOL! 

Gene Davis from Texas joined me for these few days too.  Gene loves to come to Guatemala and I was concerned yesterday that he might have to go home yesterday due to Gena’s hospitalization.  She told him not to come home – if you know Gene then you understand why Gena made that request!  LOL again!  By the way, Gena did well through her procedure and will go home today. 

I haven’t gotten any new updates on anyone from the Friendship family so I assume no news is good news.

T. Garrett Wright’s paternal grandfather passed away.  I don’t know the details but do ask that you pray for the Wright family.   

Our first team of the summer arrived this afternoon – at least part of that team.  Ryan Johnston and a group of folks from Faith Baptist of Bartlett, TN (it just kills me to write those initials) will be joined by the rest of their team tomorrow.  That will mean a team in the misson house for the next ten consecutive weeks or 71 of the next 74 days.  Praise the Lord! 

Ross Genzink is overrated!  The water heater in this apartment has not been working this week due to a bad thermocouple.  Ryan Johnston brought one from Memphis (thanks Bret Hart!) and I installed it last night and I am looking forward to a hot shower this morning! 

Life is good as the Lakers won again last night.  I think the NBA commish took my letter seriously! 

Pray for Gene & me as we travel home today.  It was a very short night and will be a fairly long day. 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 

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WEDNESDAY, 5/27/09

“Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.”  (Proverbs 27:1 NASB)

Have ever talked about what you are going to do tomorrow?  I have.  I am 49 years old and plan on living a long time.  However, I am increasingly aware of the fact that my life may end before today’s sun sets.  Wow!The challenge is to live each day in view of eternity instead of living for the temporal. 

Rob Nevin’s mother, Barbara, did well through her procedures.  She had a stent placed in her aorta and one placed in her kidneys.  She may have gone home yesterday or will go home today. 

Gena Davis had a problem with her heart yesterday morning while doing ministry with her church at the local convalscent home.  She is in an Austin, Texas hospital and they are doing some type procedure today to correct her problem. 

As far as I know, Whitney Bryant came home from the hospital yesterday. 

It now appears that the visitation for Bob Herston’s family will take place Friday night with a Saturday morning funeral service.  Again, I don’t think that has been totally confirmed.  If so, it will all take place at Serenity Funeral Home.  Pray for the Herston family.

Can you believe the Magic are up 3-1 on the Cavs?  Personally, I think the Cavs will come back and win the series.  However, were it not for “the shot” it would already be over in four.  I was certain the powers that be would see to it that LeBron would be in the Finals.  Television would much rather have a Lakers/Cavs Finals versus a Magic/Nuggets Finals.  Duh! 

Today is a normal day at Friendship with the morning service and the evening activities.  The only change is that our 8:00PM young professionals/college Bible study will take place in the student building. 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus. 


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TUESDAY, 5/26/09

“For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer, contention quiets down.  Like charcoal to hot embers and wood to fire, so is a contentious man to kindle strife.” (Proverbs 26:20-21 NASB) 

Those of us living in south Mobile County basically live in small town USA.  As such, we know our neighbors (not as much as in days gone by) and hear things within the community.  You may, or may not, be aware that one of our sister churches is seemingly going through a difficult time.  My advice to the members of the Friendship family – pray fervently and don’t discuss their situation with others.  I am praying that what the forces of hell mean for evil will ultimately be used for God’s glory!  This is the last you will read of this on this site but it doesn’t decrease my plans to pray. 

Bob Herston passed away yesterday.  Bob is the husband of Miss Luthene and the father of Beverly Aldrich and her siblings.  One of Bev’s siblings is out of the country so it appears that the service will not take place until Friday.  I will update once the plans have been finalized. 

Whitney Bryant did well through her surgery but it was a bit more complicated than the doctor expected.  She should be discharge today.  The doctor now thinks she may have red hair! 

I haven’t gotten an update from Sonni Eyler of Rob Nevin’s mother, Barbara, but do ask that you keep praying for them.  Pray for the folks battling cancer too. 

The refs cheated again as the Lakers lost!  I think the NBA should investigate the game officials! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus. 


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MONDAY, 5/25/09

“A soft tongue breaketh the bone,” (Proverbs 25:15)  The Amplified Bible translates that verse as “soft speech breaks down the most bonelike resistance.”

Is your speech soft?  Why does Solomon have to preach on the tongue so much?  Couldn’t he just stick to picture shows, dancing and whiskey?  James writes that no man can tame the tongue!  I think we would all do well to be careful little tongue what we say!  Is it true?  Is it kind?  Is it necessary? 

Memorial Day ’09!  I thank God for those who have given their lives to insure our freedoms as Americans.  Take time today to stop and reflect on their sacrifice!  While you are at it – reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus which allows us to have true freedom! 

Vance & Pat Stockman did a good job of leading us in worship last night.  What a testimony!  Willie Johnson & crew (crawfish), Sonny Hanson & crew (ribs), and Sherry Lavelle & crew (hostess committee) all did an excellent job of feeding us yesterday afternoon.  Good food & good fellowship!  Thanks to all who helped!

Whitney Bryant is having a surgical procedure done on her heart this morning.  Rob Nevin’s mother, Barbara, is having a stent placed in an artery today too.  Sonni Eyler is recovering from her surgery of Friday.  Pray for these folks!  It was good to see Dawn Autin in our service last night. 

Kathy Wadkins & Jan Cummings have a cousin, Terri Webber, who is 30 years old and the doctors have diagnosed her with cancer.  Pray for her as they map out a plan of treatment. 

We did it!  Lisa and I flew to Wisconsin on Friday night to surprise Mark & Tina Mast at the wedding of their son, Jon, & Precious Wynn.  What an absolutely wonderful wedding ceremony!  Very Jesus exalting!  Thank God that Delta got us back in a timely fashion on Saturday night.  We got to see Don & Lou Ricci, Erin Olsen, & Kelsey Quibell from Canada too so we were really blessed!  Mark & Tina are dear friends and we were honored to be invited to the wedding. 

Folks, Pastor Jack Bailey is going to put me out of the blogging business.  You need to read his entries! 

Brandon Baker & Michael Taylor left early this morning as the first of our five missionaries who will serve with GRACE Ministries this summer.  Deidra Taylor & Alisha Vice will leave this Sunday, 5/31, and Pam Baker leaves on Tuesday, June 2.  Pray for these young adults as they minister in Guatemala this summer. 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus!    

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This a first for me – being connected to the internet while flying at 30,000 feet on a Delta jet – wow!  So, this is truly news from above!

Rob Nevin’s mother, Barbara, had a heart cath done today.  The artery from her kidneys to her heart is completely blocked.  Pray for her!  Sonni Eyler was in surgery when I left Mobile today.  Pray for her too.

Our basketball team plays tonight (Friday) at 7:00PM which is now.  Pray for them – LOL! 

My pastor friend, Jack Bailey, is now an official blogger. 

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FRIDAY, 5/22/09

“He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.”  (Proverbs 22:9)

I want to be a giver.  I want to be a cheerful giver.  Yes, I want to give financially but I want to give of my time, talents, et cetera in service to Jesus.  I want to be one who gives all to Him!  I want to give in life and it would be great to give in death too! 

Jennie Blaukamp lived in Michigan and was a faithful member of the Harlem Reformed Church.  She passed from this life and entered Heaven last October.  She impacted my life.  Several years ago, her nephew, Ken Assink, told me his Aunt Jennie wanted to make a donation to GRACE Ministries.  She made the donation which was a rather generous one too.  Wow!  She had never met me or anyone from the Friendship family and yet she gave.  The next time Lisa and I were in Michigan we went to meet Aunt Jennie.  That was the first of many visits for us.  We loved to go listen to her share her heart for Jesus and her desire to see lost folks come to Him.  When a well was needed in Panimaquin, God used Aunt Jennie to be the giver!  I could go on!  This past Tuesday night around 10:00PM I was going through the day’s mail and there it was – a check from Aunt Jennie’s trust.  A large check made payable to GRACE Ministries.  In life, a giver.  In death, a giver!  I thank God for Aunt Jennie Blaukamp and the lessons she taught me about giving!  What a lady!  She had a bountiful eye!

Sonni Eyler will have surgery on her broken heel today.  Pray for her. 

The refs cheated!  How else can you explain the Lakers loss last night? 

Wow, what a crowd at Faith Academy’s graduation last night – a SRO crowd.  Hien & I got there late so we were in the SRO number for two and one half hours!  It’s all good! 

We are definitely living in the last days!  How do I know?  Soy mowed my yard and trimmed my hedges yesterday afternoon!  Strange happenings!  I cut Charles’ grass from time to time to hopefully get in his will.  (Fat chance as he will outlive me anyway)  Perhaps Soy thinks I have a will – whatever!  I know the real reason but that is for another post!   

Pastor Travis Northcutt is doing good and looking great!  (As great as someone like him can look!) 

It is 9:00AM and I am late posting as I simply forgot!  Sorry! 

I pray that you will have a great Friday.  I will probably post Monday even though it is a holiday.  Friendship family – don’t forget the eatin’ meetin’ on Sunday afternoon! 

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THURSDAY, 5/21/09

“Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.” (Proverbs 21:23)

Have you ever said it and then immediately wished you could take it back?  The only problem is that we can’t take it back!  There are many proverbs that speak to our use of the tongue – good & bad.  We would do well to heed to the song we probably learned in preschool – “be careful little tongue what you say!”

Thankfully, the hospitals are empty as far as members of the Friendship family are concerned.  Max Peacock was in our service last night and the left side of his face has taken a pretty good burn from the radiation treatments.  Joyce Bosarge was also in our evening service and she is doing pretty good.  Shea is finished with the doctor for six months.  Carla Kyser continues to receive treatments.  Pray for these folks!

Sonni Eyler, Edna Holifield’s daughter, will have her broken heel surgically repaired tomorrow.  It is supposed to be a rather lengthy surgery.  Pray for her.

Once again, our young adults helped finish my Wednesday with a bang.  There were around 40 of them present for our Bible study last night.  Our “time with Tony” had to be postponed but we had a good time in the Word and fellowship anyway. 

Faith Academy will have their graduation ceremony tonight.  If tradition holds, it will be the longest one of the season but that is okay.  This will conclude the ceremonies involving members of the Friendship family. 

Speaking of FA, the mornings of making that trip are over for a couple of months.  I will miss Kenny Cooper as he is a barrel of laughs.  However, I won’t necessarily miss that drive but it is all good! 

I am a Dwight Howard fan so I was glad to see the Magic beat the Cavaliers last night.  LeBron can ball!  I still think Cleveland will eventually be crowned the champions.  The Lakers take the court tonight and need to maintain their home court advantage. 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus!

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WEDNESDAY, 5/20/09

“It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.” (Proverbs 20:3)

I don’t intend on always using a Proverb to begin these entries but it sure seems like a good place to start.  Individuals, families, friends, churches, et cetera would all do well to “cease from strife” and to focus on eternity in view of the fact that life is short!  You think this verse was in the mind of Jesus when He spoke about peacemakers being blessed? 

One of my good friends and faithful readers gently rebuked me yesterday for not mentioning that yesterday, 5/19, was Coach Gene Chizik Day!  I didn’t know!  Had I known, we would have closed the church office to celebrate!  Someone (Kim French, Scott Fontenot, Cecil Guidry) remind me next year so we can give Coach his proper due! 

Lisa and I attended the graduation ceremony for Alma Bryant High School last night at the Mitchell Center.  Nanette Fontenot insisted that we sit by them and that was okay until they called Korie’s name to receive her diploma.  I have never witnessed such hollering & screaming i.e “Go Korie, that’s my girl, who dat” by a mother in all of my life – I was amazed and looking for a rock to crawl under.  Wow! 

Christy Wynn’s surgery went better than expected and the doctor was well pleased.  After eating breakfast this morning, Christy should be discharged from the hospital.  Joann Jackson is in the hospital too related to an infection from pins in her arm.  I went on a wild goose chase yesterday in an attempt to see her and did not catch any geese!  Bro. Jerry will visit her today!  FYI – don’t ever get your hospital information from Robin Black i.e. “8 to 8”! 

I met with TJ Vice and Lindsey Hatcher last night for a pre-marital counseling session.  TJ is calm, cool, and collected about the whole matter.  Lindsey on the other hand – can you say “bridezilla?”  LOL!

Life is good!  The Lakers are up 1-0 following Kobe’s 40 while the Red Wings went up 2-0 last night.  The NBA & the NHL – does it get any better?

We are on a regular schedule today.  I hope to see many members of the Friendship family in our respective services.  Our 8:00PM Bible study will feature “Time with Tony” and it is going to be awesome! 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus! 

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“The discretion of a man defereth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression.”  (Proverbs 19:11)

I have faults!  I make mistakes!  (Sorry, Rex!)  Follow me for a couple of hours (minutes?) and you will see clearly that I speak the truth.  However, I realize that I am just like everyone else as they have faults too.  Of course many of us believe as the bumper sticker says, “all of my faults are normal!”  I want to be a person of “good sense who can overlook a trangression or an offense” as the Amplified Bible states it.  Yes, I want to be forgiven but may God help me to be a forgiver! 

Christy Wynn will have surgery this morning and she is very nervous!  Pray for her as they will be removing a tumor and possibly more. 

Jordan Smith, Tena’s nephew, is supposed to go home from the hospital today.  The doctors now think he may have suffered a mini-stroke during his surgery.  Dawn Autin has been discharged from the hospital too. 

T. Garrett pointed out that his sister, Brittney Wright, also graduated from the University of West Alabama this year.  Brit got the looks and the smarts in that set of siblings!  Congratulations to Brittney!  She is a sweetheart!  Bryant High holds their commencement service tonight at 6:00PM. 

I received a number of personal remarks, voice mails, e-mails, and even comments on this blog yesterday.  Thank you!  (No one tried harder to reach me than Mark Mast & his family – thanks for the effort!)  I spent the day “working” and then my father-in-law graciously allowed me to work in his yard to bring the day to a close – something about his last testament & will being rewritten “if”!  As if that $50 is going to make a difference in my life – LOL!

I am envious of Brad & Daphne as they are in Ephesus & Patmos touring some of the sites known to us by the New Testament.  Wow! 

Someone gave some money this past Sunday to help the lady in Guatemala with her surgery and then someone else gave some yesterday.  Thank you!  The total cost of the surgery is going to be $625 and GRACE Ministries is going to make sure it is covered.  Lisa & I feel led to help in this situation.  If you want to help with this need simply contact me, call the church office, or place a contribution in Sunday’s offering making sure it is clearly marked “surgery”. 

The hospital is calling!  I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus! 

P.S. – The menu this Sunday will be ribs & crawfish!


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