FRIDAY, 4/30/21

It is with a sad heart that I share that Scott Cumbie passed from this life yesterday.  Arrangements incomplete at this time.  Pray for Scott’s family.

The celebration of life service for George Bosarge, Kendall’s nephew, takes place this morning beginning at 11:00AM.  This service will be held at the Independent Church of God in Bayou La Batre.  Keep praying for the Bosarge family.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning and evening.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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THURSDAY, 4/29/21

Word came to me during the night that Scott Cumbie was involved in an accident and is in “extremely critical condition” in a local hospital.  I have spoken to Craig Cumbie and assured him of our prayer support.  (For those who do not know the connection, this is Caroline Ford’s son)

The visitation with the George Bosarge family takes place tonight from 5:00 – 8:00PM at the Independent Church of God in Bayou La Batre.  The service will take place tomorrow beginning at 11:00AM also from the ICOG.  Pray for the Bosarge family.

Thank you to Tina Wilkinson for coordinating the Friendship family’s part of feeding the Bosarge family.  Thank you to each person who is helping with this ministry.  Pray for Kendall & Leah Falana too.

We had a pretty good attendance in our services yesterday.  Thank you to those who are faithful!

If you are a senior adult and have not signed up for the meal this Sunday then please call the church office today.  We want all of our senior adults in attendance.

I will be driving to Prattville, AL and back today.  Why?  The blue truck in Guatemala needs a part that I was supposed to take down last week but it arrived a day late.  A young lady from Pastor Doug’s church is going to Guatemala this Sunday and has agreed to take the part for us.  The truck is out of service until this part can be put on.  So, I will meet Pastor BJ Parson today and he will get the part to Rebekah.  Want to take a guess as to who will have to pick up the bill for lunch?

Evangelist Johnny Tucker will be our guest this Sunday in all three services.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 4/28/21

A late “good morning” from Grand Bay!  Lisa and I arrived home just before 10:30PM last night.  Again, thankful to Eddie Albritton for being our taxi driver.

Dale Ellerman’s surgery went well.  His father will be staying with him for a few days until he can take care of himself.

Marie Brooks’ test results show a definite break in one of her vertebrae.  They are going to schedule an outpatient procedure where they will basically cement the broken vertebrae in place.  Pray this procedure can be scheduled quickly so as to give Marie some relief from the pain.

The visitation with the Bosarge family takes place tomorrow night and the celebration of life service on Friday morning at 11:00AM.  Pray for the family.

The Friendship family has been asked to help with the food for the meal following the service on Friday.  Tina Wilkinson is coordinating this ministry opportunity.  Contact her if you can help.  Thank you in advance to all who will help!

Senior adults – we need to hear from you today if you plan on taking part in the meal this Sunday, 5/2.  Call the church office, please.  The meal will be in our CAB and will be catered by The Heritage House.

Regular schedule on our campus today – morning and evening.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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TUESDAY, 4/27/21

Dale Ellerman will be undergoing surgery on his back this morning.  Pray that all will go well and he will recover quickly.

Obviously, I posted the obituary for Kendall Falana’s nephew, George Bosarge.  Keep praying for the family.

Keep praying for Matt Everett’s paternal uncle.

Marie Brooks meets with the doctor today to get the results of her latest exam.  Pray for good news.

Senior adultswe need to hear from you today, 4/27, or tomorrow, 4/28, regarding the meal following this Sunday’s 10:30AM service.  The meal will be served in the CAB and you should be finished eating and out the door no later than 12:15PM.  So, please call the church office (445 5412) today or tomorrow and sign up.  Who qualifies as a senior adult?  Anyone age sixty five or older.  Or anyone married to someone sixty five or older.

Remember, Evangelist Johnny Tucker will be our guest messenger in all three services this Sunday, May 2.  We will be recognizing the oldest man and oldest woman present in our 10:30AM service.  (We will not be recognizing the oldest mother and oldest father present on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year)  I am asking our senior adults to attend the 10:30AM service this Sunday.

We have plenty of room on our June 17 – 24 GRACE Ministries trip.  The airfares are very friendly right now.  There is most likely still time to secure a passport if you do not have one.  Interested?  Contact me immediately!  I would love to see some of the folks who used to be our “regulars” on trips to get involved again as GRACE Mountain has changed so much.  Also, it would be great if those who sponsor a child could come see their child.  These children get so excited when their sponsor shows up.  Remember, one excuse is just as good as the next one.  I too have a red truck!  Again, I need to hear from you now if you want to join us on our June 17 – 24 trip.

This next bit of information is going to knock your socks off!  (Dr. Aninha, please sit down before continuing to read)  Yesterday, Lisa found Apple Cider Vinegar with “Mother” for sale in a semi-local (Jocotenango) grocery store!  Can you believe it!  Folks, this big!  Real big!  Barney Fife big!

I had four meetings and made a short video yesterday.  I also went and got a haircut and shave – heavenly!  Men, it is worth the cost of the trip just for the haircut and shave!  Just saying!

Lord willing, Lisa and I will leave GRACE Mountain this morning heading to the airport.  If all goes well, we should arrive in Mobile just after 9:30PM tonight.  We have had our covid test and, obviously, both got a negative result.  The guy who administers the test here has gotten much better.  I am going to see if Todd Stork will open a clinic here on GRACE Mountain just to help us out!

Chino Galindo will take us to the airport this morning and Eddie Albritton will pick us up tonight.  I appreciate these men for providing this service.

By the way, we will coming home with coffee that was roasted this weekend.  You talk about fresh!  Ten dollars a pound with four dollars from each pound going to help the older students of Colegio JET build a house for an impoverished family.  “Coffee with a cause!”  A great gift idea!

I realize that I lost most of the readers of this entry when I mentioned ACV with “Mother” being sold here.  Big!

Deputy Barney Fife : You’ll never guess what’s happened. Something big.
Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, what is it?
Deputy Barney Fife : Biggest thing ever happened in Mayberry. REAL big. Big. BIG big.
Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, now-now just simmer down, Barney. What is it?
Deputy Barney Fife : Well, I’m tryin’ to tell ya.
Sheriff Andy Taylor : Well, so far, all I know is it’s something big.
Deputy Barney Fife : Oh, “big” ain’t the word for it.

(Dr. Rex and Pastor Bob are both wiping tears from their eyes at this very moment!)

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.


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George E. Bosarge, Jr., 46, was born on October 18, 1974 and went to his eternal home on April 22, 2021.

He is survived by his wife, Sally Bosarge, his son, Dylan Bosarge, his daughters, Chelsea and Kayleigh Bosarge, his step-sons Scott (Marissa) Sprinkle and Nicholas (Austyn) Sprinkle, his four grandsons, Liam, Lawson, Cameron and Lux, his grandparents, John and Carolyn Falana, his mother, Deborah Causey, his sister, Regina Zirlott, and many other family and friends.

He is preceded by his father, George Bosarge, Sr., his sister, Kimberly Bosarge, and grandparents, Ralph Harmon and Toolen and Annie Bosarge.

George was a God chasing, family loving and hardworking man. He sought after The Word of God. He loved his family more than anything. There was nothing he did that he did not do for them. He was the best crane operator in The South. There was no piece of machinery he could not operate. He was a larger than life man. He loved everyone he met and they loved him. He was always outdoors, especially on the water. He loved everything from fishing, shrimping to gill netting. He spent his life serving The Lord, making sure to spread The Word of God every chance he got. There was no limit to his generosity.

His visitation will be held at the Independent Church of God, 12750 Padgett Switch Rd., Irvington, Alabama, 36544, on Thursday, April 29, from 5 pm – 8 pm. His funeral service will be on Friday, April 30 starting at 11 am. Burial will immediately follow at Oddfellow Cemetery.

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MONDAY, 4/26/21

Good Monday morning from GRACE Mountain.  Word came to me that the services at Friendship yesterday went well.  The attendance was down some which disappoints me but I am very thankful for those who attended.  A thank you goes to Bro. Abel and Bro. Jerry for preaching in my absence.

I watched our 8:00AM service on live stream.  Helped me gather some information.  Personally, I thought Bro. Abel’s message on the second coming was spot on!

Our bus attendance was good yesterday.  Praise the Lord! We had a group of our older children go for an outing yesterday afternoon.  Thank you to Dylan & Elizabeth Westbrook for making that happen.

Dale Ellerman will have back surgery tomorrow morning.  Pray for all to go well.

Anna Carol Bosarge was discharged from the hospital.  Praise the Lord!

I do not have an update on Matt Everett’s uncle but do ask that you keep praying.

The arrangements for Kendall Falana’s nephew remain incomplete.  He was involved in an out of town work related accident so it is taking some time to get things done.  Pray for the family!

I was privileged to preach at Iglesia JET yesterday morning.  I think that was the best attendance I have ever seen at that church.  We left the service and drove down the road to a local water park for a baptismal service where we worshipped with twenty folks who followed Jesus in believer’s baptism.  One of those twenty was our granddaughter, Lizzi, which was obviously a highlight for me personally and is the main reason Lisa and I made this trip.  I am thankful for Lizzi’s salvation and baptism!

Lisa and I spent an hour or so visiting with Paul Leytham yesterday afternoon.  It was a very nice visit!

I met with Soy & Deidra and Matt & Bonnie for a couple of hours last night.  We are trying to prepare for the Summer teams who will use the mission house.

Four meetings are on the schedule for me today.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.



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SATURDAY, 4/24/21

First, I am praying for the folks in the Mobile area as the severe weather moves through this morning.  Praying that everyone is safe.

Coffee anyone?  Beans or ground?  The folks on the farm next to GRACE Mountain are literally roasting coffee today so you talk about fresh!  Remember, this is “coffee for a cause” as four dollars from each ten dollar bag of coffee will to Shining Light Abroad Ministries to help build houses for some extremely impoverished people.  These houses will be built by the older students from Colegio JET.  Lisa and I will be brining home ground coffee as that is what most people prefer.  If you want beans then you need to send me an email (pastor@friendshipfamily.net) no later than tomorrow (Sunday, 4/25) at noon.  That is true even if you only want a pound or two.

I want to give a shout out to Eddie Albritton as he has become my “go to” guy when it comes to getting me to the airport for these trips to Guatemala.  He took Lisa and me to the airport early this past Thursday and I am grateful.  Why does one of the deacons not take you to the airport?  Great question!  “They all with one consent began to make excuse!”  Just saying!  LOL!

Anna Carol Bosarge is in the hospital but will most likely be discharged at some point today.  Each test that has been done on her has come back good.  Praise the Lord!  Pray for Anna Carol.

Keep praying for Matt Everett’s paternal uncle.  Obviously, he remains in the hospital.

I do not know the arrangements for Kendall’s nephew.  I do know that we need to pray for this family during this most difficult time.

I am praying that Marie Brooks test went well yesterday.  Keep praying as she will see the doctor on Tuesday.

I can only assume that our soccer league games are cancelled today.  Contact Bro. Abel for the latest update.

Regular schedule on our campus tomorrow morning and evening.  Friendship family, please be faithful!

Buildings and Grounds Committee meets tomorrow afternoon at 5:00PM as does the Social Media Committee.

Sergeant Deidra kept me running all day yesterday.  Please do not tell her that I managed to get a hair cut during all of the running.  Late yesterday afternoon she was in La Torre buying items for food baskets.  A can fell and cut the big toe on her right foot.  Pretty nasty cut.  Pray for it to heal quickly.  She will be hobbling around for a few days but it will not keep her from barking orders!

We are going to build two houses today.  One is for the family living in the “plastic” house.  Matt Cain & I will lead that team while will lead a team building another house.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus!

PS – Want freshly roasted coffee beans?  Email me like five minutes ago!


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I received two prayer requests this morning but was not near my computer to post an entry.

Kendall Falana’s nephew was tragically killed in a work related accident yesterday.  This is Kendall’s sister’s son.  Pray for his wife and children as they walk through this valley.

Matt Everett’s paternal uncle has taken a turn for the worse.  They did a procedure this morning.  I have connected with Matt a couple of times but the calls keep getting dropped.  Pray for Matt’s uncle and his family.

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FRIDAY, 4/23/21

Good morning from GRACE Mountain.  I apologize for not posting an entry yesterday but it was a full day of travel.  I “thought” Bibbi aka “BJ” was going to blog in my absence but it is obvious she did not.  Must have had a softball game to attend!

I do not do social media but I heard that Sonny & Jeanette welcomed a new grandchild into this world yesterday.  Nora Elise (?) Bates is the daughter of Wes & Rebekah Bates.  All is well and we are grateful to God for this new addition to the Bates family.  (By the way, this is the “good” Rebekah Bates – LOL!)

If my memory serves me correctly, Marie Brooks will have a test today.  Pray for all to go well.

Keep praying for Angie Bentley.  It was good to see her in the service this past Sunday morning.

Keep praying for Miss Connie Hardy.  What a trooper!  She amazes me with her faithfulness to the church services.

Keep praying for Debbie Kendrick.  She too is a trooper and is so ready to get back into attending our services in person.

Keep praying for Sonny Bates as he recovers from his recent surgery.

I do not know the status of our soccer leagues for tomorrow.  It “appears” that the rain/storms may not be as severe as originally thought.  Bro. Abel has the details on the leagues.

I received a message yesterday morning that simply said, “the service last night was one of those you just had to be there to understand!”  Folks, that may have very well been the best Wednesday night service at Friendship in my thirty plus years of pastoring.  I am very grateful to each person who shared during the service. I often say “good stuff” but that was “GOD stuff!”

Our senior adults will be served a meal in the CAB following the 10:30AM service on Sunday, May 2.  We need to know how many of our seniors are going to be present for this meal.  Katelyn Johnson will coordinate this meal.  She does such a good job hosting events.  Senior adults, there will be a sign up list in this Sunday’s services.  We need to hear from you no later than this Wednesday, April 28.

A good day of traveling for Lisa and me yesterday.  Once we arrived on GRACE Mountain, I was able to see some of the older students.  Got to spend hours with Lizzi, Sydney & Audrey.  When Audrey is involved then one hour seems like four!  Just saying!

Well, Sergeant Deidra just came in and laid out my schedule for today – oh my!  Now, I am already six hours behind!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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WEDNESDAY, 4/21/21

There will be a memorial service for Thomas Welch this morning from 10:00AM until 11:00AM.  This will be preceded by an hour of visitation with the family.  Please note there will not be a regular prayer/Bible study time this morning.  Jeff Holifield will be ministering the Word during the memorial service.  Pray for the Welch family.

Marie Brooks sent me an email last night telling me that she is living in constant pain because of an issue with her back.  She will have a MRI on Friday and then see the doctor on Tuesday.  Pray for Marie!

Both Bill & Debbie Kendrick sent me an email this week giving an update on Debbie.  She is now able to put full weight on her hip and will be good to go once she has received her vaccine shots.  Just an amazing situation and they are both giving God the glory.

Retired pastor, Lucky Teague, has suffered three strokes in recent months.  The most recent one has left him in really bad shape physically.  Pray for Pastor Lucky, his wife, Connie, their daughter and the rest of the family.  I have known Bro. Lucky for fifty plus years.

We will have our regular activities/classes/service tonight beginning at 6:30PM.

Dr. Rex Looney is now the worship leader and adult discipleship leader at First Baptist Hartselle, Alabama.  Congratulations to Dr. Rex!  Rex is one of the thirteen blog readers!

Lord willing, Lisa and I will leave early in the morning heading to Guatemala.  Pastor Adan and the Iglesia JET family have asked me to come baptize around twenty five folks this Sunday.  One of those twenty five is our granddaughter, Lizzi.  I had the privilege of being there when she prayed to receive Jesus as her personal Savior a few weeks ago and will now get to baptize her.  I am humbled and honored!

I will also get to help build the house for family presently living in the “plastic” house.  Great ministry opportunity.

My plate has been really full the first three days of this week and today will be a marathon day for me.  Pray for me to get everything done that I need to get done before leaving.  Thank you!

FYI, the Lord has blessed my feeble efforts when it comes to my garden.  I have a great stand of snap beans, corn (peaches & cream), squash (already blooming) and peppers.  More to be added later.

By the way, my wife has left me!  The past two nights have seen it be just Gina and me at the house.  Lisa now has a second home at Presley’s Outing.  (Man, I wish I would have bought a camper years ago!  Just saying!  LOL!)

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.


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