MONDAY, 1/30/12

Good morning from Guatemala.  I am told that things went well in our services yesterday with Bro. Robbie preaching in three of those and Bro. Jim Chinners preaching one.  Marisa Felps e-mailed me last night to tell me of her decision and I rejoice with her.

Karen McGriff e-mailed me over the weekend to say the hospice nurse is now saying that in her opinion Mac’s mother may not live through the week.  Keep praying for Mac’s mother and the entire McGriff family.

Marisa said that Carla continues to battle a sickness plus the effects of her latest round of chemotherapy.  Pray for Carla.

Bro. Jerry Whitmore preached in his former church in the DC area yesterday morning.  I prayed for him and I know it went well.

The team here is well.  Today marks the first day of our work after a great day of morning and evening worship yesterday.  You can follow along on the GRACE blog.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 1/27/12

The Friendship family will host the service at the Mission of Hope tonight beginning at 7:00PM.  Kyle Bryant is singing and Bro. Robbie is preaching.  You are encouraged to pray for this service and invited to attend.  The bus leaves the church at 6:15PM.

I did not get an update on Scott Bailey or JoNell Barnes after their respective surgeries.  I can only assume all went well.  I was unable to catch up with any of the Bailey family but I did get to have a word of prayer with Miss JoNell before they took her to surgery.

Pastor Clint Landry and the others did a good job of preaching/singing in the service to celebrate the life of Miss Ellen Rhodes.  I appreciate those from the Friendship family who attended either the visitation or the service.

Our “Harvest Day” with Pastor Robbie Howard takes place this Sunday, 1/29.  He will be preaching in all three of our services.  I pray that many members of the Friendship family will attend these services and bring someone with you.

The team from Byron Center, MI heads home from Guatemala today.  They have had a good week.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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THURSDAY, 1/26/12

The visitation with the Ellen Rhodes family will take place today beginning at 10:00AM with the funeral service set for noon.  Both will take place at First Baptist Bayou La Batre.  Pray for her family and for Pastor Clint Landry as he preaches the message of hope to the family.

Miss JoNell Barnes will have surgery today.  Pray that will go well.

Carla Kyser will receive another chemo treatment today.  Pray that it will go without any glitches.

Scott Bailey is the grandson-in-law of Louis & Carmen Reyer.  He will be having open heart surgery today as a physical showed a problem which a cath revealed as blockages with two arteries 80% blocked.  I am guessing Scott is around 45 years old.  Pray for Scott & his family.

Miss Lucine Bryant is doing well in her recovery from surgery.  Her son, Jimmy, had a pace maker placed into his heart yesterday and is also doing well.  Pray for them.

The funeral service for Neal Seaborn’s father, Miles Seaborn, Jr., will take place in Ft. Worth, Texas on Saturday at 1:00PM.  Pray for the Seaborn family.

We had a good day in our services yesterday.  “Potluck with the pastor” went well.  Marisa Felps, Ann Clark & Lisa did a very nice job of cooking/serving the food.  Thanks to Betty Creech for setting up the tables and the same goes to Bro. Chris, Logan Wainwright and Jace Wilkinson.  Danny & Pam Lewis always go beyond the call of duty to help clean up.  Thanks to everyone for bringing food and being a part of that fellowship.

The team from Michigan is doing well in Guatemala.  The trip is really impacting their lives.

Had to shell out some pecans late last night so I decided to watch the Alabama vs LSU football game.  Only watched the first half and Bama was winning 9 – 0.  LSU had not offensive success in the first half.  I just hope Bama can play that well in the second half and win this thing!  I will let you know how it ends if I ever get the chance to watch the rest of the game.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 1/25/12

The arrangements for Miss Ellen Rhodes are as follows:  visitation with the family tomorrow morning, 1/26, from 10:00AM until noon with the funeral service taking place at noon.  The visitation and service will take place from the auditorium of First Baptist Bayou La Batre.  Miss Ellen was a faithful member of 1st Baptist and my assumption is that they will be taking care of the family in the area of food.  Miss Ellen was not only Rachel Jackson’s grandmother but was also Herbert Benefield’s aunt.  Pray for the family.

Miss Lucine Bryant did have surgery on Monday.  She did well and will be in the hospital for a few days.  Pray for her.

Carla Kyser will have another round of chemo tomorrow.  She is battling a cold and sore throat as well.  Pray that she will do well with this round of chemo.

Mac McGriff’s mother continues to be at home under hospice care so keep praying for her too.

Today is “potluck with the pastor” immediately following our morning service.  Marisa is cooking the roast and potatoes.  You are asked to bring all the other food i.e. side dishes and desserts.  This is always a great time of food and fellowship.

Harvest Day this Sunday, 1/29, with Pastor Robbie Howard!

Our schedule on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/5, is a regular one.  (Folks, this is not Alabama football we are talking about!)

I got up at 3:30AM to begin my day and was doing some reading when the phone rings about 3:50AM.  As a pastor, you first thought goes to “what has gone wrong” when the phone rings at an hour like that.  ADT calling to tell me that the alarm was going off at the church.  I had to go meet the law officers.  I had on Alabama pajama pants, an Alabama t-shirt, and an Alabama cap.  Lisa said, “you are going like that?”  I figured I might as well dress for my funeral just in case!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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TUESDAY, 1/24/12

Rachel Jackson’s grandmother, Miss Ellen Rhodes, passed away yesterday morning.  The family is meeting with the funeral home this morning to make the arrangements.  It appears that the visitation and funeral service will take place from First Baptist Bayou La Batre on Thursday.  I will post the completed arrangements later today.  Pray for Rachel and her family.

Our missionary friend, Neal Seaborn, is on his way to Texas from the Philippines as his dad, Miles Seaborn, Jr., passed away on Sunday afternoon.  Pray for Neal and his family.

It is my understanding that Miss Lucine Bryant had surgery yesterday.  I will get the details today.  Pray for her.

The White team has GROW tonight beginning at 6:30PM.  Pray for this ministry.

Potluck with the pastor takes place tomorrow morning immediately following our morning service.  Lisa and I are providing the meat (roast beef) and mashed potatoes.  You are asked to bring the trimmings and desserts.  We will furnish the drinks too.  The morning service begins at 10:00AM.

Our “Harvest Day” with Pastor Robbie Howard takes place this Sunday, 1/29, as Bro. Robbie will be preaching in the 8:00AM, 10:30AM, and 6:00PM services.  You are encouraged to attend these services.  Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to move in a mighty way!

I do not know Tim Thomas.  I do not watch hockey.  I do know that Thomas is the goaltender for the Boston Bruins and was the MVP of last year’s Stanley Cup finals.  The Bruins were invited to the White House for a ceremony yesterday.  Thomas declined the invitation because he does not agree with the direction of our government (either political party).  He took a stand based on his personal convictions.  Pretty strong stuff!

My niece, Jamie, remains in the family – barely!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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MONDAY, 1/23/12

What a joy to see Jeremy Sims make a public profession of faith in our service last night.  Eric Dunkley actually led Jeremy to the Lord as they were talking on the phone about a week ago.  Praise the Lord!

It was great to see Miss Kathleen Henderson in our 10:30AM service yesterday.  I did not get to speak to her but was glad she was able to attend.

Lindsay Roberts was a blessing!  I have had several folks share with me what a blessing that service was to them.  We actually had a good service during the 8:00AM hour too.  God is good!

Bernard Suthoff’s mother will have a test today.  She is in the  hospital.  Rachel Jackson’s grandmother is at home but is not doing well physically.

What a joy to have Pastor Travis Northcutt and his family our two of our services yesterday.  They were on their “Christmas Vacation” and it is always good to see them.

Two things that need your attention – our Harvest Day this Sunday, 1/29, with Bro. Robbie Howard preaching in all three services.  Second, our potluck with the pastor this Wednesday, 1/25 immediately following our morning service.

Lisa and I enjoyed our time with family on Friday night and Saturday.  If my niece, Jamie, does not get with the program she is going to be out of the family!  LOL!

I am not much of a NFL guy but I did record the first game yesterday and watched the final two minutes last night.  Good game and tough break for the kicker.  Bill Kendrick is all smiles today as his beloved “Eli” led the Giants to another victory.  Gotta feel for #10 from the 49ers.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus!

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SATURDAY, 1/21/12

Good morning from Pell City, Alabama.  It is supposed to be a rainy day here although it is not raining at the moment.  Lisa and I are about to go meet my parents along with my sister and her husband for breakfast.  I will then spend some time studying before we go to the wedding.  My brother, Freddie, is doing much better as he continues to recover from his broken leg and subsequent surgery.

I do not have any updates on any of the folks mentioned this week so I will go with the “no news is good news” scenario.  I do ask that you continue to pray for Hilda and her family.

I do know the folks from the Friendship CRC arrived safely in Guatemala yesterday afternoon.  They will begin their week of ministry today.  Pray for them.  Also, I assume the folks from Moline arrived home safely.

I am excited about tomorrow’s 10:30AM service.  I pray that God will use it to stir our hearts.  I pray that the members of the Friendship family will be present.

I read an article last night about the ten richest pastors in America.  I found it interesting that my pastor friend, Dr. Jack Bailey, came in at number eight.  I was thinking he would be a spot or two higher – LOL!

My voice was horrible last night but it seems to be a little better this morning.  Thanks for your prayers.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 1/20/12

Amber Sessions has been in the hospital twice in the past two weeks.  I visited her yesterday afternoon and she was supposed to go home.  I do not know if that happened.  They removed her gall bladder on 1/10.  She had some other issues that they have hopefully resolved now and will be able to control with medications.

I visited with Judy Brooks (Martha Pierre’s daughter) yesterday afternoon too.  We talked through the curtain as she was waiting on a nurse to come assist her.  Pray for her recovery from surgery.

Deanna Wetterer said Andrew is gaining weight and is making improvement.  Jennifer is still battling a blood pressure that is higher than normal.  (She never has been normal!)  Pray for Andrew and Jennifer!

The Moline, Michigan team was scheduled to arrive at their church around midnight.  They either flew into Detroit or Chicago and took a bus home from there.  They had a great week.  Sounds as though the house dedications were the best part.  Dave & Donna Westhouse do such a great job of leading teams to Guatemala.  As a matter of fact, they will lead a second Moline team in just a couple of weeks.  Awesome!

A team from the Friendship CRC in Byron Center, Michigan left this morning heading to Guatemala.  They too are regulars and are led by Don & Ruth Nederhood and their daughter, Laura.  They will have a great week of ministry!  Pray for them!

Speaking of Guatemala, the men charged with designing the building to house the feeding center have submitted plans for possible bids.  Pray that all of this will go well.

We are on a regular schedule for this Sunday with a special guest in the 10:30AM service only.

Lisa and I will leave today headed to Moody, Alabama for my niece’s wedding tomorrow.  I will officiate it.  Lord willing, we will get home Saturday night and I will be in the services Sunday.  Pray for me as I have almost lost my voice.  It came on mequickly and I am concerned about the wedding tomorrow and preaching on Sunday.  (I do not need any wise cracks from the peanut gallery – LOL!)  I have preached with a condition like this before and plan on doing so this Sunday as well.

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church!

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THURSDAY, 1/19/12

The service for Earl Gunter was well attended and I thought it went well.  Mike Bell, Russell Gunter, Pastor Jeff Switzer, and Pastor Robbie Howard all did great jobs of sharing about Earl.  They also presented the Gospel.  The special music was great too!  Thanks to those who helped with the food.  Thanks to  Miss Vinnie & Mr. Oscar for leading the serving of the meal to the Gunter family.  The Friendship family is going to miss Earl Gunter in a huge way!

Rachel Jackson’s grandmother was discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Amy Huhn’s mother, Miss Gloria Morrison, got a great report yesterday from her latest scan.  Praise the Lord!

Miss Kathleen Henderson has been moved to an assisted living facility for the time being.  (This is coming from Joey Switzer so you decide how much stock to put into it – LOL!)

Shocking news – Trinity College lost in squash yesterday!  They had won 252 consecutive games (matches?) not having lost since the 1997-98 season.  Yale got ’em yesterday by a score of 5 – 4.  I almost had trouble sleeping last night!  Do not fret as the Bantams will be back!  (They are the thirteen times defending champions!)

I have not had proper nourishment since Tuesday noon – that is when my stash of tomatoes ran out!  I enjoyed a tomato sandwich Sunday night, twice on Monday, and then Tuesday.  Yes, I did give one of the tomatoes to Ricky from the quartet – wishing now I had not!  LOL!  (By the way, Greer’s in Grand Bay is presently selling those tomatoes)

If anyone within the church family needs work done i.e. odd jobs such as raking leaves, mowing, washing windows, et cetera then please contact me.  We can discuss pay and the person available.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus!

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WEDNESDAY, 1/18/12

I so appreciate all those who brought food for the Versiga family yesterday.  You brought plenty and the family was very grateful.  I also say “thank you” to those who attended the visitation and/or service yesterday and to those who prayed for that service.  The family seemed pleased with the service.

I do not know the numbers from last night’s visitation with the Gunter family but they were impressive!  Thanks to Raymond & Tina for manning the “break room” for the night and to Bro. Jerry for making sure the auditorium was good to go.

IMPORTANT CHANGE – if you are bringing food for the Gunter family today please note that you can now have it in the fellowship hall by 2:00PM instead of the earlier time listed yesterday.  (The family will eat after the service)  I will open the fellowship hall by 6:30AM today for those needing to bring food earlier.

Martha Pierre’s daughter, Judy, will have surgery today.  Pray that everything will go well.

Rachel Jackson’s grandmother, Miss Ellen, is in the hospital.  She may be discharged today but that is not for certain.

We will have our 10:00AM service today and we will meet in the fellowship hall.  I am going to Krispy Kreme this morning and purchase donuts for your enjoyment.  Raymond prepared the coffee pot last night so all we have to do is turn it on.

This evening’s schedule is a normal one.  I pray that many of our folks will be involved.

The Moline, MI folks in Michigan are doing great.  Today will be spent dedicating the houses and that is always a special time.  Pray for them as they prepare to fly home tomorrow.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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