FRIDAY, 1/20/12

Amber Sessions has been in the hospital twice in the past two weeks.  I visited her yesterday afternoon and she was supposed to go home.  I do not know if that happened.  They removed her gall bladder on 1/10.  She had some other issues that they have hopefully resolved now and will be able to control with medications.

I visited with Judy Brooks (Martha Pierre’s daughter) yesterday afternoon too.  We talked through the curtain as she was waiting on a nurse to come assist her.  Pray for her recovery from surgery.

Deanna Wetterer said Andrew is gaining weight and is making improvement.  Jennifer is still battling a blood pressure that is higher than normal.  (She never has been normal!)  Pray for Andrew and Jennifer!

The Moline, Michigan team was scheduled to arrive at their church around midnight.  They either flew into Detroit or Chicago and took a bus home from there.  They had a great week.  Sounds as though the house dedications were the best part.  Dave & Donna Westhouse do such a great job of leading teams to Guatemala.  As a matter of fact, they will lead a second Moline team in just a couple of weeks.  Awesome!

A team from the Friendship CRC in Byron Center, Michigan left this morning heading to Guatemala.  They too are regulars and are led by Don & Ruth Nederhood and their daughter, Laura.  They will have a great week of ministry!  Pray for them!

Speaking of Guatemala, the men charged with designing the building to house the feeding center have submitted plans for possible bids.  Pray that all of this will go well.

We are on a regular schedule for this Sunday with a special guest in the 10:30AM service only.

Lisa and I will leave today headed to Moody, Alabama for my niece’s wedding tomorrow.  I will officiate it.  Lord willing, we will get home Saturday night and I will be in the services Sunday.  Pray for me as I have almost lost my voice.  It came on mequickly and I am concerned about the wedding tomorrow and preaching on Sunday.  (I do not need any wise cracks from the peanut gallery – LOL!)  I have preached with a condition like this before and plan on doing so this Sunday as well.

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church!

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  • Sommer says:

    Praying for your voice (or lack thereof) and for safe travels. I have heard you preach hoarse before and it was still great preaching!! Maybe you ate too many maters :-)??

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