TUESDAY, 6/16/09

“Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.”  (I Thessalonians 5:14)

This verse came to my yesterday as I thought about my friend, Pastor Jack Bailey.  I want to be a help to him per the instructions to “comfort the feebleminded” so I am going to try to be patient with him and understand his situation.  I checked Pastor Michael Mason’s blog yesterday and, as I looked at his picture, realized the striking resemblance between Michael & Jack – I don’t know if I had ever noticed that before.  I have always known they act alike but the “looks” thing kinda caught me off guard.  (BTW, Pastor Michael had not updated his blog!  Surprised?)  I think Rex Looney should start a blog!

Bro. Chris tweeted.  It simply said that there were 13 students who made decisions during the service on Sunday night.  Praise the Lord!  I haven’t gotten a report from yesterday/last night’s services.  Dale hasn’t tweeted – twitter! 

Kevin Vice’s mother, Betty Hickman, will have a heart cath today.  They may have to replace a stent.  Karla Teasley Bosarge’s father, Bill Teasley, will have knee replacement surgery today.  Pray for these folks as they go through these procedures. 

Betty Hamil was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon.  She has been sick for over a month and the doctors can’t find the root of her problem.  Their daughter, Margie, who is a medical doctor will come home this week to check on her mother.  Eugene Whitehurst remains hospitalized too but is making some improvement.  Carla Kyser is having her treatment next Tuesday and not today.  Mama Marisa made a mistake – imagine that!  Pray for these folks! 

The Dalraida Baptist team staying in the mission house has been able to host some medical clinics thanks to medicines made available through GRACE/John & Laurie King.  It has been a “different” trip for them but they have handled it well.  The Fab Five are doing good! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus. 




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MONDAY, 6/15/09

” A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.”  (Proverbs 15:13)

I firmly believe that life is way too short to not laugh “at” yourself and to laugh “with” others from time to time.  A merry heart can help get you through those “not so good” times like when someone throws the anchor & the rope overboard leaving you anchorless in troubled waters.  Maybe today we would all do well to LOL at least once! 

Wild Week ’09 is happening now with Dale & Karla Bosarge, John Vickers, & Bre Woods being joined by the 70 +/- folks from the Friendship family for the next four days.  Our group arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  Pray that this will be a time of spiritual renewal in their lives individually and in the life of our student ministry collectively.  I can’t say for certain but I would imagine Bro. Chris will be posting pictures on this site as the week progresses.  Or you can follow him on Twitter! 

The funeral service for Christy Wynn’s grandfather will take place this morning.  The visitation with the family will be held from 9:00 – 9:45AM at the Holder Wells Funeral Home with a graveside service immediately following in Gautier.  Pray for this family. 

The service for Miss Grace Taylor, Sonny’s aunt, was held yesterday afternoon.  The funeral service for Leroy Hill will take place this Friday, 6/19. 

Carla Kyser will have another chemotherapy treatment tomorrow.  Max Peacock is finished with his radiation treatments.  Gloria Morrison received her last treatment this Wednesday.  Pray for these folks and all of the others who are battling cancer. 

Would someone please tell Pastor Jack “my man just got tatooed four times by Kobe” Bailey that the Los Angeles Lakers are the 2009 NBA champions?  Are they the best team ever?  Is Kobe the best player ever?  Will they repeat next year?  Has Pastor Jack become a Lakers fan?  Will he be wearing his #24 jersey now?  So many questions! 

Apparently, Pastor Jack has decided to take the Pastor Michael Mason approach on this blogging thing which is post about once a quarter whether you need to or not!  I know that it is not a time issue with Pastor Jack as Joe David has told me that he, Joe, is doing the bulk of the work at DBC including Tracey & Mandy’s jobs! 

Deidra & Pam have posted GRACE blog entries over the weekend.  The Montgomery team is doing well.  Keep praying for them. 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 

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Christy Wynn called me this afternoon to say that her maternal grandfather passed away during the night.  The visitation with the family will take place at Holder Wells Funeral Home in Moss Point on Monday morning from 9:00 – 9:45AM followed by a graveside service in Gautier.  Pray for Christy and her family during this time of sorrow. 

Larry Whitehurst left me a message this morning to say that Leroy Hill passed away around 9:00PM last night.  Pray for Debbie and the family during this difficult time.  I would also ask that you pray for Larry as he has been asked to speak at the funeral service.  I know Larry will share the Word. 

Larry’s brother, Eugene Whitehurst, is in an ICU in a local hospital.  They inserted a feeding tube to help him gain some strength.  Pray for Eugene.

Jeanette Bates left me a message this morning to say that Miss Grace Taylor, Sonny’s aunt, passed away early this morning.  I have known Miss Grace all of my life.  She & Mr. Andrew were neighbors & fellow church members during my at home years.  The Taylor family have been good friends.  Pray for Junior and the family. 

Michelle Rolls & Ben Thomas will be united in marriage this evening at 6:00PM.  The wedding will take place at the Daphne United Methodist Church on Main Street in Daphne.  The Friendship family is invited to attend. 

The Montgomery team did not get their medicines released in spite of a great effort by Pancho Arriola.  John King literally spent all day in the city yesterday and he is not well himself.  We have a wonderful staff/friends in Guatemala who always seem to go the extra mile for anyone/anything associated with GRACE Ministries.  Deidra told me that Jim Peters preached a great message last night about instead of asking God “why” just ask Him “what do you what me to do in this situation with what I have?”  She says that the team members have taken a good attitude and are adapting well. 

You need an Anchor!  Do you have one? 

I pray that you will have a great afternoon with Jesus. 


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FRIDAY, 6/12/09

“Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.” (Proverbs 12:25) 

Who do you know that needs a good word spoken to them today?  You will encounter someone – a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend, or a complete stranger.  Will you share a good word? 

Miss Jay Love will have a surgical procedure done this morning.  Pray that all goes well during this time.  Rachel Walton did well through her surgery yesterday and is at home recovering. 

I will be preaching the funeral service for Willie Johnson’s step-father today at noon and then attending the funeral service for T.J. Presley’s grandfather, Allen Ladnier, at 2:00PM.  Pray for these families as they go through these respective valleys. 

Louise Mason has been sick in Guatemala.  She stayed in the bed all day yesterday and will most likely do the same today.  Thank God for the Fab Five!  Or, is it the Fab Four & Soy? 

The Arkansas team moved to a hotel in Antigua yesterday and the Montgomery team moved into the mission house.  The Montgomery team plans on doing some major medical work but that plan was delayed yesterday when their medicines were confiscated in the airport.  Pray that the right connections can be made today in order to get those medicines released. 

On that note, I want to say a huge “thank you” to Pancho Arriola for his help in getting the Arkansas team’s medicine through customs and the work is he doing for the Montgomery team.  This is all new to everyone.  Pancho is the legal representative for GRACE Ministries and he is a mover & shaker!  I really appreciate his efforts! 

Michelle Rolls & Ben Thomas will get married tomorrow night at 6:00PM.  The ceremony will take place at the Daphne United Methodist Church and members of the Friendship family are coridally invited to attend. 

I have a “good word” for my pastor friend, Jack “I am politically correct” Bailey – the Lakers are one win away from their 15th NBA championship after the Magic inexplicably “disappeared” in the second half of last night’s game.  How did they do that?  Was Dale Bosarge in the house?  Could the Lakers make the Magic disappear altogether Sunday night?  It will be must see tv! 

While Soy soaks in the rays on a roof top in Guatemala, I need to go mow my grass so I can then go mow his grass!  If you are keeping score, (which I am not) he mowed 1/32 of my yard on May 21 while this will be my third time to mow his entire yard!  But, then again, who’s counting? 

Speaking of mowing, James Davis has done a very nice job of keeping our back property mowed for the past couple of years.  I appreciate the job he has done!  He tried again this year but he is no longer physically able to do it.  Pray for James.  We now need some folks to help in this area.  We have the mower so we just need folks to ride it!  It needs a mowing right now.  Can you help?  Contact me personally. 

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus.  Go to church!  Pray for our students as they leave for camp on Sunday afternoon. 


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THURSDAY, 6/11/09

“The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watereth also himself.” (Proverbs 11:25)

Our Finance Committee met last night to begin the process of preparing a proposed budget for the next fiscal year which begins August 1.  As I looked over the missions section of the budget, I could not help but be thankful for God’s faithfulness in blessing us as we seek to be “liberal” in the area of giving to other ministries.  My prayer is that we, individually & collectively, will be made fat!  Thank God for His blessings!

We had a good Wednesday.  I am not so sure that I like the move to the student ministry building for our 8:00PM service but we did have a good number.  That is a really great group of young adults!  Ralph Rimmer does a nice job of leading our musical worship each Wednesday.  The Friendship family is blessed with some wonderful young adults!  Yes, you are always going to have a Will but. . . .

Gloria Whitmore is doing well in her recovery from surgery.  Their trip has been delayed a few days but that is okay with them. 

Rachel Walton is having surgery on her knee early this morning.  I will go pray with her before surgery and then sit with her husband, Cooter, while the doctors operate.  I am not making this up – this surgery is necessitated because of her fall out of the dog house a few months ago!  You might be from Alabama if. . .

I haven’t said much about it but I finally feel that I have a release from the Lord as to when to begin our Spanish ministry.  We are going to host a “fiesta” on Saturday afternoon/evening, July 11, and then have the first service on Sunday afternoon, July 12, at 2:00PM.  Would you please pray for this new ministry opportunity? 

Our February ’10 medical GRACE trip is coming together and we are going to have several doctors from Michigan join us.  If you have an interest in being a part of that trip, you need to contact me now.  The dates are Saturday, January 30, through Saturday, February 6, 2010.   

Speaking of Guatemala, the Fab Five is doing well.  Alisha posted a blog entry on her site last night.  The Arkansas team moves to Antigua today as the Dalraida Baptist team from Montgomery moves into the mission house.  This will be a medical team and I received word last night that they could face a problem in getting their meds into the country.  Pray that isn’t a problem. 

Gotta go see Cooter!  Hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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WEDNESDAY, 6/10/09

“In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.  The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth.  The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom.”  (Proverbs 10:19-21)

Have you ever noticed how much Solomon mentions the tongue?  If I could only apply his teachings on the tongue to my life then I would be in much better shape!  He that refraineth his lips is wise!  Ever known someone who either thought before they spoke or simply didn’t give a reply?  Ever known someone who just let her fly when it comes to words?  Huge difference! 

Gloria Whitmore came through her surgery very successfully.  She was scheduled for a 2:00PM procedure which ended up being a 6:00PM procedure meaning they got home around 9:30PM.  However, she & Jerry were seemingly cool, calm, & collected and were just giving God the glory for His blessings.  Their trip has been delayed for a few days which means they will miss their granddaughter’s graduation. 

Deidra posted a blog entry last night on the GRACE blog.  Alisha posted one with pictures at alishavice.blogspot.com.  One of the team members, Scott Ramsey, from Arkansas is also blogging at radicalcleric.com.  Plus, you can follow him on twitter. 

Jack Ciak & my wife, Lisa, were on the same flight from Guatemala this past Monday morning and then sat in the same gate area waiting on their connecting flights.  And?  They didn’t speak to each other!  (Can you say Baptist? LOL!)  Actually, they both were afraid that it would not be who they thought it was so they just kept silent.  If Jack would have ever opened his mouth, Lisa would have taken it from there and Jack would have been “ear weary” when he finally got to Arkansas! 

Speaking of Guatemala, I learned yesterday that John & Laurie King are both down with the flu.  Pray for them! 

What a bad night for me last night!  The Lakers were “mugged” by the officials and the Magic.  I am sure that Pastor Jack “Rodman” Bailey is all smiles this morning!  As the Lakers were getting beat, I was already struggling mightily as the Red Wings were being clipped by the Penguins.  Tim Mast & I are in tough shape this morning!  Is hockey even a sport? 

Rex, we have had several requests regarding you & your singing but I may have you come here anyway! 

Pastor Travis, you come to Grand Bay, let me take you to lunch only to return to NC and forget about us!  What’s up with that? 

We are on a regular schedule today with the morning service and evening activities.  Our young professionals Bible study will take place at 8:00PM in the student ministry building. 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus. 


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TUESDAY, 6/9/09

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10)

Gloria Whitmore will be having outpatient surgery this afternoon.  Pray for a quick recovery and guidance from the Lord as she & Jerry were set to leave tomorrow to go visit their children & grandchildren. 

Carla Kyser had another treatment last week which always is followed by some down time.  Max Peacock continues to receive his radiation treatments.  Miss Joyce Bosarge has been having some “not so good” days.  Gloria Morrison is doing okay.  Kathy Wadkins’ first cousin, Terri, continues to battle her cancer.  BTW, Kathy is still having back problems.  Mike Moreland’s brother, Chuck, continues to need our prayer support too.  Mary Cook has a first cousin who was involved in an accident and hospitalized as a result.  Sonni Eyler is still recovering from her heel surgery.  Pastor Jack Bailey has asked us to pray for his friend, Rodney, in Danville.  Pray without ceasing!

Bro. Kerry is taking the student choir to Waterville today so pray for them as they travel and enjoy this day of fellowship. 

Alisha Vice posted a blog entry yesterday.  She is also blogging at alishavice.blogspot.com.  The Arkansas team is doing well as they hosted a medical clinic yesterday. 

Mark Mast “stopped by” this site yesterday to leave a comment.  He said that he had not been by in a long time – I’m crushed!  I fly to Wisconsin for his son’s wedding and this is what he does to me?  Next news you know, Rex Looney will comment to tell me that he is now a reader of Pastor Jack’s blog exclusively! 

Will the Lakers sweep the Magic or do they want to go back to LA to win it?  Tonight’s game may very well determine that.  Will the Red Wings put away the Penguins tonight or will that series get extended to a seventh game?  Hockey & soccer thrill me! 

I am happy to report that the Lord blessed and we were able to harvest a nice crop of corn yesterday afternoon.  I have pretty much failed at gardening this year but God has blessed in spite of me.  Again, if I could only be like Jack! 

I will have to say that one of our sons-in-law (that would be Brad) helped my cut grass this past Saturday and then pulled & shucked corn yesterday – what a nice guy!  The other son-in-law?  (that would be Soy)Please don’t get me started!  I am still waiting to tell the rest of that story! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus. 


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MONDAY, 6/8/09

“Search me O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”  (Psalm 139:23-24)

VBS ’09 is history for the Friendship family and we are thankful to God for His many blessings.  The family night last night was a good time of bringing everything to a close.  We had around 20 students make a salvation decision – praise the Lord.  Our average attendance was around 390.  The rotation system seemed to work well.  All in all it was a blessed week.  Glory to God and thanks to each person who helped in any way. 

Troy, Sommer, Caleb, Hannah, & Cody Brock moved to Texas this past Saturday.  (I do not know why anyone would want to live in Texas!)  We are really going to miss the Brock family.  They have been faithful.  You can call the church office if you would like to have their new mailing address.  Pray for them as they seek a church home. 

Louise Mason’s home church, Foothills Fellowship Bible Church, is presently in Guatemala doing ministry.  Pray for them to have a great week of ministry.  Special thanks goes to Rusty from the group as he is repairing one of our dryers.  GRACE Ministries has been blessed by many wonderful folks who have come alongside to join us in doing ministry.  The folks at FFBC are certainly in that number.  Yes, we are blessed!

I really do like Dwight “I now have two tattoos thanks to Kobe” Howard.  I certainly would not mind seeing him lead his team to a NBA title.  However, it pleases me to report that the Lakers are now up 2-0 in the series.  If the officials would have called the foul when they “mugged” Kobe on his last shot in regulation then it would have never gone to overtime.  Kobe isn’t getting the calls but he is simply playing through it!  If the Lakers win this thing, I may buy Pastor Jack Bailey an authentic Kobe #24 jersey! 

Wow, the USA men’s soccer team beat Honduras this past Saturday too in a WC qualifier.  Talk about making the heart pump at an acclerated rate!  We may start a women’s soccer league on our back property! 

Lisa comes home today – hooray!  I pray that she will have safe, uneventful travels. 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 


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FRIDAY, 6/5/09

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also the the Greek.”  (Romans 1:16)

The “Foundation”has come to a close and it has been a good four nights of worship and time in the Word with Pastor Terry Rainey.  I don’t know the exact numbers but we have averaged somewhere around 75 students in each service with a good number of adults joining them nightly.  Thanks to Bro. Chris, Bro. Dale, the praise band, and each person who helped in any way with this week of ministry.  As always, Pastor Rainey was a blessing and used by the Lord to speak to our hearts.  We give God the glory for what He has done in our lives this week.

Today is the final day of our VBS ’09 and it has been a good one.  Again, I don’t know the numbers but I do get the sense that the rotation system has worked well.  Bro. Jerry & Miss Myrtle are to be commended for leading our VBS.  I say “thank you” to each worker and to each person who helped in any way.  Don’t forget – our family night takes place this Sunday at 5:00PM.

I am playing Mr. Mom this weekend.  I sent Lisa to Guatemala yesterday afternoon to check up on the Fab Five!  They had mechanical failure in Houston so it delayed her getting to the mission house until around 1:15AM.  I owe John King big time for meeting Lisa at the airport.  The real reason for Lisa’s trip was to surprise Deidra for her 27th birthday – mission accomplished!  They will enjoy this time of fellowship capped with a birthday cake cooked by Diane Bryant.  Soy can thank me later for sending his mother-in-law 2,500 miles to visit him!  By the way, this Mr. Mom stuff is so overrated as I simply sent Dana & Gina to Brad & Daphne’s last night! 

Can someone please tell Pastor Jack Bailey that his man, Dwight “I ain’t got no tattoos” Howard, has one now – the one Kobe stamped on his forehead last night!  LOL!  Go Lakers!

I pray that you will have a great weekend.  Go to church.  Gotta get Pastor Terry to the airport. 




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THURSDAY, 6/4/09

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”  (Proverbs 4:7)

James writes that if any of us lack wisdom that we are to ask God and He will give it to us in a gracious supply.  Too many times I find myself operating within the confines of my own “wisdom” and that is not a good thing.  The Bible speaks warns us to not be wise in our own eyes but to fear the Lord.  May we walk using His wisdom today! 

JB Kelley did well through his surgery yesterday.  The real answer will come next week when they remove the patch from his eye.  Keep praying for him.  It has been a few days since I mentioned the folks from the Friendship family who are battling cancer but that does not lessen our need to keep praying for them.  Liz told me yesterday that her mother, Joyce Bosarge, had been having some rough days.  Keep praying for these folks.  Mary Cook sent an e-mail yesterday afternoon asking us to pray for her first cousin who was involved in an accident.  Sonni Eyler continues to recover from her heel surgery and JB Miller remains hospitalized.  Pray for all of these folks. 

Today is our evangelism day in VBS.  Pray for Bro. Jerry, Bro. Chris, and me as we will be sharing this morning beginning around 9:20AM.  Pray the we will faithfully plant the seed and perhaps we will be reaping fruit from seeds already sown. 

It was a neat thing to see the lower level of the auditorium almost filled last night as Pastor Rainey shared the Word with us.  IMO, the Foundation has gone well.  Pray for the final service tonight. 

The Faith of Bartlett folks go home from Guatemala today.  They have had a good week.  I spoke to Ryan Johnston via the phone last night and scolded him for not blogging – he basically just laughed about how he was going to have it under control this year and it had been crazy.  You really have to be a team leader to understand!  I thank God for Faith Baptist and their involvement/partnership with GRACE Ministries.  We are blessed!  By the way, Foothills Fellowship from Arkansas arrives at the mission house this Saturday.  The Fab Five are doing great too so keep praying for them.   BTW, Deidra blogged last night. 

Costa Rica blasted the USA in the World Cup qualifier last night.  Following that loss, I had trouble sleeping last night.  Michael Bradley got a yellow card in the 54th minute which means he is now suspended for a game.  I sure hope the US can beat Honduras in their next game.  I only wished they televised high school girl’s soccer games! 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus. 

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