SATURDAY, 10/16/21

Regular schedule on our campus tomorrow morning and evening.

Thank you to those who attended the visitation/service for Larry McConnell and to those who helped with the meal.  I have been in the ministry for forty six years and I witnessed something yesterday that I have never seen at a funeral.  Very touching to me.

Keep praying for those we have been listing as having prayer needs for their physical well being.

We need folks to host stations for the Trail of Truth and Treats on Sunday, 10/31, from 4:00PM until 6:30PM.  Contact TJ or Lindsey Vice to sign up.

Basketball sign ups will take place for the next two Fridays and then on Saturday, 10/30.  Contact Eddie A for more information.

I hope to take in some college football today and tonight.  Our Sunday School class will be washing the buses first thing today.  We are under the direction of Rhett “McGyver” Butler.  What does that mean?  Basically we will make our own water and make a super soaker out of a potted meat can and duct tape!  The man is a legend!

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 10/15/21

One of the three teens involved in the off road accident Wednesday afternoon remains in the hospital and will have surgery today.  It is not a life threatening surgery.  Pray that all goes well.

Danny & Pam Lewis seemed pleased with the service for Pam’s mother yesterday.  I pray that God was glorified.  I appreciate Warren & Cecil Guidry and Sammy & Myrtle Bowden for attending that service.  (Miss Vinnie was also going to attend but I gave her other duties which prevented her from attending).

The visitation with the Larry McConnell family will take place today at Mobile Memorial Funeral Home Chapel from 1:00PM until the 2:00PM service time.  Thank you to Miss Vinnie Brewer and those who are helping feed the McConnell family today.  What a trooper Miss Vinnie is!

John Milton Ladnier will have a scan done on Tuesday, 10/19.  If there is no cancer present elsewhere in his body, surgery will take place the following Tuesday, 10/26.  Pray for good results from the scan.

No real updates/changes from the others for whom we have been praying.  Just keep praying!

Keith Barrett had a visit with his doctor yesterday and got a good report.  His and Aninha’s ticket situation for the trip to Brazil was resolved – praise the Lord!  Their friend, Mary, is responding well to treatments which is a God thing.

We need folks to step up to the plate regarding the Trail of Truth and Treats.  What does that mean?  Host a booth, trunk, whatever from 4:00PM until 6:30PM on Sunday, 10/31.  This can be families, SS classes, deacons, staff, whomever.  Contact TJ or Lindsey Vice or Bro. Abel if you will help.  Time is of the essence.

I will meet with Eddie Albritton this morning to discuss the basketball sign up schedule.

Read an interesting article regarding the Amish community in Lancaster, PA.  They did not go into a lockdown and even took communion from the same cup.  Yes, they had the virus among them but they reach “herd immunity” and had no catastrophic loss of lives.  Interesting!

There will be some most interesting football games in the SEC tomorrow.  The best games are early (11:00AM) and then late (6:00PM and later).  Someone told me this week that Alabama got beat last Saturday night but I refuse to believe that – LOL!

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning and evening.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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THURSDAY, 10/14/21

Trail of Truth and Treats!

Word came to me during the night that three of our students were involved in an accident and were all three at the hospital.  One of them was to spend the night in ICU.  Bro. Abel is in touch with the families.  Pray for these teens and their families.

John Milton Ladnier meets with a surgeon today.

I will be driving to Louisiana today to preach the celebration of life service for Pam Lewis’s mother.

Danny Lewis will have some medical procedures done next week.

Myrtle is still waiting for an appointment with the doctor.

Beth Rockwell did have the filter put in place to prevent the blood clot from moving to her heart or lungs.

The celebration of life service for Larry McConnell takes place tomorrow afternoon.  Miss Vinnie Brewer is graciously coordinating the meal for the family.

Buddy Brewer is doing well and remains in Birmingham.

Rita Boutwell will have a stress test today.  (This is in addition to the stress test placed on her daily by her daughter, Kimberly!)

Basketball sign ups are taking place now.  Eddie Albritton is the league coordinator.

Good services on our campus yesterday.  Praise the Lord!

Did I mention the Trail of Truth and Treats?

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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WEDNESDAY, 10/13/21

Regular schedule on our campus this morning (10:00AM) and tonight at 6:30PM.  Friendship family, come join us!

I posted the obit for Pam Lewis’ mother in a separate entry.  Keep praying for Pam and her family.  Pam has asked me to preach the celebration of life service for her mother which I count as an honor.

Danny’s biopsies were not done on Tuesday.  Not sure all that is going on or what is next.  Pray for Danny.

Beth Rockwell’s procedure did not take place on Monday but was supposed to happen yesterday morning.  Pray for Beth, Chuck & Greg.

John Milton will see a surgeon tomorrow.  Pray for that consultation.

Myrtle is still waiting to get in to see her doctor.  If nothing opens before then, she is scheduled to see him next Wednesday, 10/20.  Pray.

The service for Larry McConnell takes place this Friday at 2:00PM preceded by an hour’s visitation with the family.  Pray for Linda, Lanell and Larry’s sons.

Keep praying for Jennifer Kirschenman as she continues to recover from her hip replacement surgery.

Also, keep praying for Buddy Brewer as he remains in Birmingham.

Friendship family, remember the love offering for Soy & Deidra on the thirty first.  Also, the opportunity to pledge to support their ministry.

Basketball sign ups are happening now.  Eddie Albritton is the point man for this ministry.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.



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October 12, 1938 – October 10, 2021

Dorothy Sanchez Weber, age 83, of Belle Rose, Louisiana passed away on Sunday, October 10, 2021.
She was a loving mother, sister, and friend. She enjoyed spending time with her daughter and watching tv. Dorothy also looked forward to eating out with her sister, Marilyn and her friend, Mary Ann.

Dorothy leaves behind to cherish her memory her daughter, Pamela Weber Lewis and husband, Danny Lewis; five sisters, Marilyn Crisp, Vera Landry, Diane Buxton, Pearl Alleman, and Gertrude Simoneaux and one brother, Dennis Sanchez.

She is preceded in death by her husband, Donald Weber; parents, Danvel and Regina Sanchez; one nephew, Danny Simoneaux; two brothers-in-law, Sidney Alleman and Emmet “Bada” Simoneaux.

A visitation will be held on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at Ourso Funeral Home in Donaldsonville from 9am until Service in our chapel at 11am. Interment to follow in the Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church Mausoleum.

Donations maybe made to a charity of your choice.

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TUESDAY, 10/12/21

Word came to me last night that John Milton Ladnier has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  He will meet with a surgeon this Thursday.  I have just told you everything I know about John’s situation.  I am asking you to join me in praying for John, Teresa and family.  John Milton is a really good guy, great church member and great neighbor.

The visitation with the Phillip Clark family will take place today from 11:00AM until the noon service.  Pray for that service and for Phillip’s family.

I spoke to Pam Lewis yesterday.  She will meet with the funeral directors this morning to make the arrangements for her mother’s celebration of life service.  Pray for Pam.

Speaking of Pam, Danny had two biopsies yesterday.  I did not speak to him to get an update but do ask that you pray for Danny.  Danny is as good as they come!

Chuck Rockwell is keeping me updated on his wife’s (Beth) situation.  They were to do a procedure yesterday to prevent a blood clot from moving to her heart or lungs.  Pray for Beth and Chuck.

Keep praying for Myrtle Bowden as she continues to wait on doctor’s appointments.

Also, keep praying for Buddy Brewer.

I spoke to Linda McConnell yesterday.  She is struggling emotionally.  Pray for her.  We are going to need someone to coordinate the meal for the McConnell family on Friday as Tina Wilkinson will not be available.  Any takers?

Lisa and I went to the visitation for Pastor Lamon Forrest yesterday.  We could not stay for the service as it conflicted time wise with the service for Evangelist James Messer.  We were well received and very thankful to have been able to attend.

I went from Serenity to First Dawes.  Mike Moreland came and sat by me before, and during, the service.  He is doing well and is teaching an adult Sunday School class.  Good for Mike!  How about Janice Moreland?  She was there but she did not sit with Mike and me.  As a matter of fact, she did not even speak to me – what is up with that?

I also saw Music Evangelist Phillip Willis at the service for Bro. James.  He is still going strong at eighty two years of age.

By the way, Lisa and I have a good day with my mama last Friday.  Lunch at the Old Cook Stove and then supper from Southern Hickory Bar-b-que – heaven for me!

Sign up has begun for our children’s basketball leagues.  Eddie Albritton is coordinating these leagues so contact him for the details.  The first day of sign up (last Friday) was strong.

Here is an odd request – does anyone have one of those “fit bit” type watches for a man that they are no longer using?  If so, I will buy it from you.  Obviously, need one that works.  I am asking for someone else (not a friend).  If you can help, contact me, please.

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.









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MONDAY, 10/11/21

Danny Lewis brought me word last night following our evening service that his mother-in-law, Miss Dot Weber, passed from this life around 4:30PM yesterday.  Pray for Pam and the family during this time.  Arrangements pending.

The celebration of life service for Evangelist James Messer will take place this afternoon at 2:00PM from First Baptist Dawes.

The visitation and service for Phillip Clark will take place tomorrow from the San Souci Baptist Church.  I am not certain of the times but will post them once I am.

The visitation and service for Larry McConnell will take place this Friday, 10/15.

The celebration of life service for Pastor Lamon Forrest will be private.

Myrtle Bowden was in our services yesterday.  She is waiting on an opening to be able to confer with a doctor.  Keep praying for Myrtle.

Danny Lewis will have a couple of biopsies done today.  Pray that all goes well.

Buddy Brewer has been discharged from the hospital in Birmingham but is confined to a local hospital for the next three weeks.  He goes for blood work at the hospital every other day.  This is good news but keep praying for Buddy.

Dana Taylor, Hannah & JJ were involved in an auto accident yesterday afternoon.  Major damage to their vehicle but the three of them were not seriously injured.  Thank God for His protection.  By the way, they were actually out doing ministry related to yesterday morning’s message.  Also, they were in the service last night!

We were blessed with good services yesterday.  I did not realize that the public schools were closed today which means we had several families absence yesterday because of the long weekend.

Bro. Jerry Hovel is on vacation this week.  I am asking that you respect his time off by not contacting him for any reason.  The conversations usually go like this, “I hate to bother you while you are on vacation but. . .”  Bro. Abel and I are in the office and available all week.  Bro. Jerry will be back this Sunday, 10/17.

Friendship family, remember the love offering for Soy, Deidra and the girls on Sunday, 10/31, during our morning services.  This is a personal offering for their family.  Also, you will be given the opportunity to make a pledge to support their ministry, Shining Light Abroad Ministries.  Please make these things a matter of prayer.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.



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SUNDAY, 10/10/21

There are four celebration of life services that will take place this week.

Evangelist James Messer’s family will receive friends today from 2:00PM until 5:00PM at Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore.  His celebration of life service will take place tomorrow beginning at 2:00PM from First Baptist of Dawes.  Pray for the Messer family.

I am told that the celebration of life service for Phillip Clark will take place on Tuesday, 10/12, from San Souci Baptist Church.  I do not know the details.  Pray for Phillip’s family.

The visitation with the Larry McConnell family will take place this Friday, 10/15, from 1:00PM until the 2:00PM service at Mobile Memorial Funeral Home.  Pray for Linda, Miss Lanell and the rest of the McConnell family.

I read last night where Pastor Lamon Forrest of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Grand Bay passed from this life this past Friday, 10/8.  The service for Pastor Forrest will be private.  Pray for his family and the church family.

Myrtle Bowden, Buddy Brewer, Danny Lewis, Beth Rockwell and Mark Timberlake all need our continued prayer support as they battle various illnesses.

Regular schedule on our campus today – morning and evening.

Deacons will meet today at 5:30PM.

I have come to the conclusion that we do not need to discuss college football on our church campus – LOL!  I reached that conclusion just before 11:00PM last night.

I hope to see many members of the Friendship family in our services today – even the Bama fans!

I pray that you will have a great Sunday with Jesus.


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Word came to me last night that Phillip Clark has passed from this life.  He had the virus and has been in the hospital for several weeks.  Pray for the Clark family.

Just received a call from Miss Toby Fletcher letting me know that her husband, Evangelist James Messer, passed from this life yesterday.  He suffered a stroke Monday was a week ago and basically never recovered.  Pray for the Messer family.

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THURSDAY, 10/7/21

A blog entry?  Are you serious?  I am.

The Friendship family has now seen its’ first member pass from this life as a result of the virus.  Larry McConnell was promoted on Tuesday night after spending several weeks in the hospital.  Pray for his family as they walk through this valley.

Beth Rockwell is in the hospital with a non virus related medical issue.  Pray for Beth as the doctors treat her and for Chuck as he waits beside her during this time.

Mark Timberlake will have a pace maker placed in his heart tomorrow.  Pray that all goes well.

Myrtle Bowden was told on Tuesday that her cancer has returned.  She will be meeting with the doctors to determine a plan of action.  Myrtle’s spirit is good as she is trusting God through it all.

Danny Lewis remains at home but is a sick man.  He is undergoing tests in order for the doctors to know what is taking place in his body.  Pray for Danny.

Buddy Brewer remains in a Birmingham hospital.  As of yesterday morning, he was still in ICU.  He will basically be in the hospital for almost all of October.  Keep praying for Buddy.

We were blessed with a good day in our services yesterday.  I am thankful to the Lord Jesus.

Lord willing, Lisa and I will drive to Hartselle tomorrow in order to visit my mama.  She has been having some health issues and will now be receiving home health care twice weekly.  Prayers appreciated.

Friendship family, remember the special offering that will be received on Sunday morning, October 31, for Soy & Deidra Taylor.  Also, the opportunity to pledge to support SLAM over the next year.  Make these things a matter of prayer and then give as the Lord leads.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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