The Lord blessed and we arrived home safely around 6:15PM last night.  As John Denver sang many years ago, “hey it’s good to be back home again” even though we had a great time with our many friends in Michigan.  Again, thanks to each person in Michigan who helped make our few days so very enjoyable!  It was great!

Today is a different day at Friendship (the same is true for many churches) as we will not have any services/classes/Bible studies but will focus instead on hosting the Hallelujah Festival from 5:00PM until 8:00PM.  I know some folks have been busy decorating the CAB for the past two days and getting ready for this ministry opportunity.  I invite the members of the Friendship family to join us for this important evening of ministry. 

Also, our next GRACE meal takes place this Sunday, 11/4.  You are invited to join us for this meal which is a financial help to our high school students participating in the GRACE trips next summer. 

I hope you have a great Wednesday with Jesus. 

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Wow!  The Lord blessed and we had a great time at the annual GRACE Ministries pig roast last night.  The food was great (thanks to all who helped cook) and the fellowship was even greater.  We set up 160 chairs (thanks to those who set up and took the chairs/tables down) and we had a few folks sitting in the booths to the side.  So, we easily had 150 plus folks in attendance.  They came from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo and all points in between – it was great! 

It was a special blessing to renew friendships with a number of folks but also to meet new folks.  I met some folks who have faithfully supported GRACE in a number of ways even though they have never gone on a trip with us.  Lisa and I had a great evening and I thank each person who took the time to join us!  We even got to meet Juanita Josephina! 

Special thanks to the fine folks at Vriesland Reformed Church for allowing us to use their building and to the custodian for her help in cleaning up.  VRC has been very kind to GRACE Ministries and we are grateful!  Pray for them as they continue to seek the Lord’s will regarding their next Pastor.

I cannot adequately describe what wonderful hosts Tom & Shari Compagner and Ross & Kathy Genzink have been these past few days.  (I guess my biggest disappointment has been that the Queen has served us no funeral buns!)  We have been treated so very well and I am extremely grateful to have these folks as friends! 

Lord willing, we will arrive home early this evening.  Pray for Betty, Caroline, Lisa and me as we travel to Flint, fly to Gulfport, and then drive home. 

Friendship family – don’t forget the Hallelujah Festival tomorrow afternoon/evening and the GRACE meal this Sunday.  I met a guy on our flight from GPT to ATL last Thursday night and he is supposed to be in our 10:30AM service this Sunday.  Joe, looking forward to seeing you there! 

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I had good intentions of posting yesterday but I never turned my computer on which is the norm for me on a Sunday.  Let me briefly recap what has been happening the past couple of days – I was able to attend the Michigan game in the “Big House” and that was an enjoyable day.  Ross Genzink was a great host leaving no stones unturned and the weather even cooperated as we got wet going to the stadium but it didn’t rain during the game.  The seats were in an excellent location and we had a great day arriving back in Zeeland around midnight. 

Yesterday morning Lisa and I attended the worship service with Ross & Kathy at Maranatha Reformed Church in Holland.  They are celebrating their 50th anniversary (the church, not Ross & Kathy) and it was a good service as they had a former Pastor come bring the message.  We saw a number of friends who have joined us on trips to Guatemala so that was a good thing too!

We then left there and hurriedly made our way over to the service at the Vriesland Reformed Church.  They were hosting a ministry from West Africa and that was special.   We arrived late but were able to visit with a number of friends who have joined us on a GRACE trip in days gone by.  Caroline & Betty were in that service as this is where Tom & Shari Compagner are members.  Good service and good fellowship. 

Lunch at the Genzinks was like a Mast family reunion i.e. Harold & Joyce, Gary & Jill, Tom & Shari, Ross & Kathy and some of their family members.  Brian Cochran was there also.  Brian was with us on the August ’07 GRACE trip as was Leah Compagner and they began dating upon their return home.  That GRACE trip saw Daryn & Kira get engaged and then this with Brian & Leah.  I didn’t have time to discuss wedding plans with Brian & Leah yesterday but I am thinking June of ’08 would be nice!  Tom has deep pockets so that should be some wedding!  Everyone is invited!

Late yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I drove to Paw Paw to visit with my Uncle Bill & his wife, Rosita.  Bill is battling cancer and recently had surgery.  We were pleasantly surprised to arrive and find two of my aunts, Alice & Linda, one cousin, Tony, and Alice’s sister-in-law there too.  That was a delightful time with family and one I will cherish for many years. 

Tonight, we will host the GRACE Ministries pig roast.  The ladies are off shopping and will soon begin cooking the meal.  Tom Compagner will roast the pig.  I am looking forward to seeing many friends and enjoying a great evening of fellowship.  

I want to congratulate the Faith Academy volleyball team on winning state this past Saturday.  Jessica & Jamie Hall are on the team and Brianne Woods is the scorekeeper. Jamie made the all tournament team too!  Also, I congratulate the Cottage Hill Academy team on their runner up finish.  I wish there could have been two state champions.  Erica Stringfellow plays for CHCA and they had a great season.  Congratulations Faith & Cottage Hill.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 

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Yesterday was a good day as we spent time visiting with friends and then I went to the Holland Christian High School football game last night.  My purpose was to see Matt DeYoung play.  The team lost but Matt played well from his left tackle position.  It was good to see Matt’s family and several other friends at the game. 

Today, I will join Ross Genzink, five members of his family, and one wanna be member of his family and we will travel to Ann Arbor for the Michigan game.  They are waiting on me so I will post more later. 

Hope you have a great Saturday! 

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It is 3:45AM Eastern time as I write this entry.  Caroline Ford, Betty Creech, Lisa and I left Gulfport, MS at 5:15PM yesterday via Air Tran Airlines and arrived in Flint, MI at 1:00AM.  A visit to the Hertz counter to get a car and two hours later we were at Tom & Shari Compagner’s house where Caroline & Betty are staying.  Lisa and I drove from Hamilton to Holland and arrived at the home of Ross & Queen Genzink around 3:30AM.  They had the place locked up tighter than Ft. Knox but I know the code to their garage door so in we are!  I was figuring on “funeral buns” being on the counter but no such luck!  God gave us good flights and safety on the roads and we are grateful. 

Today is my only sister’s birthday.  I won’t say how old she is but will tell you that she is fourteen years younger than me and I am 47!  Happy birthday Melissa!  Tomorrow, 10/27, is my younger brother’s birthday and he is ten years older than Melissa.  Happy birthday Freddie! 

Tonight, I have plans to attend the Holland Christian High School first round play off game.  Matt DeYoung plays for HCHS and he is a regular participant on our November GRACE trips.  So, I am basically going to watch/support Matt!  Go Maroons!  (What is a Maroon?) 

Tomorrow, I will go with Ross Genzink and his crew to the Minnesota versus Michigan game at the “Big House” in Ann Arbor.  I haven’t been to a pee wee football game in years so this should bring back memories!  Everyone knows that the SEC is the absolute strongest conference in the land but you have to appease these Little Eleven Conference fans too.  (You know how many batteries it takes to stop a Wolverine?  1 AA) 

We are going to take orders for the 2008 Scripture calendars through Sunday, 11/11.  We should have our next allotment later that week.  If you want to order a calendar, please contact one of our students or call the church office. 

I visited Gary Walton & Betty McDonald in the hospital yesterday.  It appears that both of them could be discharged in a day or two.  Gary is an almost certainty while Betty’s may be delayed a bit.  Keep praying! 

I hope you have a great Friday with Jesus.  I am probably going to blog at some point tomorrow since we are in Yankee land!    

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We had a good Wednesday in all of our Bible studies, prayer meetings, et cetera.  Yes, it is a long day for me but I do enjoy seeing so many folks involved in a study of the Word and a time of fellowship.  I couldn’t help but notice that after our 7:00PM prayer service most of the folks stayed in the auditorium just spending time in fellowship. 

Gary Walton remains in the hospital recovering from his surgery.  Betty McDonald is receiving aggressive treatment on the fourteen spots they found on her brain.  The doctors say it is a treatable cancer and a scan three weeks ago showed no cancer in that area.  So, please pray for Betty. 

Our next GRACE meal is on Sunday, 11/4, and we need another day of good participation from the members of the Friendship family.  You may pre-purchase your tickets from any of our high school students who are going on a GRACE trip next summer. 

The demand for the 2008 Scripture calendars has been such that, in all probability, we will order some additional calendars to meet the demand.  Let us know if you would like to order one or more.  Simply call the church office or see one of our students. 

Tyrone & Jodi Crawley are hosting a Fall Fellowship for our students this Saturday night, 10/27, from 7:00 – 10:00PM.  All junior high and senior high students are invited to attend. 

Caroline Ford, Betty Creech, Lisa and I will leave late this afternoon flying to Michigan.  I have about four reasons for making this trip with one of those being our annual pig roast for GRACE Ministries on Monday, 10/29.  I will write more about this trip tomorrow once we have gotten to Michigan.  Queen, funeral buns please! 

I hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus! 

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Congratulations to the Faith Academy Rams and the Cottage Hill Academy Warriors as both of their volleyball teams have advanced to the state tournament in Montgomery this Saturday, 10/27.  Faith won both of their matches yesterday beating Lee-Scott and Cottage Hill.  Cottage Hill beat Macon East and then beat Lee-Scott to join Faith in making the field for state. 

Jessica & Jamie Hall for Faith and Erica Stringfellow for Cottage Hill all played very well.  It is an uncomfortable position for me when we have girls from the Friendship family on both teams as I remain very neutral team wise.  I pull for the individual girls to do well.  I applaud Faith on winning their regional and Cottage Hill on advancing to state.  My hope is that they will be seeded in such a way as to meet in the state finals.  Way to go Erica, Jessica, & Jamie!  Great job on the book Brianne! 

Mark Mast posted a comment on yesterday’s blog entry.  He gives a nice update of what is currently happening in Canada.  Take the time to read it.

The wildfires in California continue to burn at an amazing pace with 1,300 homes already destroyed, an estimated 68,000 in potential trouble, and over 500,000 folks displaced.  I ask you to join me in praying for the folks involved in this most serious situation. 

J.B. Kelley came home from the hospital shortly after noon yesterday.  Gary Walton did well in his surgery so far as I know.  I haven’t heard from Paul Smith but will try to get an update today.  Pray for these folks.

Betty McDonald, Belvin’s wife, was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon.  She has been taking radiation five days a week and chemotherapy once a week.  She began to have some problems yesterday and it now appears that the cancer has spread to some other areas of her body.  Please pray fervently for Betty, Belvin, and the family. 

I believe in the conspiracy theory!  Yesterday, I received a package via express mail and the return address was from Jacksonville, Florida.  The sender was Trish Cohen – sweet, loving, kind, Christlike Trish Cohen for whom we have been praying during her recent surgeries and battle with cancer.  Wouldn’t hurt the proverbial flea! 

As I opened the package, I discovered a t-shirt.  Not just any t-shirt but one that has ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS FOOTBALL written on it with a picture of one of those nasty hogs!  I almost lost my supper! 

Here is my theory:  Bret Hart & Brandon Lee are behind this as they are Hog fans.  I even think Ross Genzink is involved!  Bret lives in TN, Brandon works in LA, Ross lives in MI, and Trish is in FL.  Never mind that Bret and Brandon have never met Trish or Ross.  See how the picture comes together?  Trish has been used by these cruel men! 

Oh well, I opened the package at 10:00PM last night and immediately went outside and washed my car and dog – nothing like having a new rag to wash your car & dog!  I then allowed my dog, Lucky, to play with the Hog!  Folks, it could have been worse and all is well that ends well! 

It is Wednesday which means two services and two Bible studies for me.  I am also preparing to go out of town tomorrow but those details will come in tomorrow’s entry. 

By the way, thank the Lord for the cooler temperatures that came our way yesterday! 

I pray that you will have a blessed day with Jesus. 

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Wow, what a wet and wild Monday in south Mobile County!  I am very grateful to the Lord for the rain but it was definitely a tense day with all of the rain, the apparent tornado in Irvington, and the many watches & warnings.  Our FAITH ministry was cancelled which is a most unusual move but one that was necessitated by the weather. 

I was reading this morning about the wildfires in California – 655 homes burned already along with 168 businesses.  What a tragedy!  We certainly need to pray for the safety of the folks fighting those fires. 

I got to visit with Bro. J.B. Kelley early last night and actually gave Miss Edith a ride home because Bro. Kerry is involved in a sleep study.  I will take Miss Edith back to the hospital this morning and we will bring Bro. J.B. home.  Cooter is using the same hospital which will allow me to visit/pray with him before he undergoes his surgery.  Paul Smith is having surgery at the VA in Biloxi today too so pray for him.

Word came to us yesterday morning that Amanda O’Bannon’s uncle, Lester Fultz, passed away.  This is Rachel’s father.  Please pray for this family. 

The visitation for Willie Pierre’s brother, Robert, will be tonight with the service tomorrow from the chapel of Mobile Memorial.  Pray for this family too. 

Lord willing, I am going to attend the AISA regional volleyball tournament today at Cottage Hill.  Cottage Hill and Faith are two of the four teams involved and my hope is that they will both advance to the state tourney this Saturday in Montgomery.  I am going to support Jessica & Jamie Hall who play for Faith and Erica Stringfellow who plays for Cottage Hill.  Brianne Woods is the official bookkeeper for Faith as she will be on the team next year so I will be supporting her too! 

Last word I heard from Bro. Benny was that we still needed a few coaches for our Upward teams.  Interested?  Contact Bro. Benny. 

Operation Homecoming is going nicely.  We had a couple of folks brave the weather yesterday to take care of a few things.  The rain revealed a couple of leaks in the fellowship hall.  We had not noticed these leaks until it rained – imagine that!  Some folks put together a nice bulletin board in the hallway of the fellowship hall which promotes Operation Homecoming and lists some of the projects needing to be completed.  Take your pick!  Please remember the work day on Saturday, 11/10. 

I didn’t hear from Bret Hart yesterday so I can only assume that the TN loss this past weekend was just too much for him!  I did get a chance to speak via the phone to our missionary friends in Canada, Mark & Tina Mast.  They are doing well and are enjoying temperatures in the 40’s during the day!  I look forward to our three days in the 40’s this Winter!

Miracles do happen!  I received an e-mail from my Aunt Alice Getting this morning.  She has advanced from simply knowing how to turn the computer on to sending an e-mail – amazing!  I was glad to hear from her and look forward to an ongoing communication. 

I hope that you will have a great day with Jesus. 

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The Lord blessed and we had a good weekend.  I appreciate Janice Moreland and all of the folks who helped with the meal for the Emma Brewer family.  I also appreciate the folks who came to either the visitation or the funeral service.  Please continue to pray for Jennings and his family. 

We had good services yesterday with folks at the altar during the invitation in all three services.  I was blessed to see Sherry Lee present for the 10:30AM service.  Sherry’s husband, Tim, is the young man who passed away on 10/6 and we were to minister to that family during their time of sorrow.  It was also good to see Jerry Whitmore in attendance after his surgery of last Tuesday.

Bro. J.B. Kelley, Kerry’s dad, was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to an elevated temperature.  He is 89 years old and had a surgical procedure done last week.  The doctors aren’t sure yet exactly what is going on.  Pray for Bro. J.B. and Miss Edith. 

Gary “Cooter” Walton (I had to mention the Cooter name for our out of town i.e. Michigan, Canada, Garrett Wright, readers) and Paul Smith are both scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning.  Willie Pierre had a brother to pass away yesterday morning and those arrangements are incomplete.  Carla Felps Kyser is to see the doctor again this week regarding her cancer.  Karla Cooper and Jennifer Davis’s aunt, Florence Harbison, is not doing so well in her battle against cancer.  Jennifer’s mom, Marie, is discouraged in her treatments too.  Gerald Poiroux’s brother, Buddy, is also not doing well physically.  Please pray for all of the various needs. 

I was very blessed last night as the Friendship family presented me with a check for Pastor Appreciation Month.  (I’ve never had anyone give me a check for $100,000 – still haven’t!)  The gift certainly wasn’t necessary but was appreciated – thank you!  I have said for years that I have the privilege of pastoring some of the finest folks in the world.  Folks in the south end of Mobile County are wonderful and I am blessed to pastor some of them.  After almost 29 years on staff with the last 17 of those being as Pastor, the honey is still in the moon for me!  I thank God for the Friendship family!

I was blessed early Saturday afternoon as Bama “squeaked” out another victory on the football field.  I know that my friend in TN, Bret Hart, probably missed church yesterday and called in sick today but it is just a game!  (Actually, Bret’s Saturday would have been made complete if KY had beaten FL – sorry, Rick Bradley) 

I hope that you will have a great Monday (albeit wet one here) with Jesus! 

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OCTOBER 19, 2007

Honestly, I simply forgot to post the arrangements for Miss Emma Brewer yesterday.  Sorry about that!  The visitation will be tomorrow, 10/20, from 9:00AM until 11:00AM with the service beginning at 11:00AM.  The visitation and service will take place in our auditorium with burial taking place in Serenity Memorial Gardens.  Please pray for Bro. Jennings and his family and members of the Friendship family are encouraged to attend the visitation/service if at all possible. 

I went by yesterday morning to visit Jerry Whitmore in the hospital and he was doing great!  As a matter of fact, he was thinking that he might go home yesterday afternoon but I don’t know if that became a reality.  He thanked everyone for their prayers and support! 

Daphne Patterson’s aunt, Sandy Atcheson, has been moved from the ICU to a regular room but she still has a ways to go in her recovery. 

I had the opportunity to speak to Bernard & Trish Cohen via the phone yesterday morning.  Trish is doing great!  They are very grateful for your prayer support. 

Our family plans for this weekend got changed as we were going to take Dana & Gina to Moundville today and then go to Tuscaloosa tomorrow since we would be in the general vicinity anyway.  Instead, we will now spend the night on the island and catch the game(s) on television tomorrow.  What could be better than a weekend on the beach?  I know – a weekend in the mall!  There’s always next weekend for that!

Ross Genzink, I am going to change plumbing companies if you don’t send me that phone number today! 

Hope you have a great weekend!  Go to church! 

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