TUESDAY, 3/31/09

I made a mistak but it was an honest one!  Sharon Jardee helped cook the breakfast for the work day this past Saturday but I wasn’t aware of that.  Honestly, Sharon is at the church so often helping in different areas that I tend to take her for granted!  Sharon, please forgive my blunder! 

I am posting this entry shortly after midnight so I don’t have an update on the folks in the hospital.  Bro. Jerry & Tena visited the folks last night and there was basically no change in any of the patients associated with the Friendship family.  Tina Wilkinson got a great report from the doctor – hooray!

I had the opportunity to visit with Carla Felps Kyser, her daughter, and Marisa.  Carla is always so upbeat and positive.  She has another treatment today and these treatments now make her sick as she is taking them – no fun!  Pray specifically for Carla today! 

Max Peacock begins his radiation treatments tomorrow.  Pray for Bro. Max along with Joyce Bosarge, Shea Childress and Gloria Morrison. 

Terry Stephan & Breck Ladd have led another team to Guatemala.  They arrived at the mission house safely yesterday afternoon.  This team consists of mainly folks from Dauphin Way Baptist.  Pray for them as they minister this week. 

T. Garrett, thanks for the encouragement regarding the petition and letters.  (If only you would have been as enthusiastic regarding my basketball career!)  Folks, we need to get the petitions signed and those personal letters written.  Again, I think the legislators representing us (Senators Ben Brooks & Rusty Glover; Representatives Spencer Collier & Jim Barton) are in our corner but we must not take anything for granted.  Contact folks from other districts and ask them to write their legislators.  I do know James Gordon is in favor of the gambling bill as I have read his response to an e-mail. 

If UNC wins the men’s tourney, we will have a girl win the bracket picks among our young adults – amazing!  The winner probably doesn’t even know what UNC stands for and yet she will win!  If UConn wins the women’s tourney we will have a guy win the bracket picks.  Actually, the real winner of the women’s tourney (provided UConn wins) didn’t put their name on the bracket so the second place guy will win by default. 

I am still pretty pumped up about the whole lacrosse seven overtime game.  Did anyone record it?  Man, what I would give for a copy of that game! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus! 



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MONDAY, 3/30/09

I stopped by to see Pattie Suthoff for a very brief visit as she was in obvious discomfort/pain.  Her pain is related to her pancreas.  Mrs. Rivers was fast asleep and Jay Love was gone for a test. 

I am hearing that Susan Quinn is doing much better but remains hospitalized.  Tina Wilkinson is trying to see her doctor today as she still doesn’t have a definitive word on her condition.  Max Peacock begins his radiation treatments this Wednesday.  Amber Joyner and Landon came home from the hospital yesterday. 

Pastor Benny Still preached yesterday morning for the first time since 2/25 but is still in a lot of pain. 

Arlene Meredith’s uncle, Billy Savage, passed away yesterday afternoon.  Teddy Ray Jackson’s first cousin, Jerry Jackson, passed away yesterday morning.  Pastor Jack Bailey’s brother, Hal, passed away last week and his funeral service was this past Friday.

Shea Childress, Carla Kyser, & Miss Joyce Bosarge continue to need our daily prayers.  Pastor Travis Northcutt will have surgery on May 1. 

The Lord blessed us with a good day yesterday.  Manolo & Mildred Padilla were a blessing as they ministered in song.  Evangelist Johnny & Miss Judy Tucker joined us for our 10:30AM service – it is always a joy to see them and to spend time in fellowship with them. 

All of my fellow Alabamians reading this blog are asked to join in the effort to let our state legislators know of our oppposition to the proposed gambling bills and any BIR relating to gambling.  You can sign a petition or get more information at  Time is of the essence in this matter!  A personal letter is the absolute best way to communicate your feelings/opinions to these legislators. 

We had a great work day this past Saturday even though the weather was bad initially.  Thank you to each person who participated.  A special thanks to Bro. Jerry & Tena Hovel for cooking breakfast. 

Yes, I did start on Saturday night.  I think I had a triple double but that may not be correct.  The team will definitely miss me this Saturday as I have a scheduling conflict which will prevent me from being at the game.  Thanks to all of you who sent “coach” an e-mail. 

My NCAA bracket is history!  I have zero teams in the final four!  6’6″ (Friday’s comments) – “IF” Mizzou, UL, OK, & Pitt would have won their games this weekend then I would have all four of the finalists correct.  Please, don’t use the “if” scenario!  By the way, Rex Looney is out too! 

Enough basketball, did you see where UVA beat Maryland 10 – 9 in seven overtimes in men’s lacrosse?  Wow!  Is that exciting or what?  Plus, the USA rallied to tie El Salvador 2 – 2 in men’s soccer!  Slow down my racing heart! 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 

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Landon Joyner checked into this world today around 11:15AM weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and is 20 inches long.  Parents, Justin & Amber, along with big sister, Lauren, are thankful to have this new addition to their family.  Congratulations to grandparents, Kevin & Tina Sprinkle, and the Joyners. 

Susan B. Quinn has taken a turn for the worse and apparently has an infection.  She was to have surgery this afternoon to remove some wires that were placed inside her body during a recent surgery.  Edwin & Eula Mae either are in route or will be very soon.  Pray for Susan and her family. 

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FRIDAY, 3/27/09

Miss Jay Love did not get to come home yesterday due to a low oxygen level.  The doctors are still trying to determine the cause of this problem.  Pray for Miss Jay.

Alice Pigorsch was moved back into her room at the GBCH but is still low physically.  Susan B. Quinn made a marked improvement which led Edwin & Eula Mae to wait before driving to SC.  Keep praying for Miss Alice & Susan.

Gene Davis came home from the hospital yesterday.  Pray for Gene.  I wonder what it is like to have one shoulder in reverse and one in drive? 

Amber Rogers Joyner is in the hospital today giving birth to her second child.  They induced labor this morning so hopefully she will have a child before too much longer.  Pray for Amber as she brings this child into the world.  Of course, pray for Justin & Lauren too.

My younger brother, Freddie, and his wife, Mary Jane, became grandparents for the third time yesterday as Whitney gave birth to a boy.  He had a weight and length but I don’t recall the figures!  Congratulations Whitney & family!

We are having work day tomorrow with breakfast at 7:30AM followed by the work day at 8:00AM.  We may very well end up inside all day but that is okay. 

Our students will host a meal this Sunday immediately following SS & the second morning service.  Please support our student ministry. 

There will be a wedding shower this Sunday for Amanda Cook, bride elect of Adam Blackwell.  This will take place in the fellowship hall from 2:00 – 3:30PM. 

VBS workers needed!  Contact Bro. Jerry or Myrtle to sign up! 

Last night was a bitter/sweet night for me as I watched the NCAA tourney.  I was 3 of 4 in my picks which was the bitter part.  The sweet part was that the Dukies went down even though I had picked them to win.  A Duke fan I am not – never have been.  I have UL, MSU, OK, and the Zags picked tonight so it could be really good or really bad.  (Rex Looney will make his picks after about 11:00PM tonight!) 

I am nervous!  My “coach” tells me that I have only received 21 votes and I need 50!  I don’t blog on Saturdays and most folks don’t check the blog on Saturdays anyway.  I appreciate Todd Stork for watching my back and Tico Vargas sent in a vote for 240 folks from the seminary in Guatemala.  However, “coach” only counts that as one vote!  People, help!   

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.  Stay dry!  Go to church this Sunday! 


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THURSDAY, 3/26/09

I received word from Bro. Benny McGath yesterday shortly after noon that Miss Alice Pigorsch was not doing well physically.  I was traveling to Richton for the committal service for Mavis Clark so Bro. Jerry went to check on her for me.  I appreciate Bro. Benny & Bro. Jerry for their help in this situation.  I went last night before the 7:00PM service to visit with her and two of her children.  Myrtle & Cecil were there ministering and I know some of our Wednesday night folks were doing likewise.  She was physically low and certainly needs our prayers.  I have a deep appreciation for Miss Alice Pigorsch. 

Speaking of the funeral service for Mavis Clark, it was a very good service.  The associate pastor at 1st Baptist Pascagoula along with the current pastor and a former pastor all shared and they did a great job of remembering Mavis and presenting the Gospel.  The minister of music from 1st Baptist sang and wow!  Kenny Clark sang and did a great job also.  Thank you for your prayers for the Clark family.

Bobby Broome had his kidney stone blown up again yesterday but I haven’t gotten word on his condition.  Jay Love is supposed to come home from the hospital today – you will know when it happens as she will shout as she leaves through the hospital doors!  Susan Blackmon Quinn is very sick in a South Carolina hospital.  She has an infection that may be related to her previous heart surgery.  Edwin & Eula Mae either traveled last night or are traveling today to be with her and her husband.  Intercede for Susan. 

The thunder, lightning and rain have come in abundance this morning.  Some have asked about our work day that is scheduled for this Saturday, 3/28.  It is on – rain or shine!  We hope to do some work outside but we can always work inside as we get ready for Easter weekend.  Breakfast at 7:30AM and work from 8:00AM until noon.  Come join us!

We will begin in earnest to sign up workers for our VBS this Sunday, 3/29.  We need you!  The dates of our VBS are June 1 – 5 from 9:00AM until 12:00PM daily. 

My basketball “coach” tells me that he received 9 e-mails yesterday.  He wasn’t impressed but appeared annoyed!  However, he did tell me that if he received e-mails from 50 or more folks then he would start me this Saturday night.  I know Mike Moreland & T. Garrett had my back yesterday.  I don’t know who the other 7 folks were but I need your help!  Send those e-mails to  Jack Ciak, Bret Hart, Mark Mast, Eddie & Sue, Rex Looney, Michael Mason, Travis Northcutt, Louise Mason, Mama, Jamie, Melissa – come on guys!  Again, this is a grass roots effort!  T. Garrett, get the folks in your office to send an e-mail.  They don’t have to know me!  By the way, I wore my uniform to the 8:00PM Bible study last night and the young adults were amazed! 

Last night was a great night for me because Lisa & the girls were home!  I am glad they were able to go and I am glad they had a good time but I am also glad they are at home. 

Thanks to Bro. Jerry & Davy for preaching/teaching yesterday and last night. 

I hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus! 

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WEDNESDAY, 3/25/09

Jay Love was moved into a regular room yesterday around noon and she was happy about that but is still unhappy about being in the hospital.  Keep her in your prayers. 

Gena e-mailed to say that the doctors had gotten Gene’s shoulder reversed.  He is scheduled to go home today.  Pray for Gena! 

Today will be an unusual Wednesday for me as I will attend the funeral service for Mavis Clark this morning and then go to Richton, MS for the burial this afternoon.  Hopefully, Lisa will arrive home in time to join me for the trip to Richton.  Bro. Jerry will be preaching during the morning & evening services today as I may not get home in time for the 7:00PM service.  Pray for the Clark family.

Clint, if you want D to take you on a complimentary ski trip then I have two words for you – Scott Fontenot! 

Rex Looney commented yesterday about my NCAA first two rounds coming in at 35-11 instead of 35-13.  Such minor details!  No, I don’t do my own taxes but you didn’t see my CPA friend, Jack Ciak, making a big deal of that minor detail, did you?  That’s because the bottom line is that I have my Elite Eight intact and the eventual national champion pick correct – which is all that really matters!  I have closed the gap and Rex is scared! 

Speaking of basketball, I need your help.  Our first basketball game of the season is this Saturday night.  I am the only one on the team with a CDL which obviously means I drive the bus.  We had practice last night and that fact was clearly evident.  However, I don’t know if our “coach” (I use that word very loosely) can see that as he thinks I shoot too much.  I only shoot if I have the ball.  He actually had us working on defense last night – please!  Let the opposing team shoot, get the ball, and go shoot on your goal!  Offense sells tickets!  This is not high school girl’s soccer!  I felt like Mark Hubbard was coaching us! 

So, I should be a starter!  I need all twelve of the blog readers to e-mail our “coach” at to state this fact.  This is going to have to be a grass roots effort.  Kevin Jackson didn’t even come to practice last night and yet he will start.  Why?  Don’t even get me started!  Just because he was an All American football player at Alabama and went on to play in the NFL doesn’t mean he can play basketball!  Folks, this is going to be a grass roots effort and I need your help.  By the way, how many members of our basketball team were in the gym at 6:00AM yesterday morning getting ready for the season?  Yes, one and that would be me!  I was working on my defense! 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!  E-mail Chris!

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TUESDAY, 3/24/09

Let me share a few new prayer requests – Pastor Yogi Taylor’s daughter (14 months old) was diagnosed with cancer last Thursday and had surgery on Friday to remove a tumor.  She did well through the surgery and will be in the hospital for a few more days.  Yogi serves as pastor of Saraland Baptist Church. 

Pastor Alvin Sullivan of Kushla-Bethany Baptist Church had surgery last week and is supposed to be discharged from the hospital today.  Bro. Alvin has been at his church for over fifty years and is in his 80’s. 

Pastor Mike Bedford’s mother passed away this weekend and her funeral service will take place today at 2:00PM.  Mike serves as pastor of College Park Baptist Church in Saraland.  Pray for these pastors and their respective situations. 

As of yesterday afternoon, Jay Love was still in CCU.  She is not a happy camper!  Her problem is a low oxygen level.  No new updates on the others mentioned yesterday.  Don’t know if they got Gene’s shoulder in reverse or not! 

The visitation with the Mavis Clark family will take place from First Baptist Pascagoula tomorrow from 9:00AM until the service time at 11:00AM.  Mavis will be buried in the Clark family cemetery in Richton, MS.  Pray for Mac and the entire Clark family. 

Ladies, Cottage Hill Baptist has tickets for the Living Proof Conference in New Orleans.  The dates are Friday, 4/3, and Saturday, 4/4.  They are providing (at a cost) the tickets, bus transportation, and lodging.  Contact me if you want more information. 

My prayers go out to the families who lost the loved ones in the plane crash in Montana this past weekend.  Two sisters, their husbands, & their five children; another family of four; & the pilot.  Tragic! 

I received a call from a travel agent friend yesterday inviting me to join him for a snow skiing trip to Colorado in early April.  Scott Fontenot & I went with him a few years back and everything i.e. lodging, lift tickets, meals, et cetera because he is a travel agent.  Great trip!  Scott got real close to him!  Did I accept his offer?  No.  Why?  I have a wedding ceremony to perform!  Can you believe it?  The guy who isn’t a “marrying Sam” has five weddings in the months of April & May.  I am blessed!

I found out yesterday that my good friend, Jack Ciak, from Casa Aleluya in Guatemala is a blog reader.  Jack is not right having been raised in Conneticut and them moving to Arkansas – a Yankee from Arkansas!  However, he and his wife, Carolyn, are dear friends and have been so kind to GRACE Ministries.  I doubt Jack is a reader this week as their daughter, Ashley, arrived in Guatemala for her Spring break from college.  I encourage you to join me in reading Jack’s blog at  For the record, Jack has picked UConn to win the men’s & women’s side of the NCAA basketball tourney! 

Speaking of the NCAA tourney, now that Rex Looney has been exposed he has gone into hiding.  Rumor has it that his “real” bracket shows him to be at 24 – 24 after two rounds.  Impressive!  Better than Michael Mason who comes in at 20 – 28. 

The dog and I are still fine.  Life is good – eternal life is better!  Hope you have a great Tuesday with Jesus.


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MONDAY, 3/23/09

The Lord blessed and we had a good day in our services yesterday.  Our morning attendance was up from the previous two Sundays – praise the Lord!  However, the time change always seem to negatively affect our evening worship attendance.  We had a good crowd but it can always be so much better.  Thank you to those who were present last night!  Thanks to Bro. Chris for his help with the video presentations too!

The Friendship family blessed our VBS format change last night.  We have moved from the classroom setting to learning centers.  We are still trying to work out the proverbial “bugs” but we believe it will work.  Any of our readers from outside the Friendship family who use this approach in their VBS, please send me an e-mail with any pointers, advice, et cetera. 

I was saddened to learn last night that one of Lisa’s aunts-in-law, Mavis Clark, passed away yesterday.  Mavis was married to Charles’ brother, Mac, who lives in Pascagoula, MS.  Pray for this family as they go through this time of sorrow. 

Gene Davis is having shoulder reversal surgery in Houston, Texas today.  What?  I have no idea but Gena tells me it is a new procedure.  Pray for Gene!

Jay Love remains in a CCU in a local hospital.  They may move her to a room today.  Max Peacock is at home and is scheduled to begin radiation Wednesday.  Stephanie Guidry continues to recover at home from her surgery.  Susan Quinn, oldest daughter of Edwin & Eula Mae Blackmon, is hospitalized in South Carolina.  Sharon Jardee is recovering at home from her artifical hip coming out of place and the doctors having to put her to sleep in order to put it back in place – ouch!  Jerry Jackson is a first cousin of Teddy Ray Jackson.  He is on life support and the family will probably make a decision today regarding that support.  Shea Childress, Carla Kyser, Miss Joyce Bosarge, & Gloria Morrison all continue to need our prayers in their respective battles against cancer.

The dog and I are doing good in the absence of Lisa, Dana, Gina, & Hien.  Deidra & Daphne are making sure my BMI doesn’t go any lower!  I planted a garden Saturday afternoon – thanks Charles & Bobby Broome for the assist.  If you need tomato or pepper plants, go see Bobby Jack Felps. 

I went 11 – 5 (69%) in the second round of the tourney – weak!  I am now 35 – 11(73%) overall.  However, unlike TJ Vice & Rex Looney, I only filled out one bracket!  Plus, I filled it out before the tourney began!  I may not “win” but it has been good to see the UT men’s & women’s teams go out in the first round – life is good!  By the way, Pitt is the eventual national champion on the men’s side and UConn on the women’s side.

No FA this week – life is good!  I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.  Pray for a “wow” moment in your life today! 

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SATURDAY, 3/21/09

I have an urgent prayer request – Miss Jay Love fell yesterday afternoon and received a nasty cut on her head.  She was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  She has been battling the flu (or something like that) for several days and had been to the doctor’s office yesterday morning.  I am writing this shortly after midnight but do believe they kept her in the hospital.  Miss Jay is the mother of Julie McGath & Danny Cole. 

I do not have an update on Max Peacock.  I saw Marisa Felps in Greer’s yesterday afternoon and she said Carla was doing okay.  However, about everyone in that family, including Marisa, has been sick.  Marisa is having some pulmonary problems so please pray for her.  Margaret Davis continues to need our prayers too.  She is at home but is very weak.

James Davis is not all that well physically but he is determined to keep the back property mowed.  He began that service yesterday afternoon and I really appreciate his doing that.  We have some awesome folks when it comes to serving Jesus! 

Our VBS workers’ meeting is scheduled for 4:00PM tomorrow.  We will meet in the auditorium.

I went 8 – 0 in the NCAA games yesterday afternoon but then a dismal 5 – 3 last night.  My first round total was 24 – 8 or 75%.  I am already guaranteed two misses in the second round.  Could I go 14 – 2?  Probably not!  Rex Looney says he went 15 – 1 the first day but what he didn’t say is that he picks the games after they have finished playing!  Then how did he miss one you ask?  Two words – Hartselle High School! 

My wife and girls have taken advantage of Faith Academy’s Spring break to get away for a few days.  I stayed home to feed the dog!  Hope to see you in church tomorrow! 

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FRIDAY, 3/20/09

I visited Max Peacock in the hospital yesterday morning and, wow, he has an impressive bandage on the left side of his head.  He was in excellent spirits (as always) and was ready to go home.  He did not get discharged yesterday but may today.  He will begin radiation in the near future once his body has healed some from the surgery. 

VBS workers – please note that we have changed the time of this Sunday’s meeting to 4:00PM in order to allow our AWANA workers more time in the meeting. 

I met with Terry Stephan from Dauphin Way Baptist yesterday.  (T. Garrett, does the lunch special at The Lighthouse fit into the DASH diet?)  Terry has led DWBC to become a great partner with GRACE Ministries and they will be taking a team to Guatemala in a couple of weeks.  I really appreciate Terry’s heart and involvement in missions!

Wow, my first round NCAA bracket got blown up yesterday!  I was correct on 11 of the 16 games which is a miserable 68%!  Honestly, today may not be much better as I went the upset route.  However, picking the overall winner is the main goal and I am good there.  Who did I pick?  I am waiting for a few more games to be played before deciding – LOL! 

T. Garrett, does watching several hours of college basketball count toward personal exercise in the DASH diet? 

FA calls.  I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 

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