Our daughter, Daphne, and her husband, Brad, are expecting their first child around the middle of December.  I realize that I am really young looking to even be considered a grandparent but it is what it is!  Lisa and I are excited for Brad, Daphne, & the baby. 

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THURSDAY, 4/30/09

Miss JoNell Barnes is scheduled for surgery at noon today.  Pastor Travis Northcutt is scheduled for surgery early tomorrow morning.  Please pray for these respective surgeries. 

Betty Neal & Donald Stork remained hospitalized with some serious medical issues.  Pray that the doctors will know how to treat their respective cases.  Pray for the family members of these folks also. 

Max Peacock begins his chemo/radiation treatments today.  Lewis Jackson had some kidney stones crushed on Tuesday and, as of yesterday afternoon, he was not feeling so well.  Pray for these men. 

Dawn Autin has been discharged from the hospital.  

The swine flu threat is really causing folks to take some drastic actions.  It was reported on the news last night that all schools in Madison County, Alabama are closed until Monday.  The Ft. Worth, Texas school system has closed all schools until May 11 and the state high school sports office in Texas has postponed all games/contests/activities until May 11 too. 

I now personally know of two ministries that have cancelled plans to work in Mexico this summer.  The first pulled the plug several weeks ago because of the violence taking place while the second cancelled yesterday due to the swine flu concerns. 

I so appreciate Soy & Deidra opening their home to our young adults each Wednesday night for Bible study.  That group is. . . . well a group!  They always allow me to end my Wednesdays on a good note! 

We exceeded our AAEO goal and surpassed last year’s total too!  Praise the Lord!  We are at the 25% mark in our effort to reach our LMCO goal by 11/30 too.  Thank you for giving to support our SBC home & international missionaries. 

You read where the guy in Bismarck, ND crashed his pickup into an emergency room early yesterday morning?  He was completely naked!  Can you say under the influence of drugs?  ER should have put that on their final episode. 

Speaking of ER, rumor has it that Kathy Genzink is starting a church in the Zeeland, MI area and she is going to be the pastor – wow!  Something about her gifts? 

Reb, I am really sorry that you have lived your entire life so misguided!  (Yesterday’s comments)  I can only imagine that Jack Ciak is a Celtics fan too. 

This just in – IF Tennessee had schools they would close them down until May 11 due to the swine flu concerns! 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus! 

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WEDNESDAY, 4/29/09

Betty Neal’s heart cath revealed some things that will have to be addressed in the near future.  Donald Stork remains in the ICU and is on a ventilator.  His lungs are in tough shape.  Dawn Autin continues to battle the infection in her body.  As far as I know, Shea had her last treatment yesterday.  Larsyn sees the doctor again this morning.  Pray for each of these needs as well as for those folks battling cancer. 

Bro. Jerry attended the funeral service for Danny Lewis’ brother yesterday.  I haven’t gotten a report from that service but know Danny & Pam appreciate your prayers.

Pray for Betty Creech as word just leaked that Samuel Acan is getting married and it is not to Betty!  I haven’t spoken to her but I know that she is just devastated!  My day will probably be spent counseling Betty.  Yes, Samuel has confirmed that he is getting married to a lady he met in Rios de Agua Viva Church.  Congratulations to Samuel and his bride to be!  Condolences to Betty! 

Congratulations to Korie Fontenot as she finished her regular season career of high school softball yesterday on senior day.  The team enters the playoffs this Friday and then it is off to UM for Korie as she received a scholarship to play softball.  Nanette insisted that I be at the game yesterday so I went.  Nanette so lives in the land of yesterday! 

We are on a regular schedule today.  I pray that many members of the Friendship family will join us for the respective Bible studies this morning and tonight. 

Those “Tennessee” Celtics were able to pull out a win in overtime last night thanks to the officials!  Aaarrrrghh!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus!   


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TUESDAY, 4/28/09

The funeral service for Danny Lewis’ brother will take place today at 2:00PM from the First Baptist Church in Robertsdale.  Pray for Danny & his family as they go through this time of sorrow. 

Shea Childress should receive her final chemo treatment today.  Pray that will happen and that all will go well.  Betty Neal will have a heart cath done today.  Dawn Autin remains hospitalized and is still showing visible results of the infection.   Bobby Stork’s brother, Donald, has been diagnosed with cancer and had surgery last night.  He is in an ICU and definitely needs our prayer support.  Larsyn Kyser will see the doctor again tomorrow.  Sharon Jardee came home from the hospital yesterday morning.  Max Peacock will perhaps begin his radiation treatment next week.  Pray for all of these various needs as well as the others who are battling cancer. 

Bro. Kerry is leading the musical worship in revival services at First Baptist Chickasaw this week so pray for him too. 

Yesterday was a good day as God manifested Himself to me in several ways.  I am not at liberty to share those at this time but we do serve an awesome God!  He always shows up on time! 

Life is good!  The Lakers closed out the series with the Jazz last night.  It will only get better if the Bulls can close out the Celtics!  IMHO (that’s for Deidra, Lindsey, Nicole & Mark Mast) Boston should be located in Tennessee! 

Life can throw you a change up!  I basically rushed to get Hien to the driver’s license office yesterday afternoon in order for her to take her permit test.  Closed!  What?  Confederate Memorial Day!  I had spoken to Tom Compagner earlier yesterday and he didn’t even mention it!  LOL! 

FA calls!  I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus. 


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MONDAY, 4/27/09

The Lord blessed and we had a good day in our services yesterday.  The attendance in our morning services was up although there remains room for improvement.  We had a very nice crowd in the evening service.  Thanks for Bro. Jerry for leading our musical worship yesterday morning and for the student ministry praise team for leading it last night.  God is good! 

Our weekend got started with a real blessing as fourteen men showed up Saturday morning to work on the CAB roof.  They started shortly after 7:00AM and were completely finished by noon – wow!  Folks, it was hot up there but those guys just kept at it!  You will not see the fruits of their labors because of the location but please know that they did a great job!   

Last night, the Friendship family overwhelmingly voted to begin a new ministry to the Spanish speaking folks of South Mobile County and the surrounding areas.  This unanimous motion came from our missions committee with an affirmation from our deacons.  We are still ironing out the details but anticipate starting this new ministry at some point in May or June.  Plans call for us to have this service on Sunday afternoons beginning at 2:00PM.  I appreciate those who have already asked how they can be involved in this ministry.  Folks, I can honestly say that I believe God has led us to this ministry and I look forward to seeing how He is going to use it to reach folks with the Gospel and make disciples.  Pray for this ministry!

Sharon Jardee remains hospitalized but will most likely come home today.  Betty Neal remains in the hospital too.  Danny Lewis had a brother to pass away this weekend and his funeral service will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM from the funeral home in Robertsdale.  Pray for these folks as well as those battling cancer. 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 



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FRIDAY, 4/24/09

Eight!  Wow!  I think that the secret to getting folks to leave comment on this site has been exposed!  Mention hardie board and a woman’s age!  (Thanks, Clint!)  Eight comments to yesterday’s post!  Thanks to those who commented regarding the hardie board – Chris Taylor can cut & paste really well!  (His first comment was about Hardee’s biscuits until I told him differently!)  T. Garrett – yes, I remember the house in Guatemala which is precisely the reason you have never been invited back! LOL!  My question to Laurie is, “why?”  Are you & Liz being punished?  Sommer, IMO your BMI isn’t high enough for you to have an opinion! 

Betty Neal, Kevin Vice’s sister, was placed in the hospital yesterday.  She has fluid in her lungs and around her heart.  There seems to be a problem with her kidneys too.  The doctors are debating the cause of these problems for pray for them and Betty. 

Max Peacock is having the feeding tube inserted today.  Sharon Jardee is having her hip replaced today too.  (Bro. Kerry & Bro. Jerry are graciously covering these surgeries for me today – I appreciate it!)  Pray for these two procedures!

Carla Kyser received more chemo this past Tuesday and the test results continue to be encouraging.  Larsyn continues to have some sickness so please keep praying for her. 

The screws for the CAB are here!  Thanks Bret Hart & Eagle Sales.  If you ever need to buy an eagle, contact Bret!  Now, we just need men to help us in the morning beginning at 7:00AM.  T. Garrett, thanks but no thanks!  (I remember the house in Guatemala!) 

John Wayne Bosarge & Belissa Copeland will be united in marriage tomorrow morning at 11:00AM.  I have the privilege of performing that ceremony.  Pray for them as they begin this new life together! 

Liz, Vera, somebody – I need to get in touch with Bridgett.  Can you help?  Send me an e-mail.  Thanks!  Also, I need contact information on Bobby & Deidra Crawley – can someone help? 

FA calls!  I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus! 

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THURSDAY, 4/23/09

We had a good Wednesday and we give God the glory!  Our young adults pretty much packed out Michael & Deidra’s place to end the day.  We even brought in a worship leader from Alaska for that service!  We are blessed to have Ralph Rimmer III lead us each Wednesday night and Joel Huffman did a good job last night too.  Rusty & Caryn even got “married” last night and we are planning a mass wedding ceremony on June 10th – it is going to be awesome! 

You need to read Pam Landry Baker’s comment on yesterday’s post regarding the moose!  LOL! 

By the way, does anyone know what IMO means?  I used it in an article the other day and our young adults are struggling!  Example, “IMO Alabama will once again be the premier team in college football this year!”  FYI – Bama is 1-0 on the season having won their A Day game last Saturday! 

Does anyone out there in blog land have experience with “hardie” (that probably isn’t spelled correctly) board?  If so, can you give me any pros or cons on using it.  T. Garrett, no comments from you as I don’t see you as the construction type! 

Good news from Central America – I received an e-mail yesterday telling me that Samuel Acan now has his driver’s license.  I haven’t heard from him personally but my source is solid!  (I think)

Bill Unrue remains hospitalized.  Dawn Autin has also been placed in the hospital due to an infection.  Max Peacock did not get a feeding tube yesterday but should get one tomorrow. 

I still need guys to help with the CAB roof Saturday.  My tracking number tells me the screws arrived yesterday but I haven’t seen them yet. 

Hope you have a great Thursday with Jesus! 

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WEDNESDAY, 4/22/09

Bill Unrue & Maxine Rogers remained hospitalized though both are making progress.  As far as I know, Max Peacock received his feeding tube yesterday. 

Here are some different news items – a group of eighth students in Palmer, Alaska went outside for physical education this past Monday and a moose was on the school grounds.  They taunted the moose and in his panic he repeatedly threw himself into a wall until he died.  You ever worked with middle school students? 

A judge in Pocatello, Idaho grew weary of a man in his courtroom continually disrupting the procedures this past Monday with his verbal outbursts.  He ordered the bailiffs to silence the defendant so they found a roll of duct tape and placed a piece of tape over his mouth. 

I’ll have my steak well done – maybe not!  One study now says that folks who regularly eat their red meat burned or charred have a 60% greater risk of pancreatic cancer.  I may stick to the Baptist bird!

I now have two other men who have agreed to help on the CAB roof this Saturday.  I should know definitely by tonight’s service if we are going to have the screws on hand in order to begin this process.  If you plan on helping, please contact me or call the church office. 

T. Garrett, you lost me with your comment on yesterday’s post. 

We are on a regular schedule today.  I hope many members of the Friendship family will join us for one of the Bible studies or classes today/tonight. 

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus. 


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TUESDAY, 4/21/09

The Skipper family seemed to be doing well last night during the time of visitation.  Please pray for them as they go through the service for Adrian’s father this morning at 10:00AM. 

Bill Unrue was placed in the hospital yesterday.  As far as I know, Miss Maxine Rogers remains hospitalized too.  Max Peacock will have a feeding tube inserted today in advance of his radiation as it will be tough on his throat area.  Marisa Felps’ father, Mr. Frank Boykin, spent some time in the hospital last week and is obviously having some health problems.  Donnie & Marisa had a niece-in-law to unexpectedly pass away this past Saturday and that service will take place today.  She was only 29 years old.  Sharon Jardee will have her replacement hip replaced this Friday. 

I need to hear from the guys who will help us on the CAB roof this Saturday!  As of this moment, I have officially heard from one guy.  It could be a long day for the two of us!

Mark Mast – I was comparing our area to southwestern MI in regards to everyone leaving Spring break week.  It was felt in our morning services this past Sunday! 

The playoffs are in full swing and I am excited!  The Bruins are now within one game of their first playoff series win in ten years after they beat the Canadiens 4-2 last night.  They allowed no power play goals which was obviously huge!  The favored Capitals finally got on the board with a 4-0 win over the Rangers last but still trail in the series 2-1.  The Flames, after losing the first two games at home, finally found a way to get the puck past Blackhawks goaltender, Nikolai Khabibulin, for a 4-2 win last night.  Wow, slow down my racing heart! 

Hooray for Carrie Prejean!  She is Miss California and was in the Miss USA pageant and finished as the first runner up.  Apparently this answer cost her the title – “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”   She has held her ground since the pageant ended too! 

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus! 


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MONDAY, 4/20/09

I learned a long time ago to not get too high or too low in ministry regardless of what happens.  Last Sunday we had a “high” as we were part of a great weekend.  Yesterday, we were on the back end of Spring break for the public school system and all I can say is “ouch!”  I felt as though I was in Southwestern Michigan!  We did have a nice attendance in our evening service and for that I am most grateful! 

David Bosarge’s mother, Maxine Rogers, is in a local hospital.  Sharon Jardee had her artifical hip go out again late yesterday afternoon and they put it back in place.  She came home last night and will see her doctor today.  He told her after the last episode that surgery would probably be her option if it popped out of place again.  Time will tell!  Don Loveless is seemingly in the last days of his earthly life at a convalescent facility in Mississippi. 

Adrian Skipper’s father, Mr. Buster Skipper, passed away yesterday.  The visitation with the family will take place tonight in Picayune, MS and the funeral service is tomorrow morning.  Pray for the Skipper family during this time of sorrow. 

I have been to about two picture shows in my life as I don’t watch movies.  Lisa is still amazed that I have never seen “The Sound of Music” but I don’t know how you can “see” sound anyway.  However, I did watch the Hallmark special on television last night as it was based on a true story about Irena Sendler.  IMO good stuff! 

Our missions committee did not meet yesterday but will do so this Sunday, 4/26, at 4:00PM.  Tentative plans call for us to replace the screws in the roof of the CAB this Saturday, 4/25, beginning at 7:00AM.  We need at least 20 men to help us in this effort.  Contact me if you can help.  We will give a definite word this Wednesday night. 

Bret Hart is someone I met through Deidra during her seminary days.  He is a good guy in spite of being a Razorback fan.  He has gotten his church very, very involved with GRACE Ministries.  He is a blog reader and noticed our need for screws.  He graciously contacted me and I put him in touch with Kerry Woods and he is now our supplier.  He is saving us money and is making sure we get the right screws.  Many thanks to Bret for his help! 

Our basketball team got drilled this past Saturday night.  Don’t get me started!  I only have two more games and then my season sends due to weddings, weddings, and more weddings! 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus!

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