THURSDAY, 4/30/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Eddie Albritton, Sr suffered either a seizure or a stroke yesterday afternoon.  The family did not have a definitive word as of last night.  Keep praying for Eddie and his family.

Stella Brinkman remains in ICU but is actually doing some better.  Keep Stella in your prayers.

Kent Blaylock, Mary Jackson & Carol Lucky all remain hospitalized and need our prayer support.

The funeral service for Betty Hamil’s sister will take place today.  Pray for the Krebs family.

The funeral service for Marie Brooks’ brother is still pending.  Pray for the Hudson family.

Keith & Aninha Barrett’s granddaughter, Elana, has a hematoma on the back of her head.  Pray for it to dissipate quickly.

Christopher Barrett has a job interview in Louisiana today so pray that goes well.

Barney Rogers remains at home in Vicksburg, MS battling COVID-19.  Keep praying.

Our live stream of the music and message this Sunday, May 3, will take place at 8:00AM.  We will then have two classes of drive in Sunday School on the back forty.  Bro. Abel will be teaching our students beginning at 9:15AM and then Bro. Jerry will be teaching our adults beginning at 9:45AM.

We will have a drive in worship service on the back forty beginning at 10:30AM.  I am asking all of our senior adults to attend this service.  After that service ends which will be no later than 11:30AM we will give our senior adults their take home meal from Kitchen of the Sea restaurant in Grand Bay.  We will deliver meals to those senior adults unable to attend the service.

We will then have a drive in service on the back property beginning at 6:00PM.

EPIC FAIL by the pastor.  We had eighteen vehicles in place for yesterday morning’s service in spite of a pretty strong rain.  The music was playing and all was well.  However, my voice would not come through and I finally dismissed everyone around 10:15AM. As it always seems to happen, all of the vehicles were gone except for one when the problem was solved.  What was wrong?  Yes.  Who was to blame?  Yes.  I will take full credit for the Epic Fail.  Folks, I keep telling you that you cannot fix stupid – I am living proof!

I do love the rain but I was not real happy when I realized yesterday morning that I had left the front two windows in my car down  from Tuesday afternoon.  Go back to the last statement in the previous statement!

The church is essential per the governor.  However, they can only have services online.  The big box stores are essential too.  However, they can have hundreds upon hundreds of folks inside their places of business even though they are completely equipped to make all of their sales online.  Just saying!

I left the “epic fail” service yesterday morning and came home to spend time reading and studying while watching the rain.  That is relaxing to me.  I enjoyed the rain but not nearly as much as my garden enjoyed it.  It was perfect in that it was not a hard rain but just a good, steady rain for several hours.  Thank you Jesus.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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WEDNESDAY, 4/29/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

We will have two drive in services today – 10:00AM and 6:30PM.  I am listening to a light rain and some thunder as I write this entry just after 4:30AM.  It “appears” it will be raining at 10:00AM.  Our services will take place rain or shine if the equipment is working.  I will simply remain under the carport area on the East side of the auditorium.  If possible, join us for one of the services.

Kent Blaylock suffered multiple strokes and has been placed back in the hospital.  His situation is not good so please pray for Kent.  Kent is a very fine gentleman.

Stella Brinkman was moved back into ICU yesterday.  It appears the stroke has affected her ability to breathe.  Keep praying for Stella.

The doctor told Eddie Albritton’s mother yesterday that it now appears Eddie, Sr will not be discharged until sometime next week.  This is not good for him emotionally.  It has been around six weeks since he last saw any of his family members.  This situation needs our prayer support.

Please keep praying for Carol Lucky and pray for Terry too.

Also, remember to pray for Mary Jackson.

Andy Hamil saw an oncologist on Monday.  Pray for wisdom on behalf of the doctor.

Keep praying for Myrtle Bowden.

Edna Pearl told me that Barney Rogers is having a pretty tough go of it with the virus.  He remains at home but obviously needs our prayers.

Decker Terry is scheduled to have surgery next Thursday, May 7.  Pray for our friend, Decker.

Here is our schedule for this Sunday, May 3, 2020:  live stream and radio broadcast at 8:00AM.  Simply put this means that a person can be in the church parking lot during the 8:00AM hour and listen to the music & message but not see the singers or preacher.  The live stream can be watched at any point during the day on Sunday.

We will have a drive in service on the back forty at 10:30AM.  I am asking our senior adults who plan on attending one of our morning services to please attend the 10:30AM service.  We will conclude by 11:30AM and you will then be given your meal as you leave.  You will not have to get out of your vehicle as it will be a drive through situation.

Our evening service will begin at 6:00PM and will also be a drive in service.  It too will take place on the back forty.

A dentist can do an elective procedure on a patient but a hairdresser or barber cannot cut a person’s hair?  Am I missing something here?  The last time I checked a dentist needs to be in a person’s face to work inside their mouth.  A barber can cut a person’s hair without getting in their face.  I guess I just do not understand!

Can you believe it?  Wendy Johnston tried to get her name of the list of those sixty five years or older.  Even got to the point that Cecil called her to confirm everything but I was quick to point out to Cecil that Wendy is only sixty four years old so she does not qualify for one of the meals.  Wow, people never cease to amaze me!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.


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TUESDAY, 4/28/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Eddie’s mother was not able to speak to the doctor yesterday so no new word on Eddie’s dad’s situation.  Hopefully, he can be discharged soon.  Keep praying for Eddie, Sr.

Stella Brinkman is in PCU.  She has a feeding tube because of having difficulty swallowing.  Pray for Stella.

Carol Lucky was taken back to the hospital yesterday afternoon.  I am assuming she was admitted.  Pray for Carol.

Mary Jackson remains in the hospital.  Pray for Miss Mary.

The funeral service for Betty Hamil’s sister, Edith Krebs, will be private due to COVID-19.  Pray for Betty and the family.

The family of Jessie Hudson will also have a private service.  Pray for Marie Brooks and her family during this time.

The governor of Alabama is scheduled to speak this morning at 11:00AM.  I am very interested to hear what she has to say especially as it relates to church services.

John Milton Ladnier & Kendall Falana responded to the call regarding the back forty.  John Milton bush hogged and Kendall burned the wood pile.  It looks much better and I appreciate these guys taking the time to do this.

Tomorrow, 4/29, Bro. Abel is asking our students to come help him pick up sticks/roots from the area where John Milton bush hogged yesterday.  Students are asked to meet Bro. Abel on our campus at 1:00PM.

Senior adults, have you contacted Cecil Guidry about this Sunday?  If not, please do so today!

Philip & Natalie Dixon are the owners of Sam’s Superburger in Grand Bay.  They graciously donated the coupons given to our children this past Sunday for a free ice cream cone.  I encourage the members of the Friendship family to support Sam’s for a couple of reasons – they are not open on Sundays and they have always supported our church.

Philip & Natalie also own the Southern Shells restaurant which is where the other Sam’s used to be located.  I really like their shrimp salad croissant.  Lisa had their shrimp poboy yesterday for lunch and she said it was amazing.

Hey, need help buying or selling real estate?  John & Tammy Curl are members of the Friendship family and Tammy is a realtor with Roberts Brothers.  Her cell number is 509 1714.  If you are in need of a real estate agent, please consider Tammy.  John & Tammy are a great couple!

I literally spent all day this past Saturday working in the garden.  Was able to get about an hour and a half in yesterday afternoon. The Lord has blessed my feeble efforts and I am thankful.  However, master gardener, John Milton Ladnier, has a garden that is booming.  His corn is already setting ears!  Are you serious!  I think his garden is on steroids! ( I am talking Joey Switzer steroids!)  Of course it does not hurt that John Milton is in his garden basically 24/7.  I do believe he sleeps in that garden as he is always doing something in it.  Dub would be proud!

Coach Eric Collier had another former player get drafted in the NFL draft.  Did you know that Coach Collier gets a financial kick back for each player he has drafted?  That is the word on the street!

Drive in service tomorrow at 10:00AM and then at 6:30PM.  Join us on the East side of the auditorium – rain or shine!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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MONDAY, 4/27/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Praise the Lord!  We could not have had a better day weather wise than what the Lord gave us yesterday morning and late afternoon.  Absolutely perfect!  It was actually great being outside if only everyone could have been outside their respective vehicles.  Thank you Jesus for great weather!

We had the online worship and message at 7:00AM and then two really good services at 8:00AM & 6:00PM.  One of the things that I do not like about drive in services is that you cannot have an altar call and get a response.  I also do not like that I cannot hear any “amens” while preaching.  However, I am grateful that we can gather.  I was glad when they said, “let’s go to church!”

Miss Mary Jackson has been admitted to the hospital again.  Her problem this time is a blood clot and a concern that there could be more.  Pray for Mary!

Eddie Albritton, Sr. could be discharged from the hospital early this week.  I know he is ready so please pray for him.

Word I received last night at the service is that Stella Brinkman was doing some better as she was resting.  Keep praying for Stella.

Betty Hamil’s sister passed from this life on Saturday night.  She was eighty eight years old.  Arrangements pending.  Pray for the family.

As you know, Marie Brooks’ brother passed from this life last Thursday.  Arrangements pending.  Pray for the Hudson family.

Keep praying for Carol Lucky, Myrtle Bowden, Andy Hamil, Kent Blaylock and the others on our prayer list.

Senior adults, have you contacted Cecil Guidry about this Sunday, May 3?  If not, please do so now.  We must hear from everyone by 3:00PM this Thursday, April 30, in order for the Kitchen of the Sea to have the needed food on hand for Sunday.  By the way, Cecil tells me that we have enough folks to handle the deliveries.  Thank you to each person who has volunteered to help with this ministry.

I will announce our schedule for this Sunday, May 3, no later than this Thursday, April 30.  Expecting to hear something from the governor’s office that could impact what we do.  Stay tuned.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.




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I do not plan on posting an entry tomorrow but I needed to get a prayer request out and to remind the Friendship family of some things.

Edna Pearl contacted me this afternoon to let me know that her brother-in-law, Barney Rogers, has COVID-19.  He and Linda are now quarantined at home in Vicksburg, MS.  Barney picked up the virus at work.   Barney & Linda desire your prayer support.

Cecil says she can be contacted via e-mail (cecilpg@centurytel.net), home phone 865 4326 or cell phone 610 7978.  She needs to hear from our senior adults regarding next Sunday’s meal.  Also, she needs to hear from staff members, deacons and others who will help with the delivery of these meals.  Last I heard from Cecil she had one person volunteer and I know him really well!  Staff members, deacons, young adults, et cetera – please step up!  This is a ministry opportunity!

We will have three “surprises” for all children, fifth grade and under, who attend our 8:00AM drive in service tomorrow.  This does not include adults who only finished the fifth grade!  Wow, did Bibbi Bosarge ever throw down about that little stipulation! I was almost certain that Bibbi finished the sixth grade but I have since learned she only started the sixth grade.  Hey, that is not bad for her!

The weather forecast for in the morning calls for sunny & sixty five degrees with sixty seven percent humidity at 8:00AM and warming to sixty eight degrees and dropping to fifty five percent humidity by 9:00AM.  How about that forecast!

The afternoon forecast is also picture perfect!  God is good!

Rest well tonight and join us in the morning for our drive in service.  Remember, if you are trying to watch the streamed service later in the day and have problems the contact Soy @ soytaylor0818@gmail.com.  He can help you!  (That is a scary thought!)


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SATURDAY, 4/25/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Our great friend, Decker Terry, called yesterday to share a most important prayer need in his life.  He will be traveling from Montgomery to Birmingham for a serious surgical procedure on May 7.  He is asking for our prayers.  Decker is one of the finest men I have ever met.  He is a tremendous supporter of GRACE Ministries, SLAM, and other mission efforts.  I could pick up the phone right now and call Decker with a ministry need and he would give.  His wife, Martha, was called to Heaven last July and she was the same way although I think she may have been an even greater prayer warrior.  So, will you pray for Decker today and in the days leading up to May 7?  Thank you for joining Lisa and me in these prayers.

Senior adults (65+) of the Friendship family – will you stop right now and contact Cecil Guidry about next Sunday, May 3.  We are going to provide you with a dinner (fried fish, baked beans, coleslaw) from Kitchen of the Sea along with bread and a piece of Lisa’s cake.  We simply need to know if you are going to attend the morning service (plans are to have a later morning service) or if you would like for us to deliver your dinner.  Contact Cecil at cecilpg@centurytel.net or 865 4326.

Also, I need staff members, deacons and others who will help deliver these dinners to contact Cecil to let her know that you will help in this ministry area.

Live stream tomorrow morning at 7:00AM.  You can watch the service at any time tomorrow.  If you experience difficulty trying to watch after 7:00AM then contact Soy at soytaylor0818@gmail.com and he will walk you through it.

Drive in services tomorrow at 8:00AM and 6:00PM.  I am making a call to our families with grade school children to please attend these services.  Your children need to be on the church campus.  We will have at least two gifts for all children, 5th graders and under, attending our 8:00AM service.  Simply pull through the carport before the service.

We need to finish the month of April really strong financially.  Will you consider giving to the Lord before this month ends?  Bring it with you tomorrow (the best way) or give online.  Thank you for giving to the Lord!

Are you sitting down?  Did you know that the building housing the Alabama Senate chamber is “already unhealthy with mole?”  And you thought you had it tough!  Just saying!

LSU had ten players drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL 2020 draft.  The SEC conference had forty players drafted in those rounds which sets a new record.  Impressive!

It sounds like Governor Ivey may be inclined to lessen some of the restrictions presently in place after this Thursday.  I find it most interesting that Wisconsin had their election on April and the naysayers were saying that state would see a significant spike in virus cases.  However, the rate spike did not happen.  Interesting!

I was able to spend most of yesterday on a mower.  My hope is to spend some time in the garden today.  Today looks to be basically a picture perfect day weather wise which will mirror yesterday, if true.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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FRIDAY, 4/24/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Katie Tillman sent me word last night that Stella was going to be put in a room instead of ICU.  Keep praying for Stella.  (Disclaimer – Katie is getting her information from her “crazy” mama so. . . )

Still hard to believe that Marie Brooks’ had another brother to pass from this life.  Pray for the Hudson family as they walk through this valley.

As far as I know there has been no significant change in any of the others for whom we have been praying.  Just keep praying.

Two drive in services this Sunday, 4/26 – 8:00AM6:00PM.  I am in hopes that the Friendship family will be very faithful in attending these services.

We are going to have at least two, possibly three, gifts for the children, 5th graders and under, who attend our 8:00AM service this Sunday.  Parents, just pull through the carport as has been normal and your children will receive their gift.

Our Senior Adults need to contact Cecil Guidy regarding our morning service on Sunday, May 3.  The church will be providing a meal from Kitchen of the Sea.  Fried fish, baked beans, coleslaw.  We will add bread and a slice of Lisa’s pound cake.  If a senior adult who is a member of the Friendship family cannot attend that service then we will deliver.  Again, we need all senior adults from our church to contact Cecil by Thursday, 4/30.

Also, we are going to need folks to deliver these meals.  Staff members, deacons and others are asked to let Cecil know if you will help.

Congratulations to the six guys from Alabama and Auburn who were selected in the first round of the NFL draft last night.  The SEC had a record breaking fifteen first round selections.  LSU had five of those fifteen.  I watched through the twelfth pick and then shut it down.  That was more television than I have watched the rest of 2020 combined up to this point.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.

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Word came to me around 1:00PM that Marie Brooks’ brother, Jessie, had just passed from this life.  I went to the house to see Marie & Nanette.  A chaplain was there so I did not hang around.  Yes, this is the second brother to pass from this life in less than a week.  Pray for the family!

Katie Tillman messaged me earlier today to say that her maternal grandmother, Stella Brinkman, had been transported to the hospital via an ambulance.  The initial thought was stroke but they found a brain bleed.  She underwent surgery, did well, is now responding some and has been placed in ICU.  Pray for Stella and her family.


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THURSDAY, 4/23/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Eddie’s father did have surgery yesterday and all went well as far as they know.  They are thinking that he could be discharged from the hospital early next week.  Keep praying.

Talked to Tim Knighten before our service last night and he met with a surgeon this past Monday.  They will do a different test and then Tim will see the surgeon again on May 21.  Keep praying for Tim.

Larry Whitehurst told me yesterday of the passing of Larry Fort.  I have known Larry for over forty years and ask that you pray for his family.  Obviously, private service.

One of the members who is presently unemployed sent me a message last night sharing a huge blessing from God.  He was extremely grateful.

How about that crowd for yesterday morning’s drive in service!  Awesome!  Last night’s attendance was much better too.  Thank you to those who are being faithful to attend.

We also had folks give offerings in both services yesterday.  Our online giving is up this week too.  Thank you Friendship family for being faithful in this area of worship.

Pray as we begin to focus on getting back in our buildings for corporate worship.  It is a constitutional right and a scriptural command.

Two drive in services this Sunday – 8:00AM & 6:00PM.  I am asking the members of the Friendship family to join us and to invite others to join you!  We plan on having a treat for all of the children, fifth graders and under, who attend the morning service.

We need the senior adults from the Friendship family to contact Cecil Guidry no later than next Thursday, 4/30, to let her know if you will be attending our morning service on Sunday, May 3.  It will be Senior Adult Sunday and we will providing you with a take home dinner from Kitchen of the Sea.  Fried fish, baked beans & coleslaw.  Rumor has it that a piece of Lisa’s pound cake will also be included.  We plan on delivering to our senior adults who cannot attend the service.  We count our senior adults as those who are age sixty five and above.

I was able to spend some time in my garden yesterday afternoon working on making it a Santa Claus garden – hoe, hoe, hoe!  I also was singing “In The Garden” especially that first stanza that goes, “I come to the garden alone!”   Just saying!

Where will Tua go in the draft tonight?  Which pick and which team?

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.



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WEDNESDAY, 4/22/20

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalm 46:1)

Eddie Albritton, Sr is scheduled to have surgery today.  Pray that he will and that all will go well.  This has seemingly been a long time coming.  Pray for his family too as they cannot be with him during this time.

Keep praying for Debbie Kendrick’s mother, Mrs Amonett.

Also, pray for Randy Stringfellow who lives in North Carolina.  Randy is the younger brother of Diane Trotti, Rita Stringfellow and Clinton Stringfellow.

Pray for the folks from the Friendship family who work in the healthcare field.  Pray for our President.

Pray for Marie Brooks and family as there will be a private service today for her brother, James Lee Hudson.

Drive in service this morning at 10:00AM and this evening at 6:30PM.

We will be observing our annual Senior Adult Day on Sunday, May 3.  Our senior adults will be treated to a take home fried fish dinner from Kitchen of the Sea.  Yes, we will be delivering to those senior adults of the Friendship family who are not comfortable with attending our service.  More details forthcoming.

Jayden & I were able to get the back half of the hill mowed yesterday.  That was the plan.  The rest of the plan is to get the front half on Friday.  I love it when a plan comes together!

Well, I was wrong.  (Let me pause so you can let that sink in!)  Master gardener John Milton Ladnier will not begin picking produce from his garden next month.  He began this past Monday!  Are you serious!  He brought us a huge bag of squash yesterday afternoon.  He should put a canopy on the back of his truck and go into business!

If the weather folks are correct, tomorrow should be a stormy day on the Gulf Coast.  Do not like the storms but any rain will be appreciated.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.  I am challenging our younger adult group to be present for the 6:30PM Bible study tonight.




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