THURSDAY, 1/19/12

The service for Earl Gunter was well attended and I thought it went well.  Mike Bell, Russell Gunter, Pastor Jeff Switzer, and Pastor Robbie Howard all did great jobs of sharing about Earl.  They also presented the Gospel.  The special music was great too!  Thanks to those who helped with the food.  Thanks to  Miss Vinnie & Mr. Oscar for leading the serving of the meal to the Gunter family.  The Friendship family is going to miss Earl Gunter in a huge way!

Rachel Jackson’s grandmother was discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Amy Huhn’s mother, Miss Gloria Morrison, got a great report yesterday from her latest scan.  Praise the Lord!

Miss Kathleen Henderson has been moved to an assisted living facility for the time being.  (This is coming from Joey Switzer so you decide how much stock to put into it – LOL!)

Shocking news – Trinity College lost in squash yesterday!  They had won 252 consecutive games (matches?) not having lost since the 1997-98 season.  Yale got ’em yesterday by a score of 5 – 4.  I almost had trouble sleeping last night!  Do not fret as the Bantams will be back!  (They are the thirteen times defending champions!)

I have not had proper nourishment since Tuesday noon – that is when my stash of tomatoes ran out!  I enjoyed a tomato sandwich Sunday night, twice on Monday, and then Tuesday.  Yes, I did give one of the tomatoes to Ricky from the quartet – wishing now I had not!  LOL!  (By the way, Greer’s in Grand Bay is presently selling those tomatoes)

If anyone within the church family needs work done i.e. odd jobs such as raking leaves, mowing, washing windows, et cetera then please contact me.  We can discuss pay and the person available.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus!

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  • Mark Mast says:

    I didn’t realize that we shared a similar passion for eating tomatoes! My “stash” gave out last week… January 9. This date broke my previous record by over a month! “Storing” tomatoes in Canada until January was a virtual miracle, considering I harvested the last of them from our garden in late September… It was an exceptional year with ideal growing conditions, not to mention “preserving” them for over two months without spoiling (too much…). We’ll have to have a “tomato fest” sometime. Right now, we’re eating “rubbery, pink, mealy” tomatoes from who knows where… Alabama maybe? 🙂

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