THURSDAY, 5/22/14

Today’s Bible reading – 2 Samuel 1:1-2:11 John 12:20-50 Psalm 118:19-29 Proverbs 15:27-28

This entry is way late and, for that, I apologize.

First, a clarification – the Karla Bosarge who passed away and was buried yesterday was a lady from Bayou La Batre who was 55 or so years old.  It was not the Karla Bosarge who is married to Dale.

Speaking of the funeral service, I am told everything went well and that the folks who ministered to the family by feeding them did a great job.  Thank you Friendship family!

Bea Unrue is scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today.  That will empty the hospitals of folks from the Friendship family – praise the Lord!

Morris’ mother, Miss Lucine, did well through her procedure yesterday and remains in the hospital.

The memorial service for Peggy & Judy Benefield’s Uncle Bob takes place at 5:00PM today in the Laurel, MS area.  Pray for the family.

Confusion is the key word in Carlos Raxon’s situation in Guatemala – you think?  At any rate, he has been put on Vitamin K and will be tested again next Tuesday, 5/27, to see if he is ready for surgery.

Laurie Vargas has resumed her normal life while awaiting test results.

Cristy Leytham remains at home being cared for by Paul, Laurie King, Terry Willis and others.  Her doctor son, Tony, was out to check on her yesterday.

Lee & Candy Sugiyama are dorm parents at Casa Aleluya in Guatemala.  They are trying to adopt a little girl, Anda.  They are to meet with an adoptive agency this morning.  Please pray for favor.

My dad’s procedure was seamless.  Thank you to the many who have contacted me and asked while expressing your prayer support.  I am humbled.  I got to visit with Ray Edwards yesterday.  I was not able to see Sonny Bates’ cousin, Junior Taylor, as no one was home.  Junior is battling cancer and is a life long friend.  Was able to visit briefly with Pastor Terry & Elaine Nappier.  Joe David Bailey took time out of his schedule to make these visits with me and, for that, I am grateful.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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