FRIDAY, 9/3/21

Lee Sessions remains in the hospital and continues to have an elevated temperature.  They ran tests yesterday but I do not know the results.  I do know that Lee continues to need our prayer support so keep praying.

Our friend, R.B. “Pat” Patterson, celebrated his one hundred and first birthday yesterday.  How about that!  Pat lives in an assisted living facility in Gadsden but is out and about all of the time.  What a remarkable gentleman!  He is perhaps the most avid Alabama football fan I have ever personally known.  Happy belated birthday to Pat Patterson!

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning, 9/5.  An evening service only beginning at 6:00PM.  No Bible club and no children’s choir this Sunday.

Deacons will meet at 5:00PM this Sunday afternoon.

We will receive an anniversary love offering for Bro. Abel in all three services this Sunday.  Yes, we received one this past Sunday but our attendance was way down due to Ida so this is a mulligan.  Pray and give as the Lord leads.

Looking forward to a Saturday of college football.  The Clemson vs Georgia game on Saturday night should be a good one.  We shall see.

I do not plan on posting an entry tomorrow or Sunday unless something happens that needs to be reported.  Just FYI.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.


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THURSDAY, 9/2/21

Today marks the thirty fifth anniversary of the passing of Lisa’s only brother, Michael.  What a tough day that was for this family. It seems like ancient history and yet it seems like it happened yesterday.  I loved Michael and cannot imagine what it would be like to know him as a fifty three year old brother-in-law.  Michael was spoiled but, in my opinion, he was a good young man.

Today also marks the thirty second anniversary of John M. “Dub” Ladnier’s passing from this life.  After a struggle with cancer, one of Michael’s best friends was taken from this life on the same date just three years later.  Thank God for those precious memories!

Lee Sessions remains in the hospital.  His is not covid related.  They are not sure why his temperature is elevated.  Pray for Lee!

Keep praying for Leah Falana’s son who is stationed in Kuwait and for Decker Terry’s nephew who was in Afghanistan.  Pray for all of our military personnel.

We also need to continue to pray for those impacted by Hurricane Ida.  What a tough storm!

Justice John Roberts has proven once again that he cannot be labeled as a conservative.  I am thankful for the conservative five on the US Supreme Court.

Regular schedule on our campus this Sunday morning.  We will have an evening service at 6:00PM but nothing else during that time.  I encourage those from the Friendship family who will be out of town on this last major holiday of 2021 to consider giving their regular offering online this week.  Why not do that now?  Thank you for giving to the Lord!

Speaking of giving, we will be receiving an anniversary love offering for Bro. Abel this Sunday in all three services.  Pray and give as the Lord leads if you did not get to do so last Sunday.

Our deacons will meet this Sunday afternoon at 5:00PM.  Brothers, take note and attend if at all possible.

Remember, NO church fellowship at Presley’s Outing this Sunday!

I watched some of the UAB game last night.  Looking forward to this Saturday’s games.  I do enjoy college football.

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.


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This entry is way late!  I apologize!  Why is it late?  Two words – Elizabeth Westbrook.  Enough said!

Lee Sessions has been admitted to the hospital.  He has been running an elevated temperature for several days.  They did blood work yesterday but those results are not back yet.  Pray for Lee.

Mark Timberlake now needs a pacemaker.  He is scheduled for that procedure on September 29.  He also needs surgery on his other leg.  Pray for Mark.

JoNell Barnes’ sister-in-law in Texas passed from this life.  JoNell and crew will be going there for the service.  Pray for them as they travel.

The Pouncey family with whom Bill & Debbie Kendrick are close friends continue to have one trial after another.  Pray for them.

Debbie’s sister-in-law, Mary, has two tumors on her thyroid.  These tumors need to be removed soon.  Pray that will happen in a timely fashion.

Pray for the thirteen families of the US military who were killed in Afghanistan recently.

Pray for the folks who have begun the recovery process from Hurricane Ida.

Speaking of Hurricane Ida, there will be no church fellowship at Presley’s Outing this Sunday, 9/5.  The water level is way too high.  We will have a worship service in our auditorium at 6:00PM.  Of course, Sunday morning is regular.

If you are reading this blog entry then you have most likely seen our newly redesigned website.  Good job by that group of folks who made this happen.  I was pretty instrumental in helping them with the technical stuff!  Just saying!

Dr. Rex Looney should be ashamed of himself!  Ashamed I tell you!

I pray that you will have a great rest of your Wednesday with Jesus.


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As I wrote earlier today, we will be having a regular schedule on our campus in the morning meaning worship at 8:00AM & 10:30AM with Sunday School at 9:15AM.  However, our buses will not be running their routes tomorrow.

We are going to have a worship service only at 5:00PM in the auditorium.  No Bible club or children’s choir tomorrow.  Please pass the word!

We will receive a love offering for Bro. Abel Garcia in all three of our services tomorrow.  This August marked his second anniversary as our minister to students.  Pray and give as the Lord leads.

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SATURDAY, 8/28/21

Edna Glover’s daughter, Stacy, was taken to the hospital by ambulance yesterday.  She has been placed on oxygen.  Pray for Stacy to improve and to get well.

Buford Young is also in the hospital and was not having a good day yesterday.  He too is having a difficult time breathing.  Pray for Buford.

Max & Marjorie continue to need our prayer support in a big way.

As far as I know, Miss Connie Hardy had her surgery yesterday.  Pray for Miss Connie.

Keep praying for Lee Sessions.

Keep praying for Buddy Brewer.

Pray for Teresa Albritton as she is still dealing with the loss of her sister.  I was able to go to Atmore last night for the after service visitation.

Tony Jeter’s father’s service will take place on Monday in Florida.  Pray for the family.

I have received a good number of messages of encouragement from folks regarding the celebration of life service for Sam Schjott. I am appreciative.  Folks, the musical worship in that service was amazing!  Sam is going to be missed by so many!  Pray for his family.

I have a wedding service this morning (yes, this morning).  After that I will be entering another post detailing what we will do tomorrow service wise.  I can tell you these things for definite – we will have a normal Sunday morning schedule tomorrow and we will NOT be going to the Church of God for a joint service tomorrow night.

I have sent a message to our staff and deacons regarding the schedule on our campus tomorrow night.  I will take those thoughts into consideration and will be posting another entry around noon, or shortly thereafter, today.

Pray for the folks in the direct path of Hurricane Ida.  Pray for the situation in Afghanistan.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.  Be safe!


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WEDNESDAY, 8/25/21

Many prayer requests today.  First, pray for Max & Marjorie Peacock as both of them are sick.  They are at home but are in definite need of our prayer support.

Miss Maxine Ervin sent a prayer request from Texas as she is battling the virus.  She believes the Friendship family knows how pray and asks us to help pray her through this illness.  Pray for Miss Maxine.  She is one of the finest Christian ladies I have ever known.

Our friend in Montgomery, AL, Decker Terry, has a family member who is in the USAF and is presently in Afghanistan helping with the evacuations.  Pray for Chase and all of the other US military personnel in that country.

Mr. Gary Hickman, Jimmy Tagert’s father, is at home battling a sickness.  Pray for him to continue to improve.

Please continue to pray for Lee Sessions as he recovers from his heart surgery and remains on an IV at home.  Pray for Elizabeth as she gives care to Lee.

Mark Timberlake has had one surgery and will soon be having another one.  Keep praying for Mark!

Miss Connie Hardy is scheduled to have an outpatient surgery this Friday.  Pray that all goes well.

Tony Jeter, his wife, Katrina, and their children have been attending our services.  Tony’s father passed from this life over the weekend.  He lived in Florida so please pray for the family.

Teresa Albritton’s sister passed from this life yesterday afternoon.  She lived in Atmore.  Arrangements pending.  Pray for Teresa, Eddie and family during this time.

I have a cousin-in-law, David, who passed from this life yesterday.  He had covid pneumonia but suffered a massive heart attack which caused his death.  Pray for my cousin, Doris, and the family.

The arrangements for Sam Schjott have not been completed as far as I know.  Keep praying for Sam’s family.

The Friendship family will be ministering to the Mission of Hope this Friday, 8/27.  Not sure what that will look like but do know help is always needed.  Pray for this ministry.

Regular schedule on our campus today – morning and evening.

More to share but that will have to come later as this post is already long.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.




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MONDAY, 8/23/21

The news came to us yesterday at the end of our evening service that Sam Schjott had passed from this life.  Even though I knew that Sam was in critical condition it was still basically unbelievable.  Death stings!  Pray for Sam’s family as they walk through this valley.  Obviously, arrangements pending.

Continue to pray for the folks who are battling various illnesses including the virus.  Pray for those who are awaiting surgery too.

We were blessed with a good day in our services yesterday.  The proverbial cherry on the top was seeing Bro. Abel baptize his son, Gideon, to conclude last night’s worship service.  Good stuff!  I was pleasantly surprised with the attendance in all three of our services.  We have more folks watching the live stream these days but our in house attendance was good too.  We give God the glory.

Happy birthday to Miss Judy Tucker!  She and Lisa are in Guatemala celebrating this special day – LOL!  I have known Miss Judy for fifty years and she is a sweetheart.  I hope her day is the best!

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.



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SUNDAY, 8/22/21

Sam Schjott’s physical condition has worsened.  I ask you to stop now and pray for Sam, the medical personnel treating him and for Sam’s family.

Aninha’s nephew, Jay, had surgery on Friday and it went well.  If he will follow the doctor’s orders then the expectation is that Jay will make a complete recovery.  Pray this will be true.

One of the young ladies involved in our Spanish ministry had surgery on Friday to remove her gall bladder.  As far as I know, all well went.  Pray for this young lady.

Lee Sessions continues to recover at home.  Keep praying.

I spoke to Miss Vinnie this past week and her son, Buddy, is doing ok.  He did not get the report he wanted from the doctor but is staying positive and trusting the Lord.  Pray for Buddy!

Lisa’s dad saw the doctor this past week and it has been determined that he suffered a seizure.  Per the law, he is not allowed to drive for six weeks.  Pray for Charles as he goes through these next six weeks.  Pray for no more seizures.

There are a couple of folks who are either members of the Friendship family or who attend our services regularly who are presently battling the virus.  Pray for these folks.

My wife, Lisa, and Miss Judy Tucker left our house at 3:00AM today heading to Guatemala.  Pray for safe, timely travel today.  Deidra and the girls are excited about spending this week with them.  I will miss my wife but I am grateful she is getting this opportunity.

Regular schedule on our campus today – morning and evening.  Children’s Bible club at 5:00PM and children’s choir at 6:00PM.

Kendall Falana does an excellent job of keeping me updated on any storm activity as it relates to potential tropical storms or hurricanes.  I am very thankful.  Pray for those folks in the path of Hurricane Henri as it should make landfall at some point today or tonight.

If all goes as planned, I will have the opportunity to go shrimping this week.  If so, this will be my first time.  My ultimate goal is to get on “Big Shrimping!”  I do not want Bibbi to be the only member of the Friendship family who has this distinction.

I pray that you will have a great Sunday with Jesus.



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WEDNESDAY, 8/18/21

Happy birthday to Soy!  I hope he has a great day!

No significant change in Sam’s situation.  Keep praying.

Lee Sessions remains in the recovery mode at home.  He is making small steps toward recovery.  Keep praying.

Miss Vinnie’s son, Buddy, did not get the report he would like from the doctors.  The doctors are not considering the next move.  Keep praying.

Charles Clark has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow which could mean he can begin driving again.  Pray that goes well.

I do not have an update on my friend, Ranny Cockrell.  Keep praying.

Pray for those who are battling the virus.

Regular schedule on our campus this morning and evening.

Thank you to those who have been so supportive of Lisa for the past couple of days.  Very much appreciated.

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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