GRACE II 2017 (2/9/17)

Written by Teddie on February 9th, 2017

Thirty of the team members just headed down GRACE mountain heading for the Guatemala City airport.  Two others left late yesterday afternoon to spend some time in the northern part of Guatemala while four others have remained for a few days in Antigua.

The medical/dental folks were down in number yesterday but had a good day.  Since Laurie King is not here I do not have the final numbers.  I do know they had a good week all in all and we give God the glory.

The building team dedicated all twenty houses.  They saw one profession of faith in those dedications and had a sweet time with the pastor, elders and deacons of the local church.

Pastor Terry’s surgery that was scheduled for this morning has been delayed.  They need to do another procedure first.  Most likely, his surgeries, elbow & shoulder, will take place later today.  He certainly needs our prayer support!

Once again, thank you for praying for this team.  Let’s pray them safely home!  Blessings!


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