FRIDAY, 8/7/09

Friday morning greetings from Holland, Michigan.  I am sitting at the kitchen table in the home of Ross & Kathy Genzink being entertained by Kaily Genzink.  She is trying to get me to get her boyfriend to propose marriage to her!  I’ll try but I am not a miracle worker!

Tom Compagner came by a bit earlier and got Samuel to go play his first game of golf.  That should be a blast.  Samuel will probably have a lower score than Tom! 

We slept with the windows open last night – how crazy is that!  Yes, it is August and they have the windows open.  Kaily says they have not turned the air conditioning on all summer.  (I think you call it “tight Ross”) 

However, they are now calling for high heat and humidity tomorrow.  First time all summer!  Imagine that!  Leah & Brian’s wedding is scheduled to take place outside. 

Pray for the Merritt family today as they go through the funeral service for James.  Pray for Bro. Robbie as he preaches that service.  I don’t have any new updates on the folks who are hospitalized or battling cancer.  However, we need to keep praying for each of them.

I began reading “Wild Goose Chase” yesterday.  Good book.  I want to be like Dr. Jack Bailey & Dr. Michael Mason.  What a goal to have in life!

Nick Whistlebritches, if you are reading this entry, Kaily wants to get married – now!

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus!

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