Received word from Jerry Whitmore earlier this afternoon that Keith Young has passed from this life.  Wow, that was a quick passing once they diagnosed him with this unusual affliction.  Pray for his wife, Allison, and the family.  Keith & Allison live in the greater Atlanta area.

Larry Whitehurst confirmed that Phil Sims was discharged from the hospital this morning.  Praise the Lord!

Also, praise the Lord for this rain.  We have not gotten a deluge as of this writing (6:50PM) but we have had some good showers.  I just pray that we Baptists will not let the rain keep us from attending the services tomorrow morning and evening.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday evening with Jesus.

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SATURDAY, 5/20/17

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” I Peter 4:10

Today’s Bible reading – 1 Chronicles 10-12; John 6:45-71

Well, I almost wrote in yesterday’s entry that the Friendship family was free of having anyone in the hospital except for Tommy Watson in Louisiana.  Enter Phil Sims!  He called Lisa to let me know that he was in ICU.  I visited last night and he had been moved to a regular room.  He was doing good and should go home this morning.

Speaking of Tommy Watson, my source (Zach H) tells me that he is now in a regular room.  That is good news.  The belief is that he will be moved back this way at some point early next week.  I hope that is true for his sake as well as for the sake of his family.

Heard from Dave Sellers yesterday afternoon and he said Becky had spent the day in bed.  Just really tired from the day before going to the doctor and such.  Keep praying.

Charles is doing good now that he is at home.  Still has an issue or two but he will be fine in time.  Trying to get him to remember telling me that he was going to give me my inheritance prior to his passing from this life.  Not successful yet.  I guess the modified will he signed will have to do!

Last day of this soccer season today beginning at 8:00AM.  My tribe plays at 9:00AM.  Am I sad to see the season end?  Let’s just say that I am glad to see this sport serving as a ministry to our community and helping us reach folks.  Plans are to move it to our campus next year.  Bigger and better!

Bus workers meeting at 8:30AM followed by a time of visitation.  Pray for this vital ministry.

We will recognize our high school graduates of 2017 in our 10:30AM service tomorrow.  Each graduate needs to be punctual as we will begin on time.

As we move to some new security measures, our Buildings & Grounds Committee will be asking the Friendship family tomorrow night to approve new entry/exit doors for the CAB.  This will basically complete the renovation of that building and will go a long way in helping us keep that building secure.  I appreciate the work this committee has done regarding this matter and Leslie Hacker has given them a huge assist by serving as the point man.

Jeanette Bates and I are discussing some possible changes for our adult choir.  These changes are in the praying stage right now but I think they will be shared soon.  I do appreciate Jeanette’s many efforts in working with our choir.  She does a great job!

I have not been able to shake this feeling not so great this week.  Thursday night Daphne gave me two shots.  My only question was, “is it really necessary to twist the needles while giving the injections!”  She twisted a bit harder and said, “yes!”  Mumbled something about a whipping when she was in the eighth grade or so!  Wow!

Yesterday was a good day for me as I spent almost all of it in the garden and yard.  It was humid!  I worked on making the garden a Santa Claus garden – hoe, hoe, hoe!  Plowed everything except the corn.  Fertilized some stuff.  Then moved to the yard and did a little push mowing and weed eating.

Here is the deal – I had two helpers with the yard work yesterday.  Soy & Bobby Gene.  Here is the problem – they were on identical mowers and I could not tell which one was which as they favor.  The girls call him “Uncle Bob” if that tells you anything.  That Bobby Gene is a jack of all trades!  Told me that he was a much better electrician than Sammy Bowden.  We now have lights around our pool thanks to Bobby Gene!

Good job Celtics!

Yard work, soccer and more yard work for me today.  Eating weeds.  Trying to straighten up what the boys did yesterday!  Just saying!  It appears per that rain may affect the soccer and my yard work plans.  One local tv station says it will be an afternoon event.  Nanette’s favorite weather website tends to agree with  Either way, Lisa is not going to let me out of the yard work – just saying!

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.






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