SATURDAY, 6/19/21

Love & The Outcome will be in our services tomorrow.  Bro. Jerry Hovel will be bringing the message from the Word.  Friendship family, please pray and please attend the services.

Our youngest daughter, Gina, had all four of her wisdom teeth surgically removed yesterday.  She did well but is experiencing pain and discomfort.  Prayers appreciated.

My brother, Eddie, sent me the obituary for Pastor Billy Burge from Belzoni, MS.  I have not been in contact with Bro. Billy in years but used to go do Kid’s Krusades for him.  As a preschooler, Deidra used to join me.  I grew up with Cindy Hall Burge.  I do not know the details but I do know that Pastor Billy passed from this life due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident.  His celebration of life service will take place this Monday.  Pray for Cindy and the rest of the family, please.

The team on GRACE Mountain had a really full day yesterday.  Breakfast, devotion, serving the children breakfast, and then heading out to build two houses.  All planned out!  However, we were unexpectedly delayed for more than two hours as protesters were blocking the road.  I have no clear idea as to the “why” of the protest.  I do know that we were passed by police trucks in the other lanes with policemen in the back actively loading their weapons.  The protests ended soon thereafter.  We were able to get two houses built (minus he concrete) before having to come back to the mountain.  Soy & Johnathan Jordan were delayed until the afternoon due to mechanical failure in Soy’s Montero.

Twenty pastors and their spouses came to the mission house for a very nice service and meal.  Music, a message and a gift of special food was given to each pastor in attendance.  They were most grateful.

The team then had another devotional with the highlight being Chino sharing his testimony.  Good stuff.

The team will leave the mountain at 6:00AM today as the day is going to be full.  Pray for them as they will do at least three different ministries today.

I pray that your Saturday will be blessed with Jesus.

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