SATURDAY, 6/8/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Our VBS 2019 is now history minus the family night this Sunday evening.  Again, we did not set any attendance records but we did have a good school.  Thank you to Myrtle, Bro. Jerry and all of our workers.  Thank you parents for sending your children.  Thank you children for attending.  Thank you Jesus for Your blessings!

Matt Everett’s father remains hospitalized and in need of our prayers.

Aninha Barrett’s mother, Miss Jane Lieb, has become less responsive. So, Keith & Aninha left yesterday afternoon heading to Pennsylvania.  If all went well, they should be arriving there early this morning.  Pray for Miss Jane and her family.

Lisa and I took a road trip yesterday.  I went by our VBS and we headed out soon thereafter going to Montgomery and then Auburn.  Our first stop was the Baptist South Hospital to visit Martha Terry.  She had not been doing well but was alert and we have a good visit with Miss Martha, her son, Ron, and his wife, Peggy.  Here is what Decker sent out via e-mail early, early this morning – “I believe that we are seeing a miracle in progress. She is off her B-pap mask a/o this A.M. and breathing w/oxygen through her nose @ 96% level. PTL! The question is…. will her improved condition hold while sleeping….. and will the doctor’s tracking and adjusting of her new/old new meds while drawing off fluid…over 16 lbs. plus, thus far achieve lasting effects. I am confident she will continue to improve.”  Praise the Lord.  Thank you to those who are praying for Martha!

We then drove to Decker’s house to visit with him.  What a delightful man!  We had a wonderful visit.  Decker has been having some physical challenges this week but you would never know it by listening to him.  He too is much improved.  We always leave the Terry’s house feeling refreshed and blessed!  Keep praying for Decker!

I had called Jan Hearon yesterday morning to ask if Lisa and I could visit.  Gregg Hearon has been battling a malignancy for about a year and the medical folks just called in hospice.  Gregg is rapidly losing weight.  He is physically weak but his mind is as sharp as sharp can be.  We intentionally planned to only be there for around thirty minutes or so and we were almost able to meet that goal.  It was a huge blessing to see Gregg & Jan and to listen to their extreme faith in God.  Pray for Gregg, Jan, Jason, Heather and family.

A good number of folks from Grand Bay have visited Gregg & Jan in recent days.  I would suggest that if you plan on seeing Gregg while he is awake and alert that you go soon.  I also suggest calling Jan in advance to make sure it is a good time and to make your visit relatively brief.  (All of that is from me – not Gregg & Jan)

Regular schedule for the Friendship family tomorrow morning.  VBS family night at 5:00PM.

Finance Committee meets at 4:15PM tomorrow afternoon.  Personnel Committee meets too.

I tried to tell you guys to not count the Raptors out of the finals!  Levi just will not listen to me!  LOL!

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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