FRIDAY, 6/14/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

Happy Flag Day!

Martin & Jennifer Brinkman’s son, Martin, suffered a neck injury late yesterday afternoon.  He was taken to the hospital and was moved to a different one during the night.  A neurosurgeon will examine him this morning and make a decision as to the next step in the process.  Pray for young Martin.

Miss Lillian Brinkman is home but still needs our prayer support.

Matt’s father remains in the hospital so keep praying.

Martha Terry was discharged from the hospital late Wednesday afternoon.  Decker, Ron & Peggy, Sherry and the others now have a full time giving care to Martha but they do an excellent job.  Decker & Martha are people of great faith in Jesus.  Pray for them!

Keep praying for Lydia and the baby in Guatemala.

I have not heard anything from Larry Crawley but do ask that you pray for their mission work in Africa.

Speaking of mission trips, we have a group leaving next week to do ministry in Guatemala.

The Friendship family is on a regular schedule this Sunday morning and evening.  We will be recognizing the fathers in our morning services with special recognition given to the oldest father present in each of those services.

Lisa has me in the yard all morning and then we will head to Brandon, MS for a funeral visitation.

Edd Gillespie graciously offered to take me snapper fishing today.  I had to decline the offer due to the funeral visitation.  I very much appreciate Edd’s invitation and graciousness to me.  I would call out several others who have not been so gracious but I will not because if I called out Johnny Five then I would have to call out Joey Guidry and that would mean calling out Grant Tillman and then Tony Hacker too.  I just do not operate like that!

The Warriors went from absolutely loaded to limping.  Congratulations to the Raptors on their championship.  Let me list all of the Raptors fans I know –

Leslie Hacker’s Braves have opened up a one and a half game lead in the NL East.  Bobby and the boys are struggling a bit right now.

I pray that you will have a great Friday with Jesus.




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