SATURDAY, 8/10/19

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” (Psalm 119:11)

This entry is being written a little after 11:00PM on Friday night, 8/9, and is coming from the ICU of the Decatur Morgan Hospital in Decatur, Alabama.  Let me explain.

I was having a typical Friday as I spent some time in the garden, washed a vehicle and had begun mowing the yard.  My brother, Eddie, called to tell me that dad was having some pain in his left side and the doctor suspected a kidney stone that had gotten lodged.  When Eddie got to dad’s house to put him in the car that was not possible so he had to call for an ambulance.  Dad was not coherent and this temperature was one hundred and six degrees.

Once at the hospital they packed dad in ice and began running tests.  It was determined that he had C. Diff, sepsis and a blockage in one of his kidneys due to the lodged stone.  They prepped him for surgery in order to remove the blockage.  The doctor in the ER and the surgeon both described dad’s condition as critical and said that will be true for twenty four hours.

The ICU nurses are graciously allowing me to sit with dad through the night as they allow one person per patient.  I am of the opinion that dad is much improved with his major problem being low blood pressure following the surgery.  They are giving him “pressers” to keep the blood flowing to his brain and vital organs.  They cannot give him pain medicines due to the low blood pressure.  Dad is awake and alert but remembers nothing from today.

Lisa, Daphne and I left Grand Bay at 3:30PM and arrived at the hospital at 8:30PM.  Daphne has the medical knowledge to be a great help during times like this.  My plan is to stay until some point tomorrow afternoon/evening and then head South in order to be in the pulpit Sunday morning.  However, I am playing it by ear and will adjust as needed.

Our Sunday schedule will remain the same regardless of whether or not I am there meaning that the ordination of Grant Tillman will take place in our evening service.  The ordination council will meet at 4:00PM in the auditorium.

Our Finance Committee will meet at 5:00PM.

Special thanks to Steve Morris as he is mowing my grass in the morning.  Likewise, I am grateful to Bob Evans as he is taking care of my chickens.

Pray for my dad.  I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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