THURSDAY, 7/21/11

Gunnar Howell is scheduled to undergo surgery this afternoon at 4:00PM.  Pray that all will go well and this procedure will have the desired effect.  Pray for Chris & Sherry and the family as they wait during this time.

It is my understanding that Aaron Chinners either had another scan done yesterday or will have one done today.  Pray that those results are good!

Larry Whitehurst got a good report from the doctor.  He will meet with a doctor next Tuesday about a radiation treatment.  Not sure if that will actually take place next Tuesday  or if that will simply be a consultation.  The doctor did see a piece of the tumor still in Larry’s head but it is detached.  The radiation is a “make sure” it is dead thing.

Carla Kyser meets with the doctor today to find out the results of her latest scans.  Pray that she will get a favorable report.

Louise Morris is set to go home today where she will continue her therapy.  Pray that will go well.

A young man, Justus Harvey, was scheduled to travel with our team to Guatemala today.  He was involved in an automobile accident last night and flown to a hospital in Dothan, Alabama.  Pray for him and his family.

Bro. Jerry updated the GRACE blog yesterday afternoon.  That team heads home today so pray for their safety in travel.

Dana Watson from the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home shared with our 8:00PM Bible study last night and did a very nice job.  Good stuff!

Edwin Williams is Soy’s new best friend!  “Bat” man & Robin?

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus.

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  • Robert Harvey says:

    Thank you for your amazing and admirable dedication to communicating with your sheep. You are a shepherd of a fold of believers and it is refreshing to see a pastor communicating transparently with his people. Thank you for the mention of Justus and his recovery. Hats off to you for not neglecting the work of the ministry, despite how tedious and tiresome it may be at times. Let us not grow weary in the work of Love<3…… Send the Light!!

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