SATURDAY, 12/22/12

The arrangements for Neal Holmes are as follows:  visitation with the family today from noon until the 2:00PM service time.  Everything will take place at Serenity Funeral Home in Theodore, Alabama.  Neal will be buried in the Wall of Honor at Serenity.  Pray for the family as they go through today.

I did not talk to Miss Vinnie yesterday afternoon about the food so I do not know the details i.e. what time to bring the food, et cetera.  I “think” we will feed the family in the CAB.  Again, you can contact Miss Vinnie at 865 3999 for the details.

Carolyn Blaylock will have heart surgery early Monday morning.  This will involve replacing two valves.  The doctor said she needed surgery “soon” and would not allow her to leave the hospital.

Robin Harris remained hospitalized as of yesterday morning with more tests coming.  They still did not have any answers for her as of yesterday.

Kevin Woods was having a good day yesterday.  They were going to attempt (I think) to remove the vent.  The family said he was in good spirits.

Keep praying for Betty Carol Neal as she remains hospitalized too.

I finished visiting with the Holmes family and the hospitals around 3:00PM yesterday.  I came home and joined Dana & Gina in picking up pecans.  Once we had gotten all of the pecans up I mowed until almost dark thirty which caused my family to wonder about me.  Is there a law that says you cannot mow on December 21?  What they do not know is that I am skipping the family breakfast this morning to mow some more and will also eat some weeds.  Soy said that he does not mow during December but I have noticed that he also does not mow during June, July and August – know what I am saying?

We are on a regular schedule tomorrow with the adult choir musical tomorrow night at 6:00PM.  Hope to see many members of the Friendship family present for the services and Sunday School.

I pray that you will have a great Saturday with Jesus.

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