TUESDAY, 12/25/12

Our Christmas Eve service was blessed!  The afternoon was beautiful weather wise which made it somewhat easier for folks to attend.  Miss Sarah Thornton, Jennifer Kelley, and Briana Sims all did great in sharing the message in song.  Bro. Kerry, Miss Jeanette, and Miss Tena did equally well in leading the congregational musical worship.  The deacons did well in serving the Lord’s Supper.  Bro. Allen, Jerry, Sharon and the girls did well in preparing the elements for the Lord’s Supper.  The attendance was very good.  Thank you for being a part of that service.  Glory to God for His blessings!

Carolyn Blaylock did well through her surgery yesterday.  They replaced two valves in her heart and have given her a temporary pacemaker which may mean a permanent one will be needed.  Thanks to those folks from the Friendship family who sat with Kent and family during that procedure.

Visited with the family of Kevin Woods yesterday morning and then saw Jack & Kerri in last night’s service.  The process is going slower than the family would like but Jack is helping them through the process as he is in the medical field.  Pray for Kevin and his family.

Visited with Betty Carol Neal yesterday afternoon.  She was in good spirits and seemed to be doing good physically.

Miss Millie Spiller was not feeling well yesterday.  The nurse arrived as I was leaving.  Melinda said she was feeling well and is happy to be home for Christmas.  Pray for Millie and Melinda.

Miss Exie Woods seemed to be good but Merwyn Gunter was not feeling well as he was having some difficulty breathing.  Miss Marie Howard is always on the go so it is hard to track her down in the home.

I pray that your Christmas Day will be blessed!

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