MONDAY, 12/31/12

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, Bill Unrue will have a heart cath today in preparation for another surgical procedure this Thursday, 1/3.  Pray for Bill!  He and Bea are such faithful members of the Friendship family.  They attend faithfully, they give regularly (I know this because Bill has often asked me if anyone needed financial help on a student trip, mission trip, et cetera), they go (both have been to Guatemala on mission trips with GRACE Ministries), et cetera.  Come to think of it – they mirror a number of the members of the Friendship family.  God is good!

Miss Myra Herod had a surgical procedure this past Thursday.  She will see the doctor again on Wednesday.

My mama is in the hospital in Decatur.  She had not been feeling well for a few days (unannounced to any of the family) and got worse during Sunday School yesterday.  Not exactly sure what the problem is at this point but I talked to her via the phone last night and she was much improved.

I attended the morning service at the Fraser Valley Baptist Church yesterday morning.  It is a small SBC church and is struggling right now as they do not have a pastor.  A NAMB official preached the message.  I love visiting other churches to see what they are doing/not doing.  I always learn something and yesterday was no exception.

Watched the Cowboys lose last night and I did not shed even one tear!  IMO, if they would cut Romo and fire Ryan they would be a much better team.  However, Jerry Jones has not asked for my opinion!

We begin our journey home today with the drive back to Denver and a flight out tomorrow morning.  Lord willing, we should be in Grand Bay tomorrow night.  Thanks for allowing us this time away – it has been great!

The church office is open today, 12/31, and will be closed tomorrow, 1/1.  We will resume a regular schedule on Wednesday with the 10:00AM service followed by the evening activities.

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus.

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