MONDAY, 9/29/08

The Lord blessed us with another good day in our services yesterday.  It seemed that the members of the Friendship family embraced and accepted the “challenge” issued during the evening service.  It was a joy to see four more folks follow Jesus in believer’s baptism.  God is good! 

Raymond’s dad, Mr. Wilkinson, coded again on Saturday morning.  He remains in ICU on a ventilator and they are keeping him sedated.  It doesn’t appear that he suffered any more damage but they aren’t sure why he continues to stop breathing.  Pray for him and the family as the doctors try to diagnose his case. 

Miss Joyce Bosarge, Liz Whalen’s mother, was placed in a hospital Friday due to severe pain.  It appears the cancer has caused her to be suffering from a few cracked ribs.  Pray for Miss Joyce and her family as they deal with her situation. 

It was good to see Carla Felps Kyser in our service yesterday morning.  Keep praying for Carla and the others battling cancer. 

One week from today a group of eight pastors, one worship leader, and one layman will leave from Alabama (5), North Carolina (1), South Carolina (2), Texas (1), and Canada (1) bound for our first annual Pastors’ Conference in Guatemala.  The actual conference dates are 10/7 – 9 and your prayers for this conference will be greatly appreciated. 

The Dodgers clinched the West but now have the difficult task of defeating the Cubs.  I will be pulling for the Dodgers but still feel this is the year of the Cubs.  However, the real story of the weekend was that Bama won – that is always a good thing.  Also, I appreciate AU beating UT! 

Did you see where the guy in Utah was billed over $9,700 for water usage as his meter showed that he used 1.4 million gallons of water from December 19, 2007 through April 4, 2008?  It is a good thing he was on vacation part of that time or his bill would have been ridiculous!  He must have daughters!  He may want to contact Edwin Williams about a well!   

There are 6.725 billion people on earth and the number of cell phones subscriptions is expected to reach 4 billion by the end of this year – wow!  I thought we had made great progress when we went from a four party line to a single party line! 

I pray that you will have a great Monday with Jesus. 


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