THURSDAY, 4/30/09

Miss JoNell Barnes is scheduled for surgery at noon today.  Pastor Travis Northcutt is scheduled for surgery early tomorrow morning.  Please pray for these respective surgeries. 

Betty Neal & Donald Stork remained hospitalized with some serious medical issues.  Pray that the doctors will know how to treat their respective cases.  Pray for the family members of these folks also. 

Max Peacock begins his chemo/radiation treatments today.  Lewis Jackson had some kidney stones crushed on Tuesday and, as of yesterday afternoon, he was not feeling so well.  Pray for these men. 

Dawn Autin has been discharged from the hospital.  

The swine flu threat is really causing folks to take some drastic actions.  It was reported on the news last night that all schools in Madison County, Alabama are closed until Monday.  The Ft. Worth, Texas school system has closed all schools until May 11 and the state high school sports office in Texas has postponed all games/contests/activities until May 11 too. 

I now personally know of two ministries that have cancelled plans to work in Mexico this summer.  The first pulled the plug several weeks ago because of the violence taking place while the second cancelled yesterday due to the swine flu concerns. 

I so appreciate Soy & Deidra opening their home to our young adults each Wednesday night for Bible study.  That group is. . . . well a group!  They always allow me to end my Wednesdays on a good note! 

We exceeded our AAEO goal and surpassed last year’s total too!  Praise the Lord!  We are at the 25% mark in our effort to reach our LMCO goal by 11/30 too.  Thank you for giving to support our SBC home & international missionaries. 

You read where the guy in Bismarck, ND crashed his pickup into an emergency room early yesterday morning?  He was completely naked!  Can you say under the influence of drugs?  ER should have put that on their final episode. 

Speaking of ER, rumor has it that Kathy Genzink is starting a church in the Zeeland, MI area and she is going to be the pastor – wow!  Something about her gifts? 

Reb, I am really sorry that you have lived your entire life so misguided!  (Yesterday’s comments)  I can only imagine that Jack Ciak is a Celtics fan too. 

This just in – IF Tennessee had schools they would close them down until May 11 due to the swine flu concerns! 

I pray that you will have a great Thursday with Jesus! 

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